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Friday, March 1, 2024
The Observer

Top 10 reasons to love The Backer

We would like to respond to Didier Lewis's derogatory Lollerskates comic strip printed on April 7. We are proud proponents of the Linebacker Lounge as South Bend's superior drinking establishment and would like to elucidate the reasons why:

1. Longevity - This institution has served the Notre Dame community for over 45 years!

2. The Music - At what other bar can you hear "Ghostbusters" played on a Saturday night? Or Toto and N'SYNC mixed in with "Get Low," "Apologize," and Soulja Boy?

3. Potent Long Islands - You only remember the good times.

4. Location - Within walking distance from campus and TC, saving you money on cab fare.

5. Freebies - Drink ticket with $5 cover and freshly popped popcorn.

6. The Backer Pole - I dare you to lick it.

7. Merchandise - Because everyone wants a T-shirt exclaiming "I Rode the Linebacker Pole."

8. Website Bios of Your Favorite Bartenders -

9. Special Events - Have you ever been to a wedding reception or bachelorette party at the Backer? I have, though not for anyone I knew ... yet!

10. Old Alumni - "These boys don't need Viagra ... " (Yes, this was a real pick-up line used at the Linebacker Lounge.)

If the Backer truly sucked as Lewis's comic claims, why is it packed every Friday and Saturday night of the year? In 50 years would you come back for a football game and go to "The Feve?" Of course not! Yes, the Backer Sludge is disgusting, but the experience is unlike any other. Call it sketch if you must, but as Greg "The Curfew God" says, "If you don't have fun at The Backer, it's your own damn fault!"

Christine Scacco and Rachel Murphy


Farley and Breen-Phillips Halls

April 8