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Thursday, June 13, 2024
The Observer

Bengal Bouts: Preliminaries, 163 pounds

Jordan Bucci def. Jeffrey "Little Bear" Ulrich

Bucci came out immediately on the offensive, forcing Ulrich to the defensive for most of the first round. Ulrich covered up well, though, and was able to land some counters of his own. The second round was similar with the senior Bucci landing some heavy blows to the head of Ulrich. After the referee stopped to check on the freshman, Bucci landed another heavy shot to the head, using momentum from a bounce off the rope to land it. In the third, the tide dramatically turned as Ulrich got quickly back into the fight by going on the offensive, turning what was a lopsided bout into a contentious match. However, Ulrich's hole was too big to climb out of and Bucci won by a unanimous decision.

Adrian "Yo Adrian" Moreno def. Kevin "The Recruit" Dacey

Early in the first round, the senior Dacey rushed Moreno into the ropes, but his imbalance led him to fall. In the second round, the sophomore attempted to weaken his already tiring opponent by aiming for Dacey's body. Dacey responded with the same approach to weaken Moreno. Dacey held his ground into the third round as Moreno started to get tired, but the sophomore swung the judges' votes with a left hook shot with two seconds left. Moreno won in a split decision.

Andy Nester def. Andrew "Habanero" Forero

Nester came out on the offensive, but graduate student Forero did a good job of dodging and covering up when necessary and landing counterpunches. In the second round, Nester came back out on the offensive, but Forero, once again, kept the senior honest, and recovered. After a few good right hands by Nester, the referee called the fight and Nester won by a technical knockout.

Ryan "The Show Stopper" Shestak def. Xavier "The Nicaraguan Heymaker" Navarro

In the first round, MBA student Navarro looked more energetic than Shestak but was losing his balance early in the fight. In the second round, the senior Shestak dominated the ring with a series of combination throws that Navarro was not able to recover from as he fell to the floor. In the third round, Navarro stayed alive, showing Shestak a few powerful throws he had saved, but ultimately could not defend himself well enough. Shestak won in a unanimous decision.

James "Marshall Law" Ouderkirk def. Seamus "The Moose" Laird

Ouderkirk neutralized the junior Lard's distinct advantages in height and reach with good form. In a tumble of body shots, the two ended up on the mat in a bundle, which was indicative of how the fight went. In the third round, the two exchanged several good shots, but the senior Ouderkirk got the better of the exchanges. In the end, Ouderkirk won by a unanimous decision.

Steven Brownwell def. Caleb Laux

Even though the senior Laux started off strong, throwing the first of the match's damaging punches, he was defeated by Brownwell with a technical knockout halfway through the second round. At the end of the first round, the junior served Laux a right-handed hook shot that Laux was not able to recover from. During the second round, Brownwell took over the fight, pinning Laux to the ropes numerous times before the referee called the fight.

Keenan "Mr. Chops" Duffey def. Jonathan "The Cuban Missile Crisis" Perez

Perez came out with the initial blows in this battle of sophomores, bloodying Duffey with a few stiff shots to the head. After the fight was stopped several times because of the bleeding, Duffey came back firing and took advantage of Perez's fatigue. In the third, both came out firing and both ended up bloody. After a good exchange that got the better of Perez, the referee stopped the fight and Duffey won by unanimous decision.

Matt Hopke def. Ryan "Dirty" Alberdi

In the first round, the freshman Alberdi aimed for the body with hopes of weakening the senior, but was unsuccessful as Hopke's long reach put him in a good position to defend himself. Alberdi entered into the second round looking athletic and ready to put up a fight as he pinned Hopke against the ropes. At the end of the third round, Alberdi began to noticeably fatigue, and Hopke won in a unanimous decision.