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Friday, March 1, 2024
The Observer

Birth control needed for medical reasons

Ryan Dwyer accuses The Observer of providing immoral information to the new freshman class, citing Planned Parenthood as a place to fill birth control prescriptions since University Health Services will not. As a student in law school he should know better. Just to make sure, I checked the inaugural edition of The Observer.

Yes, they refer to birth control and Planned Parenthood, but the reference is to pills. They did not recommend Planned Parenthood for condoms or help with abortions, just birth control pills. Perhaps, as a male, Dwyer is unaware of this, but there is a significant percentage of young women, myself include, who depend on birth control for non-contraceptive purposes. Today, birth control pills are commonly prescribed for a variety of medical conditions and even by dermotologists for skin care purposes.

I am not naive, and I do realize that many women will seek birth control pills there for contraception. Also, I too am pro-life and am not a supporter of Planned Parenthood.

I do, however, sympathize with our young female freshmen whose resources for legitimate medical needs are restricted by incorrect religious assumptions, and I support The Observer for addressing that Dwyer's case, while impassioned, would not stand up in court.

Connie Quinlan

class of '03

Sept. 10