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Thursday, May 23, 2024
The Observer

Ticket lottery improves

Though the Michigan football ticket lottery was plagued with difficulties, these problems were rectified for Thursday's Purdue football ticket lottery, which was successful, said Charlie Ebersol, Student Union Board president.Ebersol said all Notre Dame students who waited in line were provided with lottery tickets and the average wait time was approximately 90 seconds. SUB distributed 775 tickets at the lottery for the 149 pairs of Purdue tickets that will be sold to winning ticket holders. Though more people received lottery tickets than at the Michigan lottery, fewer students turned out for the Purdue lottery. About 1,500 students tried to get lottery tickets for the Michigan game and approximately 700 were accommodated."Given the loss to Michigan and also that Purdue is not quite as exemplary of a team, we got the turnout that we expected," Ebersol said.Ebersol said the new distribution system will be able to handle larger turnouts and expects no problems for the Boston College lottery.Several students thanked Ebersol for changing the system for the Purdue lottery."The response was nothing but positive," Ebersol said.