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Thursday, June 20, 2024
The Observer

SMC initiates school recycling program

Saint Mary's began a campus-wide recycling program Aug.18 in an effort to become more environmentally conscious.

Before the College officially took over recycling efforts this month, the Student Environmental Action Coalition ran the Saint Mary's recycling campaign. SEAC members were responsible for collecting and driving the recyclables to the closest collection center in their own cars.

"The [Student Environmental Action Coalition] had done it for a long time, and it was time for the College to step up and be more conscience about recycling so that the club could do other things," purchasing director Dan Deeter said.

Approximately 45 light-green recycling bins are located in nearly every building on campus near other trash receptacle and vending areas. According to Deeter, the College signed a contract with a company to pick up the recyclable goods every Wednesday.

"Plans for the College to take over the recycling effort started last fall," Deeter said.

Students will be able to recycle their aluminum and metal cans, paper products, glass and plastic bottles, jugs and containers.

Along with the general recycling bins are "Paper Only" bins, and students are urged not to place anything other than paper products into these bins, Deeter said. All plastic containers and bottles must be rinsed clean of residue and food morsels before being placed into the recycle bin, he said.