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Friday, March 1, 2024
The Observer

Warm temperatures surprise students

Weather, like the success of the football team, has become relative at Notre Dame: a victory in the Hawaii Bowl is reason for optimism and 40-degree temperatures call for shorts.

For the first time in weeks, temperatures averaged in the high 30s over the weekend, with the thermometer even hitting 54 on Sunday. Combined with the unseasonable warmth, the sun has melted away feet of snow.

"I haven't worn shorts or gone without a jacket, but I have worn my jacket open," sophomore Mistee Colbert said.

Shorts, T-shirts, and fewer people wearing Ugg boots with sweat pants were spotted around campus. Students commented that the warm weather has also affected the general mood.

"You have everyone smiling, the bright blue skies, and snow on the ground. It looks like it could be March or April instead of February," Colbert said.

"It looks like people are standing up straighter," senior Greer Hannan added.

Friday, when the cold forced many to bundle up, Hanna walked to Sacred Heart Parish Center for a weekend retreat. On Sunday's return journey, she noticed a change had overcome the campus - much of the snow had melted and people were out jogging.

"A retreat makes it feel like you're coming alive, and seeing the snow melt reinforces that," Hannan said.

A group of students gathered on Mod Quad Sunday to play Frisbee. They remarked that the disc was much easier to throw and catch without gloves.

"The weather is so nice and warm and this is the first time I've seen green grass in a while," sophomore Kim Schlesinger said.

"I'm just afraid that it's going to snow 12 inches tomorrow," sophomore Eddie McDonough added.

Others were pessimistic that the change was only a temporary reprieve, and not a sign of spring.

"I definitely plan on enjoying this weather while it lasts, because it will probably be snowing tomorrow," said Colbert.

According to The Weather Channel Web site, the temperature should remain in the 30s for the rest of the week, even reaching the 50s the next two days.

Sophomore Cait Listro said that the warm weather has made her feel better about being at Notre Dame.

"It makes me feel a lot better about being in South Bend for the winter," she said.