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Thursday, June 20, 2024
The Observer

Ben Lee Coming To Legends Saturday

Need to warm up from your February chill? Escape pre-Midterm stress? Low on cash? Once again Legends and SUB brings some much needed relief, this time with Ben Lee. On Saturday, The Ben Lee duo takes the stage at 10 p.m. on campus at Legend's Nightclub. With melodic tunes and a relaxed vibe that will no doubt calm the iciest basket case, Ben Lee promises to be yet another ND concert success.

Lee is best known for his single "Catch My Disease," which hit the airwaves in the spring and summer of 2007. You may know him from his contributions to soundtracks for "Grey's Anatomy" and "John Tucker Must Die."

But he is not a novice to the industry. The Australian's discography includes six albums, including the most recent release, "Prime." Lee was only in his teens, living in his hometown of Sydney, when he first signed with an independent label. Slowly garnering success internationally he now shares producer, John Alagia, with greats like Dave Matthews and John Mayer. Ben Lee has been compared to Bob Dylan with his laid-back, honest vocals and guitar accompaniment. But Lee is best known for his catchy love songs. Evading a nauseating melodrama, Lee is coy with his works, creating a distinctly fresh and young take on a romantic musical staple. Now in his late 20s, Lee maintains an age-appropriate perspective that appeals to fans, especially college audiences.

Using playful lyrics and coquettish instrumental Lee's songs cover the full spectrum of love. From crush to lust to flirting to adoration, Lee explores the passions the heart. With refreshing honesty, his music taps into the reality of human affection with lightheartedness.

Ben Lee is all about having fun music that doesn't bog down his talent with fluff or fuss. He's toured with other popular "Bens," including Ben Folds Five and Ben Kweller. "Prime" is testament to his experience in the industry.

Other artists were more than willing to contribute to his new work. Mandy Moore, with her newly revamped indie image, Benji Madden, from Good Charlotte, and members of Rooney all make appearances on the album. On Saturday, Notre Dame gets a first-hand glimpse as to why.

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