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Thursday, Feb. 22, 2024
The Observer

Alcohol a necessary evil

I used to open the viewpoint section every day to see what the feminists were saying about the Vagina Monologues, but now I find more and more articles written by students concerned for the greater good of the Notre Dame student body. After reading Ryan Slaney's article, "Alcohol: Enemy of academic and moral development," (April 10) I felt compelled to respond. I am not here to argue for or against prohibition of alcohol on campus; that being said, we are in college. It is an undeniable fact that college students drink; for proof, just go to Sbarro at 3 a.m. on a Saturday night/Sunday morning.

If the university decided to prohibit alcohol on campus, there would be an increase in students partying off campus. The question is, where? You said yourself, Ryan, that alcohol consumption leads to poor decisions, and I agree. Students with cars could potentially drive back to campus after a few brews, cosmos, car bombs, etc., risking much more than their academic development. Allowing alcohol on campus is a safe decision, as long as those drinking do it responsibly.

As for alcohol affecting students' academic and moral development, I have a number of friends who drink a fair amount and have higher grades than me. You cannot say that prohibition of alcohol on-campus will cause an increase in academic and moral development ... studying and going to dorm mass does that. The prohibition of alcohol could create unsteady relations between many angry members of the student body and the administration. It could also affect the brain a lot longer than a few days if something were to happen to someone behind the wheel of a car.

Super Smash Bros. has some pretty damaging effects on academic development too, so should we prohibit the use of it? I appreciate your concern for the academic well being of your peers, but changing the rules about alcohol consumption on-campus is not the solution. Maybe go play some Super Smash Bros.

Mike Mahoney


Keough Hall

April 10