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Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2024
The Observer

A serious Catholic and a serious ally

So here's the thing: I am Catholic. I do Catholic things like go to church on Sunday and Holy Days, have a calendar that tells me when saints' feast days are and own several rosaries. I believe in Catholic things like the Trinity, the dignity of all created beings and that the Pope actually says some important stuff now and then. If you've been paying attention so far, you may have noticed a faint hint of sarcasm up to this point. Don't be alarmed. I only joke about these things because I am actually very serious about them. Here's something else I'm serious about: being an ally.
Let's return for a moment to the things a Catholic believes. A Catholic has respect for the dignity of all life and maintains humankind has a special and exalted place within creation. A Catholic loves all of creation and all of humanity for the sake of the One who created it. I feel I can state without fear of contention that people who identify as homosexual are, in fact, created beings. If they were uncreated, then they would be God. As that's not an argument anyone's trying to make, we can dismiss it. Members of the LGBT community are a part of creation. They are worthy of love. Members of the LGBT community are part of humankind. They have an inherent dignity. They are worthy of respect.
A Catholic has an evangelical duty to live his or her faith fully and so advocate it to others. This, at the most basic level, means being a kind, accepting individual. It means being an individual who represents as best she can God's infinite love on earth and who leaves matters of judgment to God. Being Catholic means not having sexual intercourse until after marriage or having a sexual relationship with a partner of the same sex. It also means treating those who do absolutely the same as those who don't.
In summary, I am an ally because I am Catholic. I am serious about being an ally because I am serious about being Catholic.

Lucia Tosatto
Ryan Hall
April 12