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Tuesday, March 5, 2024
The Observer

I gotta have my Pops

Since the issue first arose I have been keeping my peace about this subject for the better part of a month. I dislike the idea of writing in to The Observer, because it seems like most people who write letters in the Viewpoint do not really know what they are talking about and mostly just like to hear themselves talk. So I have been patiently waiting in hopes of someone else bearing the load and writing the letter that has been so desperately needed, but day after day there is nothing but letters complaining about living wage, Middle Easterners and other things that most people don't care about. I cannot let this atrocity go on any longer; I must bring this offense to light.

There are no more Corn Pops in North Dining Hall. I first noticed one morning after I was going for my usual bowl of Corn Pops after I finished my three Eli's Breakfast Sandwiches. I love Corn Pops, so I was obviously disappointed, but I simply wrote it off as a possible mistake. Maybe someone had accidentally ordered Kix instead of Corn Pops this week. However, as I continued to search for my Pops for the next couple of weeks, I slowly came to the realization that this was much bigger than just the simple mistake of confusing the similarly colored Kix for Corn Pops.

Whether I am just grabbing a quick bowl for breakfast or stuffing a ziplock bag full for a future late night snack, Corn Pops is the perfect cereal. Its 14 grams of sugar per serving fills the milk with a warm sweetness, yet each bite remains surprisingly crisp. Not only is it flavorful and crunchy but it also contains 11 essential vitamins and minerals, making this popped-up corn cereal the best in the business. Please bring back my Pops.

Tom Martin

Junior Class Chancellor

President of Siegfried Hall

Sept. 6