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Saturday, Feb. 24, 2024
The Observer

Bengal Bouts: Bouts get underway with preliminary round fights

The 79th annual Bengal Bouts boxing tournament opened last night with over 70 fights in 12 different weight classes.

130-pound division

Christopher Bennett def. Michael "Boricua" Perez

The night's opening bout set the tone for the rest of the evening, as Bennett came from behind to win a very close match. Perez started off strong during the first round, landing most of his punches and exhibiting great footwork. But Bennett was unfazed, pinning Perez against the ropes and wearing him out for the unanimous victory.

Michael "The Silver City Slugger" Sayles def. Jacob "The Minnesota Mauler" Lawler

Sayles dominated the match from the first bell to the last, landing hook after hook against his opponent. Lawler managed to land a few jabs, but Sayles hardly missed a punch in the final minute. The referee stopped the contest with 15 seconds left in the second round.

Brian "Ghostlands" Robillard def. Brian Hamamoto

Hamamoto was the more aggressive of the two in the opening round, but Robillard more than matched him with his quick feet and powerful combos. As the match progressed Robillard began to pound his opponent with the right hook, pinning Hamamoto in the corner and earning the unanimous victory.

Nick Bock def. Jon Lagoy

Both fighters came out quickly in the first minutes of the opening bout. Bock's face began to bloody as both tired, dropping their gloves and leaving their faces exposed. A speedy jab combo knocked Lagoy to the floor momentarily. When the dust settled Bock's precision took the split decision.

David Hof def. Doug Berry

The two nimble fighters danced around the ring, feeling each other out in the first with a few headshots. Hof came out in dominating fashion in the second, drawing blood twice with furious face jab combos. The referee called the fight with 45 seconds left in the third in favor of Hof.

Kyle Blanco def. Collin Feduska

Blanco set the tone of the match early, delivering a punishing combo of left and right hooks to the body. Feduska maintained his composure, and the two traded blows throughout the second. Blanco controlled the third round as well-timed flurries of jabs landed him the split-decision victory.

140-pound division

Andrew "The King of Sting" Dupont def. TJ Smith

Neither fighter emerged with an advantage after the first round, but Dupont controlled the tempo following the start of the second. Dupont's great form, quickness, and powerful jabs proved to be too much for the aggressive Smith. A dominant third round gave Dupont the unanimous victory.

Scott "Crowbar" Lahr def. Ron Chris

Lahr's lanky frame and long arms gave him the advantage over the stocky Chris as he out-jabbed his opponent in all three rounds. Lahr's effective combos and aggressive style enabled him to outlast Chris for the unanimous victory, who nearly matched Lahr punch for punch.

Daniel Panzl def. Andrew Ziccarelli

Ziccarelli knocked his opponent to the ropes early in the first before moving him to the corner to deliver a series of punishing body blows. After being bashed around in the second, Ziccarelli appeared to control the fight by keeping Panzl on the ropes as the two traded hooks and uppercuts. But tough defense from Panzl prevailed as he took the split decision.

Kieran Bulger def. Nick Goode

The first round saw Bulger come out swinging, keeping his opponent on the ropes as the two traded body jabs back and forth. Neither fighter had an edge in the second, as the two danced around the center of the ring. Both boxers stepped up the intensity in the third, but Bulger managed to knock Goode down late and held on to take the unanimous decision.

Nick Bortolotti def. Brian Heath

Each fighter came out with intensity - Heath favoring his opponent's body, while Bortolotti went for the head. The second round was equally vicious, as Bortolotti landed several blows to his opponent's jaw while Heath pummeled Bortolotti's sides. In the third, Bortolotti's head shots wore his opponent down, and he walked off with the victory.

145-pound division

Mathew "Lunchbox" Elster def. John "The Baptist" Sarna

In a very evenly fought match, Elster connected punches with greater frequency than Sarna for the split-decision victory. Sarna fought hard throughout the entire match, but showed fatigue as the match wore on. Elster's quick jabs and punishing hooks proved too be the deciding factor.

