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Sunday, April 21, 2024
The Observer

WOMEN'S INTERHALL: North Quad neighbors to lock horns Sunday

Bragging rights are at stake as neighbors do battle on Sunday at 5 p.m. on the West Quad fields when the Breen Phillips Babes take on the Farley Finest. While being located next to each other on the North Quad may make for a rivalry, neither team is interested in creating locker room material.

What they are interested in, however, is putting one in the win column.

The Babes, losers to Welsh Family in their first game, hope that the large number of experienced returnees they have will help them make a quick turnaround.

"While we still have a lot of freshman," Captain Shannon Swanigan said, "we do have a number of returning upperclassmen. It adds up to a lot of experience."

Swanigan went on to say how the team's chemistry has really developed this year through time spent at practice.

"While I know we'll have people step up in the coming games, we are, at the heart of it all, a true team," she said.

Farley suffered a tough 6-0 loss in their opening game against Pasquerilla West. Captain and quarterback, Katie Popik, still supported the team's defensive unit.

"They're doing a great job," she said. "All they have to do is keep up the intensity."

But being strong on side of the ball doesn't satisfy Popik, as she is intent on making the offense just as potent. "At practice this week, we've really focused on the offense - getting all the plays down, adding a couple of new ones. We will be a force to be reckoned with."

Crucial to the offensive improvement are halfback Kim Crehan and two junior wide receivers, Diane Duran and Annie Parret.

"Diane and Annie are two of the team's veterans. They're my go to girls," Popik said.

Welsh Family vs. Pasquerilla East

Fans of defensive showdowns will want to mark their calendars for Sunday when the Pyros of Pasquerilla East (0-1) take on the Whirlwinds of Welsh Family (1-0) on the West Quad at 4 p.m.

It promises to be a struggle as both teams profess great faith in their respective defensive units.

History buffs may remember that three years ago Pasquerilla East won the football championship, the first team besides Welsh Fam in three years to do so. Neither team is interested in past meetings, however. They are both extremely focused on the upcoming game.

PE, who lost to McGlinn last week, will rely on a newly installed offense led by dual QB/wide receivers Caroline Nally and Leslie Follmer in an effort to put points up on the board.

"[Obviously] we want to score points," said Megan Wysoki, captain of the Pyros.

Wysoki's squad may have difficulty doing that as the Whirlwinds didn't let Breen-Phillips, their previous opponent, score in 24-0 shutout win.

"Of course, our defense," captain Melissa Sands said when questioned about the strength of her team.

Sands also talked about the athleticism of her team.

"Our defense is athletic, but and our wide receivers are also very athletic too," she said.

The Whirlwind wideouts had better be ready - PE, Wysoki reports, focused intently on improving defensive pass coverage this year.

The Pyros will also be looking for their freshman to get experience in only the second game of their career.

"We have a young team," Wysoki explained, "especially on defense, but they played well last game."

Along with player inexperience, the Pyros also have five new coaches this year.

But Wysoki isn't worried.

"It's great," she said. "There's so much enthusiasm."

The Whirlwinds expect to temper that enthusiasm.

"Our goal is always getting back to the Stadium," Sands said. "It's still the beginning, though. We're focusing on fundamentals at this point."

Fundamental to both teams, however, is coming away with a win.

McGlinn vs. Pangborn

Pangborn and McGlinn will both be coming out strong as they continue their 2005 interhall football seasons this Sunday on West Quad.

Pangborn and McGlinn both come into the game with confidence.

Pangborn will be stepping onto the field for the first time this year, but will do so with the knowledge that they still have the depth and strength that carried them into the semi-finals last year.

The Pangborn Phoxes enter the beginning of their season with strong senior leadership and the skills to lead them to another successful season.

"Our ultimate goal for this season is a trip to the stadium, but we're focusing on each individual game," said Pangborn captain Katie Murray.

It is with this confident attitude that Murray and her experienced team hope to defeat McGlinn.

"We only lost two starters from last year and gained quite a few quality freshman," Murray said.

The Shamrocks of McGlinn have a foot up on Pangborn, for they have already had the experience of one game this season.

Their 20-0 victory over Pasquerilla East has left them with the confidence that they can continue on their victory strike.

However, they are aware of the threats that Pangborn possesses.

"[Pangborn's] quarterback, Katie Mooney, is really athletic," captain Bridget Meacham said. "We want to contain her and force the other players to step up."

The Shamrocks will be relying on the experience of their seniors to take on this task. "Our greatest asset is the senior class," Meacham said. "They're really athletic and understand the game."

McGlinn will have to utilize this knowledge in hopes of continuing their so far undefeated season.

Both teams have a lot at stake. McGlinn needs another win to prove that they are not a team to be taken lightly.

A win for Pangborn would insure that they are coming into the 2005 season just as strong as they left that of 2004.