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Friday, March 1, 2024
The Observer

Chant 'underrated'

I want to write to congratulate all of the students on what is shaping up to be a very interesting football season. I was a student during both the Faust and Holtz years, and I know what a difference a winning football team can make on campus. Enjoy.

Here are two quick thoughts. One, as you know, the pollsters have not yet given us a top 25 rating. When number 15 Purdue comes to town and we are up big late in the game, I have a suggestion. Instead of chanting "overrated" (about Purdue), chant "underrated" about Notre Dame. Let's use our national exposure to send a message to the pollsters, not to denigrate the efforts of the Purdue players. After all, don't we want the world to think Purdue is a great team that just had its hat handed to them by an even better team? Let's be the first to begin what will be a national trend.

Now, because most people are used to chanting "overrated," maybe the cheerleaders should make signs which say, "underrated." Speaking of the cheerleaders, almost every year I write and implore the cheerleaders to move to the south end of the stadium when the opposing team is trying to score down there. As an alum who regularly sits down there, I will tell you that when we are encouraged (dare I say "led"?) we will cheer very loudly and disrupt the opposing team, but we need to be led, unlike the students. So, those of you in the front rows, don't be shy about encouraging the cheerleaders to run to the south end of the stadium when needed.

Bill Webb


class of '88 and '91

Sept. 27