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Thursday, Feb. 29, 2024
The Observer

Notre Dame falls to Florida State: Players, coaches weigh in on negated TD

Here is a compilation of Notre Dame's reactions and perspectives on the negated touchdown.

Irish head coach Brian Kelly:

We needed to make one more play.

Q: Did you think you made that play? We needed to make one more play.

Q: Did you receive an explanation? No. No explanation.

Q: You see anything indicative of a penalty? We execute that play every day. And we do it legally and that’s the way we coach it. We don’t coach illegal plays.

Q: You say anything to C.J. Prosise? He did exactly what he’s coached to do, exactly what he’s coached to do.

Senior quarterback Everett Golson:

Q: You’ve run that play a million times, what was your perspective? They called the offensive pass interferences. That’s something that you can’t argue with. You just gotta play through it. That last play on fourth-and-18, I probably could have made a play, so I think that’s what I’m more just disappointed in in getting that loss.

Q: What did you see on the play, did you see the engagement? No, I did not see that. I didn’t see it.

Q: What did you see as Corey was in the flat?

We ran that play previously. To me it looked the same. Like I said you can’t argue with the refs. They made a call. So that’s something you gotta deal with.

Irish senior linebacker Joe Schmidt:The last play, I mean, we’ve run that play a ton in practice. I knew exactly what we were doing. It worked out that way, and I’ve defended it a million times and I don’t know, I didn’t see exactly. I knew what play we’d run, we’d run it a hundred million times in practice, and as coach says, we try to play the right way, and that’s the way it worked out today. We’ve just got to make one more play at the end of the game.”

Sophomore receiver Corey Robinson:

“We needed to make a play. We were one play away. When you score like that, with time expiring, and you know, you thought you win the game, that’s heartbreaking.”

“We came in here 100 percent confident that we were going to beat them, that we were going to shock the world. It was us against the world today, and unfortunately, we didn’t pull it out.”

“I don’t know what happened really. I didn’t see the pass interference, but I thought we got it.”

Sophomore receiver Will Fuller:

On what Kelly said to team after game: “It’s very difficult. [Kelly] just told us that it’s very disappointing, it’s a very disappointing way to lose, and we just needed to make one more play.”

“I can’t really explain how I felt when I saw the flag.”

“I didn’t see what happened. I was just running my route, and I saw Corey catch the ball, and I thought we won the game.”

“I have a lot of anger in me, and in the locker room, there’s a lot of anger, but you know, it’s our fault. We needed to make one more play, and we didn’t.”

Junior defensive end Sheldon Day:

“We control what we control, and that’s something we can’t control.”

“I thought he scored. I’d seen him score a touchdown, everybody yelling, cheering, but I guess there was a flag.”

On disappointed locker room:

“I think that’s something that comes along with losing. There were definitely some down faces, but we’re going to bounce back.”

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