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Saturday, June 22, 2024
The Observer

Respect doesn't stop at the Atlantic

I was appalled and dismayed this weekend when I heard students from Our Lady's University shouting obscenities and telling students from a fellow Big East University that they "suck." This event was not at a local sporting event or match. It was not even in America for that matter. I found myself riding an escalator out of the London Underground when three young men behind me were yelling at a group of students from this fellow University. They riddled them with obscenities and told them that they "sucked." They also continued to tell the students that they attended a "terrible school." I felt unease in my stomach as I began to pray that these students did not represent Notre Dame, but some other Big East school. To my sadness, they continued to curse and shout loudly behind me, before excitedly telling anyone and everyone within earshot that they were Notre Dame architecture students visiting for the weekend from Rome.

I am writing this letter to remind you that just because an ocean splits you from Our Lady's University that your conduct is still a reflection of the great University you all attend and we attended. Shouting obscenities and telling other students that they are inferior does not represent us well; in fact it was embarrassing to me and my wife that we also graduated from the University at which these students now call their own. I do not hold this against these three young men for their obvious intoxicated nature at noon on a Sunday was apparent to even the most innocent of those around us. No, I know that they were making an ill-advised attempt to have a good time and show their spirit for Notre Dame. I just implore you to remember that respect is a virtue, and school spirit does not need to include a complete and utter lack of respect for your fellow college students. It is an honor and privilege to attend and someday graduate from Notre Dame. Let us never forget the fact that Notre Dame reaches far beyond the simple shores of America and the respect we show for one another must resonate across the globe.

Matthew Frey


class of 2006

Feb. 16