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Thursday, June 13, 2024
The Observer

Bengal Bouts: Preliminaries, 147 pounds

Kieran Bulger def. Robert "Hamburgler" Berger

The veteran Bulger overwhelmed his freshman opponent, pinning him to the ropes while showering him with shots to the skull to establish an early lead. The second round saw Bulger showcasing his footwork as Berger flailed his arms in vain, unable to land a solid hit on his opponent. After connecting with an uppercut to the head and a series of unanswered blows to the head from Bulger, the referee stepped in to end the fight shortly before the clock ran out on the second round.

Sean "The Machine" Mullen def. Andrew "The Bristol Brawler" Dupont

Despite a strong effort by Dupont, Mullen took the match by a split decision. In the first round, both boxers traded punches and neither emerged as the stronger fighter. In the third round, Mullen took advantage of Dupont's fatigue and came out strong, landing many body shots. A string of punches that connected with Dupont's face late in the third round convinced the judges that Mullen deserved the victory.

Matthew Lemanski def. Jim Woods

Woods took the early lead in this fight, backing the sophomore Lemanski to the ropes with a rapid series of hits. Undaunted, Lemanski bounced back, firing several critical shots on the unguarded face of the junior. Woods came out swinging in the third round, firing an uppercut at the face of Lemanski, but failed to keep his own gloves up long enough to stop a forceful right hook soon before the bell sounded the end of the match. Lemanski won by split decision.

Scott "Rawr!" Lahr def. Tom "The Red Scare" Neuner

Lahr set the tone for the match in the first round, as he knocked Neuner to the ground after multiple jabs to the head. In the second round, Neuner's fatigue showed and Lahr continued to dominate and demonstrate control with his punches. The sophomore was awarded the victory on a unanimous decision.

Michael "Yo' mamma" Murayama def. Thomas "Shake n' Bake" Enzweiler

Murayama started this battle of juniors well as he ducked below the arms of the lanky Enzweiler, countering with a few well placed jabs to the body. Murayama aimed high in the second round with mixed success as Enzweiler was able to use his long reach to deflect Murayama's advances and battle back with defensive jabs. By the final round, both competitors were struggling to keep their gloves up. Murayama won in a split decision.

Mike "It's All About the Q" Quigley def. John "The Spaniard" Flores

The sophomore Quigley used his height advantage early in the first round as he landed multiple punches to the freshman's face and body. Quigley continued to dominate in the second round as Flores looked outmatched. Quigley's constant aggression and furry of punches to Flores' head earned him the unanimous victory.

Killian "'s Irish Red" Frailey def. Tyler "Dane the Train" Zimmerman

Zimmerman started the match off with an aggressive flurry of shots on the freshman Frailey, keeping him on the defensive throughout most of the first round. Frailey fought back with several methodically placed blows to the head and body of the senior, backing him to the ropes. Zimmerman regained his composure and responded with a hard strike to Frailey's head. Zimmerman nearly lost his footing in the third round as the speedy Frailey took control of the match, landing hits to the head from every direction before he was pushed back into his own corner shortly before the final bell. Frailey won by split decision.

Kevin "DiGiornio" Ortenzio def. Travis "The Corn-Shucker" Mathison

The two sophomores fought an even match, particularly in the first round. Mathison's fatigue allowed Ortenzio the opportunity to pull away in the third round. In the beginning of the final round, Ortenzio got in some quick shots to Mathison's head. His final efforts gave him a victory by unanimous decision.