Albert Toscano vs. Jeff Caffee

In a dominant performance Toscano outmatched his opponent in all three rounds to earn the unanimous victory. The pitbull-like Toscano nearly flew out of the ring as he pursued Caffee, who outmaneuvered the overaggressive fighter. Nevertheless, tight combos and great footwork gave Toscano the edge.

James "Francis" Woods def. John "The Caucasian Asian" Crabtree

In one of the best matches of the evening, Woods and Crabtree matched each other punch for punch in all three rounds. Crabtree's vicious hooks and impressive form were equaled by James' aggressive jabs, causing a Crabtree bloody nose. In a surprising outcome, Woods was given the split-decision victory.

Mike Magill def. Sean Pennino

The pace started slowly in the 1st, building up to a flurry of jab and hook combos traded back and forth. Magill set the tone early in the 2nd with a series of left and right hooks, but Pennino responded in kind. Magill took the third and the bout in a split decision with a steady flow of right jabs to his opponent's face.

Stephen Mattingly def. Andrew Ea

Ea's left matched Mattingly's right hooks in a speedy first round. Mattingly was backed to the ropes for most of the second but managed to land a few body jabs as the fighters both began to tire. Mattingly began the third with a whirlwind of jabs that left Ea's face bloodied. Ea returned to the bout in a whirlwind, but Mattingly capitalized on his opponent's facial injuries and hammered out the final seconds to take the split decision.

Ryan "Will Power" Slaney def. Jose "Reign of Pain" Carranza

After a close first round, Slaney dominated the final two rounds on his way to the unanimous victory. The junior from Carroll Hall was aggressive throughout the match, and was consistently on the offensive, forcing Carranza, a sophomore from St. Edwards Hall, to give ground. Slaney's aggressive fighting-style paved his way to the victory.

147-pound division

Ted Heilbron def. Chris Friese

Heilbron weathered a barrage of punches from Friese, using excellent stamina to outwork the off-campus sophomore. Friese came out punching the first round, but after a very even second round in which Heilbron had a slight edge, the Dillon Hall sophomore won the third round to earn the victory.

Brian "BK Special" Koepsel def. Dan Coyne

In a very close match, Koepsel, a sophomore from Carroll Hall, sealed his victory in the third round in a very close match. Both fighters came out fast in the first round, and the second round was even as well. Koepsel kept up the intensity, though, and the referee was forced to pause the fight three times in the final round due to bleeding by Coyne, a junior in St. Edwards Hall. Koepsel clearly dominated the third on his way to a unanimous victory.

Michael "Blitzkrieg" Bruns def. Eric "The Columbian Killa'" Monzon

In a dominating performance, Bruns, a sophomore from Stanford Hall, completely manhandled Monzon on his way to a unanimous victory. Bruns attacked from the opening bell, throwing blows that Monzon, a freshman from Siegfried Hall, could not handle. Bruns was clearly the better boxer from start to finish, keeping Monzon on the defensive throughout the match.

Brian Desplinter def. Timothy Gannatti

Despite a fall in the second round, Desplinter controlled the pace of the match on his way to the victory. After a sloppy start for both boxers, Desplinter gained his composure and started a flurry of jabs which carried through to the end of the match. The Alumni Hall senior sealed his victory in the third round by forcing Gannatti, a freshman from Stanford Hall, into the corner of the ring and barraging him with blows until the end of the fight.

Joey Leary def. Shane Owens

Owens came out of the gates strong, but Leary outlasted his opponent for the unanimous victory. Despite Leary's smaller size, his wide hooks and powerful uppercuts forced Owens onto the ropes in the second round. Owens connected more punches as the match wore on, but Leary prevailed in the end.

Andrew Kristiansen def. Mark Lyda

Kristiansen immediately connected with a powerful jab and broke his opponent's nose. The referee called the match with 15 seconds left in the first round.

Patrick Kibbe def. Brandt Riedman

Riedman's defense held his opponent at bay early, but Kibbe's combos and impressive form gave him the advantage. The second round was dominated by Kibbe, who gave Riedman a bloody nose. Riedman came back to land a few jabs and hooks, but Kibbe held on for the unanimous victory.

