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Friday, June 21, 2024
The Observer

Senators hold final meeting

As the last Senate meeting before the student government turnover, Wednesday's session was a mix of gravity, levity and sincerity as senators bid farewell to their positions and left their final mark on Notre Dame by pushing through several resolutions.

In a continuation of last week's presentation by Gay/Straight Alliance president Joe Dickmann, the Senate unanimously approved the open letter to the Notre Dame administration in favor of granting United In Diversity club status. The resolution was tabled last week to allow the senators to gauge support from their respective dorms.

Dillon senator Jack Laskowitz presented a resolution that would serve as a statement from the Senate in favor of the publication of the TCEs.

"We've hit a roadblock in the process of getting it published, so this resolution would in essence say that we're committed to their publication, no matter how long it takes," said Laskowitz.

Student body president Jeremy Lao also spoke on the importance of passing the resolution.

"There needs to be a public show of student support, because without it, the credibility of all of our efforts is gone. We need to keep this publicized," said Lao.

The Senate also unanimously approved a resolution to send a letter to rectors regarding the completion of rector evaluation forms. Presented by the Committee on Residence Life, the letter encourages rectors to have their RAs hold floor meetings to emphasize the importance of the evaluations and oversee their completion.

Pasquerilla West senator Jana Lamplota spoke at the open podium for the Committee on Residence Life's drive to publicize the upcoming ROTC Presidential Pass In Review. Despite efforts to move the ceremony to an outside area, the Pass In Review will remain in Loftus this year. Lamplota said that the committee is putting together an advertising campaign to encourage students to attend the event.

"The Presidential Pass In Review is especially important to ROTC seniors, and we want to give them a good going-off party," Lamplota said. "

In what student body vice president Emily Chin called a "light-hearted end to the meeting," senator Brin Anderson presented a joke resolution that would confer emeritus status on the Committee on Residence Life. The resolution was passed - not unanimously - in a roll call vote.

In other Senate news:

u The Ethics Committee presented their nominee for the Michael J. Palumbo Award in a closed session at the end of Wednesday's meeting.