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Tuesday, March 5, 2024
The Observer

Student Activities Board plans activities

Saint Mary's Student Activities Board (SAB) plans activities for students, from weekend movies to concerts and contests. Events this year have included Jamaica Shaka, Twilight Tailgate and the upcoming SMC Tostal.

The biggest annual event at Saint Mary's is the Tostal. Two years ago it included fireworks and an outdoor movie. Last year, the event included a performance by musician Colbie Caillat. Tickets sold out for the concert in a matter of hours.

Michele Peterson, the head of the SAB, said there has already been a great increase in student body participation for the event later this year.

For the 2009 SMC Tostal, the SAB gave an online survey. The survey asked students what kind of music genre they would like to see at the Tostal. The top three choices were rock, pop and alternative. Nearly 30 percent of the student body participated in the survey. Peterson said "this survey will definitely help the SAB in our decision for SMC Tostal activities."

The SAB is trying to get a wider range of opinions from students. This year they added seven freshmen and two juniors to the board, hoping to broaden its perspective.