Kevin Ortenzio def. Conor Douglass

The stocky Ortenzio effectively mixed jabs and hooks to corner Douglass in the first round. Douglass bounced back to land some punches, but Ortenzio quickly regained control of the tempo. Effective use of a "jab, jab, and duke" combo gave Ortenzio the unanimous victory.

150-pound division

Jamie "Sweet Rays of Sunshine" Koepsel def. John Brown

Koepsel kept his opponent up against the ropes throughout the match on his way to a unanimous victory. After dominating in the first two rounds, the sophomore from Keenan Hall forced the referee to pause the match in the 3rd. Brown, a O'Neill Hall freshman, could do little to stop the volley of blows coming from Koepsel, who dominated the match from start to finish.

Matt "Pos" Posluszny def. Greg Cunningham

Posluszny, an off-campus senior, used his height and reach advantage to defeat the freshman Cunningham in a match that was much closer than expected. Cunningham, though much shorter than his more experienced opponent, held his own through the first two rounds, before Posluszny finished strongly in the last round to go on to the unanimous victory. Posluszny was the clear winner, but was not able to dominate Cunningham in any of the rounds.

Inoh Choe def. Reed McDonagh

For the duration of the first round, both sophomore Inoh Choe of St. Ed's and senior Reed McDonagh of Siegfried proved evenly matched, each throwing hits and blocking well. An intense series of combination throws from Choe tipped the match largely in his favor before the end of the second round. After cleaning up a nosebleed, McDonagh looked dazed through much of the third round, but maintained coordination and stability to finish the fight. Choe defeated McDonagh with a unanimous decision.

Tomas Castillo def. Michael Hubert

Tomas Castillo, senior from Siegfried threw the first intense punch of the match with a right hook across Michael Hubert's chin. As the fight continued, Castillo grew dizzier and was unable to keep his throws directly on target. However, the third round yielded to two new fighters fresh from the break, and each demonstrated excellent balance and footwork. In the end, Tomas Castillo was proclaimed the unanimous victor.

Connor Keenan def. Patrick Song

From the first seconds of the first round, Connor Keenan, a Siegfried sophomore, showed superior agility, which proved to be a large advantage over his opponent, Knott Hall freshman Patrick Song. In the second round, Song brought a new approach to his fight, getting low punches to Keenan's stomach to counteract his agility. In the third round, Song loses coordination and fell to the floor for a few moments. Though he was able to get up and finish, Connor Keenan defeated Song in a unanimous decision by the judges.

Mark Bennett def. Matthew Brown

From the beginning of the match, off-campus senior Mark Bennett took command. With three detrimental right hooks, he brought his opponent, Knott hall freshman Matthew Brown, to the ropes. Brown fell to the ground. After regaining his balance, Brown is knocked down to the ground a second time. The referee stopped the match halfway through the first round in Mark Bennett's favor.

Adam Cowden def. Colin Diamond

In the first round, Adam Cowden, a freshman from Stanford Hall, threw the first high-impact hit of the match, and got his opponent, senior Colin Diamond, pinned in the corner. During the second round, Cowden chased Diamond to the corner and pinned him against the ropes, but Diamond still showed a large amount of tenacity. Though Cowden got a little tired for the duration of fight in the third match, he caught Diamond with a right jab just as the bell signaled the end of the fight. In a unanimous decision by the judges, Cowden defeated Diamond.

155-pound division

Dan Rodgers def. Kevin Henry

Rodgers asserted himself early, forcing the referee to pause the fight in the first round on his way to the unanimous victory. Henry, a sophomore from St. Edwards Hall, had difficulty landing punches, as Rodgers was able to block almost every punch that came his way. The referee paused the fight twice more in the final round before Rodgers, a senior in Siegfried, was declared the victor in a unanimous decision.

