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Sunday, June 23, 2024
The Observer

Students book spring break trips

The first chilly breeze that sweeps through Notre Dame brings thoughts of distant spring break and destinations that promise an escape to tropical weather.

While many students may think that the beginning of October is too soon to be planning for March, others see the advantage.

Anthony Travel, the on-campus travel agency, is already booking trips for students at a rate of about four requests a day.

The agency has several deposits on trips to Cancun and it is anticipating Acapulco, Jamaica, Barbados and Cabos San Lucas to be hot spots.

Saint Mary's senior Diana Capanyola said she and her friends have been thinking about spring break 2004 since last year. They are planning to go to either Jamaica or Acapulco.

"We just want to go someplace warm and by an ocean," Capanyola said. "And the earlier you book your flights, the better."

Because major airlines reserve a certain amount of seats at low rates, for those considering Acapulco or somewhere major airlines fly, the sooner you book the flight, the better.

However, if you are planning on taking a charter plane, the sooner you get to the date of the flight, the cheaper your ticket will be, because the airline wants to fill as many seats as possible.

Even if you do not have specific plans in mid October, there is nothing wrong with fantasizing about where you will be mid-March.

"My friends and I are always talking about it," said Saint Mary's junior Vanessa Bejec. "It comes up in conversation, but we have not looked for plane tickets or anything."

Bejec and her friends want to either find warm weather in South Padre Island or go skiing in Colorado.

Last year, the group went to the Bahamas. While it was a good place to go if you are under 21 (the legal drinking age is 18), the group does not want to return.

"I was scared going outside of the hotel at night," Bejec said. "We stayed in a hotel where most of the clubs were, so we didn't have to go far, but even the clubs were sketchy."

Both Bejec's and Capanyola's groups of friends are accustomed to going through friends or parents to book their travel plans.

Anthony Travel agent Kayleen Car recommends going through someone you know or an agency.

"There are a lot of travel scams out there," Car warned. "Be careful if you do not know the company, because many of them will cut ties with you once they have your money. Anthony Travel will help you take care of any problems that arise with your plans and travel, even after you come back from spring break."