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Sunday, June 23, 2024
The Observer

Abstain from storming the court

Today, the Notre Dame men's basketball team has a very important game against Boston College (or "Backup College" as Justin Tuck prefers). When, and I do mean when, our embattled band of Irishmen defeat number five, undefeated and overrated Boston College, I strongly urge my fellow students and fans to not storm to the court in celebration.

Normally, a victory at home over a top 10 team warrants a court storming. However, in the case of Boston College, normal conventions must be set aside. As Notre Dame Students we must be defiant and not storm the court as a display of our common despise for that institution.

Let us not forget that this is the same school that greedily and hypocritically stabbed Notre Dame and the rest of the Big East in the back when it fled to the ACC not long ago. They left the conference scrambling just days after denouncing similar moves made by Miami and Virginia Tech.

This is also the same school that claims to be our rival in football based solely on four consecutive last second wins over two of our program's worst head coaches. Let us also not forget the disrespect their football players have shown to Notre Dame by ripping large clumps of grass out of our hallowed stadium in celebration.

This is the same school that also claims to be our academic counterpart in the world of higher education for reasons that I cannot comprehend.

The point is that Boston College wants desperately to be Notre Dame, to be our rival and be our peer both academically and athletically. The truth is that they aren't even close. I therefore urge all students to defiantly abstain from storming the court following the Irish victory. Such an action only legitimizes their claim to be our rival. Backup College deserves an "overrated" chant coupled with a few "We are NDs." I'd rather save the storming for Oct. 15.

Bill Coffey



Feb. 7