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Thursday, June 13, 2024
The Observer

Bengal Bouts: Preliminaries, 160 pounds

John "My Body is a Wonderland" Maier def. Chad "Louisville Slugger" Lavelle

Both boxers came out swinging after the opening bell with senior captain Maier taking the more balanced approach and the freshman Lavelle employing a wild, unpredictable strategy. After an even first round, Maier began to take over in the second, as the referee stopped to check on Lavelle. By the end of the third round, both fighters looked fatigued by the flurry they had displayed in the first two rounds. But, at the end of the final round, the referee ended up calling the fight in favor of Maier after a strong combination.

Colin "The Lion" King def. John "The Boy Who Lived" Foster

Even though the freshman King fell early in the round, he bounced back quickly in his defeat of Foster. After getting back up again, King rushed the sophomore into a corner energetically and showed Foster both left and right hook shots. In the second round, King easily got Foster back against the ropes, but Foster dodged, causing King to lose his balance and almost fall for the second time of the fight. Just as Foster looked like he was in good position to weaken King, King was able to take advantage of the fact that Foster was not protecting his face. King was the winner in a split decision.

James "Jimbo Slice" Bowers def. Matthew "The Victorious Secret" Labriola

In the first round, both the freshman Labriola and the sophomore Bowers came out firing, but neither could land a decisive blow as both fighters had most of their attacks miss or be deflected. The second round was another even showdown as the two traded off going on the offensive. By the end of the third, both fighters looked tired and saw their punches have decreased effectiveness. After the final bell, it was decided by split decision that Bowers had the better fight.

Kevin Goodwin def. Andrew "The Juggernaut" Oksonka

Goodwin defeated Oksonka as the referee called the fight halfway into the second round. Right from the beginning of the fight, the senior was able to establish himself as the more dominant in the ring, but the sophomore Oksonka did a good job protecting himself during the first round. Oksonka began the second round a little more energized, but could not keep up with the relentless Goodwin as Oksonka suffered incredibly from a combination punch from Goodwin.

Daniel "Cabbage Patch" Chapman def. Ted "Hook ‘em" Horn

The fellow Griffins came out with a continuous exchange of combinations to the body and head. The two went back and forth in the second round as well as both landed their fair share of solid punches. The constant battle fatigued the pair, however, and by the end of the fight each boxer was thoroughly tired and neither could land a solid punch with effectiveness. In a split decision, the sophomore Chapman advanced over the junior.

James "Rambo" Fultz def. Cameron "C-Money" Dow

Fultz defeated his fellow freshman Dow with a technical knock-out call from the referee halfway into the second round. At the start of the first round, Dow looked like he would last the fight as he chased Fultz against the ropes and took advantage of the few instances that Fultz left his face unprotected. As the first round came to a close, Dow looked tired, dizzy and in need of a new strategy to defeat the more athletic Fultz. In the second round, Dow threw more detrimental hits, but he grew weaker with each punch. The referee stopped the fight because Dow was hardly able to stand.

Joseph "McManimal" McMahon def. Michael "Sleeper" McHale

After the starting bell, both fighters seemed to be going for broke, trying to land a decisive blow in the first round. Both fighters adopted a rather unorthodox style, each gambling with long, reaching hooks and often leaving themselves vulnerable by getting off-balance. The third round was more of the same, the two giving everything they had. But in the end, the junior McMahon was named victor over the sophomore McHale in a split decision.

Alex "Gatito Loco" Oloriz def. Chris Newman

In the first round, both Newman and fellow freshman Oloriz showed each other detrimental blows, but Newman grew weaker and let his guard down. After the first break, Newman recovered slightly but could not to stay energetic enough to match up to Oloriz. In an important third round for each of the boxers Newman's fist hit the ground, showing he was gradually getting more tired toward the end of the fight. Oloriz won in a unanimous decision.