Nathan Rothenberger def. Andrew O'Donnell

After both fighters landed good punches in the first round, Rothenberger, an off-campus junior, went on a run in the second which continued for the rest of the fight. Rothenberger capped off his performance with a nice combination of punches after forcing O'Donnell, a Knott Hall junior, into the corner of the ring, which led him to the unanimous victory.

Joey Brown def. Chris Gorham

Joey Brown a senior from off-campus spent the whole first round showing his innate ability to quickly send his opponent, Sorin freshman Chris Gorham, a series of quick jabs he was unable to keep up with. In the second round, after dealing with continued jabs from Brown, Gorham received a profusely bleeding facial injury. Gorham threw a successful power punch, but found himself dizzy, against the ropes, then on the floor. Brown finished the third round out strong and was awarded the win by a unanimous judges decision.

Alex Gonzales def. Andrew Fessler

From the beginning of the first round and throughout the whole match, off-campus senior, Alex Gonzales showed excellent blocking abilities that lead to his eventual victory against opponent, O'Neill freshman Andrew Fessler. Gonzales got Fessler against the ropes in the second, but was enough off his target to do any real damage to Fessler. In the third round, Gonzales threw a series of combos, and showed Fessler the ropes one more time as the remaining seconds fell off the clock. With a unanimous decision, Alex Gonzales was declared the winner.

John Maier def. Andrew "The Juggernaut" Ofsonka

Using his long reach and superior height, Maier, a junior from Keough Hall, was victorious by technical knockout. After knocking down Ofsonka, a freshman in Keenan Hall, twice in the first round, then once more fifteen seconds in to the second round, the referee was forced to stop the match. Ofsonka could do little to keep Maier from imposing his will, but fought valiantly for as long as he was able.

Kevin Goodwin def. Corey Scott

In a split decision which was one of the closest and most evenly matched fights of the night, Goodwin, a junior from Alumni Hall, used his aggressiveness to come out on top. Throughout the three-round fight, Scott, a Knott Hall freshman, seemed to be landing quality punches, but because Goodwin put him on the defensive in the final two rounds, Scott was unable to connect on enough punches to secure a victory.

Patrick Collins def. Daniel McGill

Steve Simeonidis def. Andrew Nester

160-pound division

David Costanzo def. Kevin Kray

Kray's long reach proved ineffective against Costanzo's strong hooks. In the second round, Costanzo poured on a 15-second onslaught of right and left hooks that left Kray behind for the rest of the fight. Costanzo finished Kray by placing him on the ropes for the last part of the third round, insuring the victory by unanimous decision.

Jordan Bucci def. David Seiber

Bucci won a one sided bout over Seiber by landing a flurry of combos early. Seiber tried to respond in the second round by landing some body blows, but this left him open to more hits. Bucci finished off the third round with another flurry of combos to win with a unanimous decision.

Nate Juarez def. Tom Dybicz

A junior from O'Neill, Nate Juarez started off considerably stronger than his opponent, Tom Dybicz, junior from Carroll hall. Juarez threw a few combo punches late in the first round to show Dybicz it will take a major shift in strategy to come out of this fight a winner. Juarez came out even stronger in the second round, and Dybicz grew more dazed. In the third round, Juarez got a series of combinations and a right hook that quickly cut across Dybicz's chin. Dybicz spent the first half of the third round pinned in a corner. The referee stopped the fight with forty seconds left in the third round in favor of Nate Juarez.

Caleb Laux def. Robert Tursi

Robert Tursi, a senior living off-campus, approached the fight by aiming for the stomach of his opponent, Caleb Laux, a senior from Morrissey Hall. Tursi made progress with left-handed throws, getting Laux a little more aggravated. Laux stepped back into the ring for the second round with a new sense of competition, and a right hook that Tursi could not read. The boxers played a game of back and forth jabbing in an even round. In the third, Tursi losing his balance, fell to the floor. Laux came back with added confidence, chased Tursi into a corner and landed combo power punches. Caleb Laux won with a unanimous judges decision.

