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Friday, Feb. 23, 2024
The Observer



Folk Choir depicts Christ’s Passion for a second year


On the evening of Good Friday, the Notre Dame Folk Choir presented their much-anticipated work, “The Passion,” under a clear, starry sky on South Quad. I attended last year’s debut of “The Passion” and was markedly impressed, so naturally, I was excited to experience it again. This production managed to exceed any and all expectations. Although I witnessed the wonderful birth of “The Passion” last Easter, I must confess, this year’s performance was personally transformative.


Yes, ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ is good


For most of my viewing of “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” I was in awe at its very existence.  I grew up playing almost exclusively Pokemon and Mario games, and even today the Mario series never ceases to delight me. To see the world that so captivated me as a child rendered with the level of care and detail in this movie was honestly exhilarating for me. And yes, though the movie has its faults, it is genuinely good.