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Monday, Feb. 26, 2024
The Observer

Too crowded to enjoy a meal

I often lie on my couch and mutter softly to myself, "I'm just not stressed out enough right now." It happens quite a bit. As I watch endless episodes of "Man vs. Wild" on tv, I sometimes check my pulse and make sure I'm still alive. When I discover that my heart rate is hovering around 15 beats per minute, that's when I know that I need to wander over to South Dining Hall at around 6:30pm. Why 6:30pm? Because that's when South Dining Hall is filled with more people than a Tokyo subway. That's when I look around and see the same look on everyone's face: Kill me now with this dull knife. That's what really gets my heart pumping again. It's a waste of time to talk about the overcrowding of South Dining Hall. The problem is not the current overcrowding; it's the promise that it will get even worse next year.

Many have noticed that the dining hall's capacity has been stretched with the addition of Duncan Hall. I can't even imagine what it will be like with Ryan Hall next year. So here's some advice for the future Ryan ladies: eat less. I think I'll be able to deal with the massive crowds in the dining hall. I won't be able to deal with lines out the door for the Fro-yo machine. And we all know who eats most of the Fro-yo... In all seriousness, something needs to be done. I'm all for expansion. I'm all for the reduction of overcrowding in the dorms. But for the love of brown sauce, build another dining hall. Give us more flex-points. Make a heated sky bridge from O'Neill to North Dining hall. Anything.

Parker Milender


O'Neill Hall

Jan. 26