Mark Witte def. Jon Leiner

Mark Witte, a senior from Dillon, started off the first round with successive right hooks for his opponent, Jon Leiner, an off-campus graduate student. Leiner gained some credibility in the ring as he almost pinned Witte against the ropes, but the lanky Witte bounced out before any damage could be done. In the second, Witte brought a quick right jab that severely hindered to Leiner's ability to defend himself. Witte threw a series of right hooks to finish the round. The tall southpaw continued his dominance during the third round mainly through the use of his famous right jab. An intense upper cut against Leiner's supressed chin and a series of power punches from Witte conclude the match. From a unanimous judges decision, Mark Witte won.

Jim "Rainbow Sprinkles" Devereaux def. Connor "The Convict" Simpson (160)

Devereaux dominated the match from start to finish, forcing the referee to pause the fight briefly in the second round on his way to victory. Simpson, a freshman from O'Neill Hall, was unable to stop the senior for Keough Hall from peppering him with blows. The referee was forced to stop the match briefly in the third round as well, counting for Simpson after a particularly powerful punch from Devereaux, a capstone on Devereaux's impressive performance.

Patrick "The Piston" Martin def. Danny "The Danimal" Chapman

Martin was victorious in a relatively even match in which he began to take charge only in the second half of the fight. Through the first round and a half, both Martin, an off-campus senior, and Chapman, a freshman from Stanford Hall, traded blows, each making good contact with the other. However, starting the in the middle of the second round, and continuing throughout the rest of the match, Martin began cornering Chapman on the ropes, and dominated the rest of the fight.

Adam Steinbach def. Billy Wardlaw

In a close match, it was the quality punches landed by Steinbach which sprung him to victory. Both Steinbach, a junior from Knott Hall, and Wardlow, a freshman in O'Neill Hall, landed good punches in the first two rounds. It was not until the third round that Steinbach began to land a significant amount of punches more than Wardlow. Though Wardlow was aggressive throughout, it was not enough for him to take victory of the more technical Steinbach.

165-pound division

Daniel Brennan def. Cameron Vitter

In a very good fight, Brennan simply landed a higher percentage of his punches than Vitter did. Both fighters started and remained aggressive throughout the fight. Brennan's shots to Vitter's head left Vitter in worse shape than his blows to Brennan's body did. Brennan earned a unanimous decision.

Brian Salvi def. Brian Schafer

In a sloppy fight, Salvi simply outfought Schafer, despite Schafer's best efforts to stop all of Salvi's onslaughts. Both fighters began aggressively, and remained so until Schafer ran out of energy, at which point Salvi inflicted most of his damage, earning a victory by unanimous decision.

Barrick Bollman def. John Tierney

From the opening bell to the closing bell, Bollman punched for points moreso than for pain, yet this strategy accomplished both. Avoiding Tierney's long reach, Bollman would issue a series of body shots and then back off once again, never letting Tierney get too close. In the end, Bollman won via unanimous decision.

Alex Duffy def. Mike Abercrombie

Duffy opened the fight with a series of head shots that forced the referee to check in with Abercrombie. Once the fight resumed, Duffy picked up where he left off until, in the third round, the referee stopped the fight on Abercrombie's behalf, granting Duffy the triumph.

Jack Peterson def. Graham Sullivan

Peterson started out the match with a series of blows to Sullivan's head, pushing Sullivan to the ropes. The second round became a more even match with both boxers using the right hook effectively. Peterson took control in the third round, opening with a barrage of landed punches to win in a unanimous decision.

Matt Hopke def. Jeremiah Kelly

Hopke started out strong against Kelly, putting Kelly on the defensive with a series of left hooks. Relying on his left hook in the second round, Hopke continued to serve out punishment while Kelly tried to answer with a right jab of his own. Kelly had no answer for Hopke's barrage as he went on to win in a unanimous decision.

Paul Amiri def. Chris Poszluzny

Amiri started out strong, assaulting Puzluzny with a series of body blows while Puzluzny tried to counter with several right jabs. Puzluzny looked as if he was taking back control early in the second round with a series of left jabs, only to have Amiri finish strong landing several blows to Puzluznys head. Amiri jumped out early in the third round with a flurry of left jabs before becoming defensive in the final moments to secure a unanimous victory.

