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Friday, April 12, 2024
The Observer



Birthday blues


Birthdays causes tears for sensitive people, especially when one is fearful of getting older.

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Is it over for me?


Reflecting on universal experiences of helplessness and learning that, sometimes, the best course of action is to do nothing.


We beat the odds, Becca


SMC news editor Aynslee Dellacca reflects how her and her childhood best friend "beat the odds" by staying friends throughout their first year of college.


The tip of the iceberg


Notre Dame professor emeritus of American studies Benedict Giamo argues that broad-based policy reforms are needed to confront a major homelessness problem in America.


LinkedIn is evil and so are we


If we permit this system to proceed without friction, if we stand by and willingly redefine ourselves into one of the many boxes we have been told we should fall into, if we contribute to the destruction of the human spirit, how is it that we can be anything but evil? 

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Fisher's final farewell


As the final semester of Fisher Hall comes to a close, Viewpoint columnist Jack Sirianni reflects on the dorm's 70-plus years of tradition and community.


Late nights in Hesburgh Library


Spending late nights in Hesburgh Library, writing a procrastinated essay due the next morning, is one of the core experiences of a Notre Dame humanities student.


A lesson in electoral success


Nathan Desautels defends the College Republicans of Notre Dame's revocation of Senator Todd Young's endorsement, reasserting its support for former President Donald Trump.


I am not a stupid American


America may have its multitude of problems, Viewpoint columnist Gracie Eppler writes, but at least it is a place where anyone can feel like they belong.

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Politics: A war of words or dignified discussion


The biggest barrier to productive political discussion isn’t the fact that we disagree, but rather how we act when we disagree. In her most recent article, Ainsley Hillman discusses the importance of imbuing dignity into our language — an endeavor undertaken by BridgeND’s most recent collaboration with the Dignity Index.