170-pound division

Michael Urciuoli def. Greg Bennet

Despite a convincing fight by Bennet, strong starts to the first and third rounds by Urciuoli proved to be the winning margin. In the first round, Urciuoli cornered Bennet and punched relentlessly until the referee separated the two. In the third round, Bennet again opened surprisingly aggressively, but couldn't finish the job, and Urciuoli won in a split decision.

Matt Paletta def. Nathan Hammes

Paletta and Hammes fought an even first round, and then in the second, Hammes seemed to be taking control with multiple strong left-handed punches. Paletta appeared to barely be competitive when he landed a left hook that Hammes never truly recovered from. Hammes left himself open to attack the whole third round, during which Paletta bloodied his nose, and earned the unanimous decision.

Scott Jarvie def. Andrew Wroblewski

Relying heavily on headshots to daze Wroblewski, Jarvie controlled the entire fight. In each of the three rounds, the only noteworthy punches would be Jarvie's shots to Wroblewski's head that stopped any attempt Wroblewski made at attack. This strategy earned Jarvie a unanimous victory.

Bernando Garcia def. David Cray

Garcia led the tempo in the opening and closing rounds, with an even session slipped between. In the third round, Cray granted himself some hope by forcing Garcia to the ropes, but two strong Garcia right hooks, to Cray's head sealed the fight in favor of Garcia unanimously.

Diego "Andres" Villalba def. Henry Shine

Villalba overpowered Shine with a devastating three-hit-combo followed by an uppercut, which left Shine bloody. Shine was put on the defensive and had no answer for Villalba's relentless combos. The match was called after one round by the referee in favor of Villalba.

Joe Langenfeld def. Ryan Traudt

The bout started evenly with Langenfeld and Traudt exchanging jabs in the first round. The contest remained close until Langefeld landed a series of blows to Traudt's head before the end of the second round. Langenfeld took complete control in the third round starting out strong with a several uppercuts and combos on Traudt to win by unanimous decision.

Alex Kissinger def. Andrew Polich

Kissinger displayed some fancy footwork while trying to wear out Polich with a series of right hooks. Polich tried to take back control in the second round by landing a series of body blows before Kissinger landed several left hooks to Polich's face. The bout ended with both fighters launching flurries at each other with Kissinger coming out as the unanimous winner.

Vince Keneally def. Tom Carnevale

Carnevale began the bout utilizing his left jab to set up a well place combo on Keneally's head. Kelneally began taking control in the second round with an effective right jab that put Carnevale on into the ropes. Both fighters put defense aside as they exchanged blows down the stretch until Keneally was victorious in a split decision.

175-pound division

Dominic Golab def. Jonathon Parry

After the two boxers exchanged numerous even blows of all sorts before the first bell, Golab evaded Parry's punches in the second two rounds while delivering many of his own. By the end of the third round, Parry was thoroughly gassed, leaving himself defenseless to Golab's closing blows, thus granting Golab a win unanimously.

Joe Hagmann def. Peter Vignali

Sporting knee-high socks, Hagmann simply wore Vignali out over three rounds. During the opening round, Vignali had Hagmann pinned against the ropes, but once Hagmann escaped he was able to tag Vignali in the head just before the bell. Following this blow, the fight continued in Hagmann's favor throughout, as he bloodied Vignali's nose in the final round en route to a unanimous decision.

Pat Jackson def. Patrick Carrier

Jackson opened the first round aggressively with repeated right-left combinations. In the second round Carrier landed multiple strong right hooks to Jackson's head in a row. As the third round began, Carrier dominated the first encounter of the round, but before long he was too exhausted to defend himself from Jackson's rapid jabs, tilting the fight to a unanimous decision for Jackson.

Mike Lee def. Adam Zaabel

Lee tried to go on the offensive early with an arsenal of right hooks and body shots but Zaabel was able to successful parry most of Lee's offensive and land a few left jabs of his own. However, Lee took control at the start of the second round with a devastating combo. By the third round, Zaabel was trying unsuccessful to evade Lee's restless assault who won in a unanimous decision.

Jim Hasson def. Ryan Simmons

Hasson started out the contest with several combos and jabs while Simmons tried to counter with a series of jabs as well. Hasson started and finished the second round with a series of combos to the head of Simmons who countered Hasson with a powerful left hook. Simmons tried to counter Hasson, but was worn out by Hasson's earlier efforts. Hasson prevailed with a unanimous decision.

Bill Straccia def. Gavin Payne

Straccia used a powerful right hook to knock Payne off his feat early in the first round. Early in the second round, Payne used a right hook of his own to try and level the playing field between the two, but Straccia landed several powerful head blows that kept the momentum in his favor. In the third round, Straccia used a series of combos to force Payne to be defensive and ultimately allowing Straccia to earn a unanimous victory.

Mike Doran def. Brian Tower

Doran went on the offensive early while Tower used defense to parry most of Doran's attack. The two continued their stalemate into the second round with Doran landing several jabs to Tower's head while Tower landed several right hooks. The bout sung into Doran's favor in the third round where he attacked Tower with several spurts of quick jabs. Doran won in a unanimous decision.

Joesph Meares def. Ethan McWilliams

It took three rounds and two bloody noses for the judges to name junior Joseph Meares the winner by split decision. Despite being knocked down twice by law student Ethan McWilliams, Meares seemed to have a slight edge for the last two rounds of the fight, ending the last round with a nice combination of hooks that probably lingered in the judges' minds when they made their decisions.

185-pound division

Leo J. Rubikowski def. Jason Healy

Healy fought tough throughout all three rounds, getting in his share of punches, but Rubikowski proved to be too quick and strong. The tall southpaw won by unanimous decision.

Dan Murphy def. Peter Teneriello

Both boxers came out with a lightning pace, and the tempo stayed fast for all three rounds despite the numerous breaks to stop Teneriello's bleeding. Murphy, however, was too much for Teneriello, and won by unanimous decision.

Raphael Diaz def. David Fosselman

The match was fought fairly evenly through the first round but Diaz claimed the advantage in the second. Fosselman gave his best effort to even things up in the third but Diaz had enough left in the tank and ended up winning this exciting contest by unanimous decision.

Jordan Smith def. Doug Presutti

Smith had the advantage from start to finish, and would not let up on Presutti. Smith fought aggressively and dominantly, and was rewarded with a unanimous first-round victory.

Ted Grosseteuer def. Jonathan Baker (185)

It was apparent early that graduate student Jonathan Baker's strategy was to work the body, causing senior Ted Grosseteuer to fight more defensively in the first round. A bloody nose stopped the fight in the third and after what was one of the day's more even matches the judges declared Grosseteuer the winner by split decision.

Chris Hapak def. Chris Lacosta

Graduate student Chris Hapak opened up freshman Chris Lacosta early and never seemed to let up. Lacosta got worked into the corners throughout the early rounds, where he fell victim to several punishing blows and quick combos. After being knocked down in the second round, however, Lacosta got up and started landing punches of his own. Hapak won by unanimous decision, but credit should be given to Lacosta for what would've enduring a tough fight for any freshman.

Brian O'Connor def. Jay Smith

This was probably the closest fight of the weight class. These were two boxers with two very different strategies, but it still provided the audience with an entertaining matchup. For every head shot that O'Connor landed Smith responded with a jab to the body. In the end O'Connor won by split decision.

John Tchoula def. Yong Xiang Zheng

It's strange how quickly the tides can turn. Yong Xiang Zheng started off in great form, landing two quick, powerful jabs to sophomore John Tchoula's head. It only took another 20 seconds, however, for Tchoula to win the fight at the referee's discretion. After landing a powerful uppercut, Tchoula waited as Zheng was given the 10-count and decided that the fight could not go on.

200-pound division

Kiel Hockett def. David Thaxton

Both fighters came out aggressively, but Hockett gained the advant