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Thursday, Feb. 22, 2024
The Observer

SMC to elect members to Alumnae Board

The Saint Mary's Alumnae Board will be choosing four new members during their annual spring meeting Thursday as four former alumnae will be retiring, Kara O'Leary, director of Alumnae Relations said.

They will be electing two new alumnae, as well as two current student members.

"At this meeting the Board will also be interviewing and selecting one member each from the classes of 2010 and 2011 to serve on the Board. The student member is a newly created position with the senior having full voting privileges and the junior being mentored by the senior to assume the student member position her senior year," O'Leary said.

The Board visits the College twice a year to conduct business.

"As a group they meet on campus each fall and spring. Many also return to campus to assist with events sponsored by the Alumnae Association and to participate in reunion."

While visiting, the Board will have committee meetings, attend general sessions, hear presentations from College administrators, and meet with student groups., O'Leary said.

"Several members will also be participating in an Alumnae Panel that is part of the Diverse Student Leadership Conference (DSLC) that will also be taking place on campus this week," O'Leary said.

During this visit, the Board will also hold meetings to discuss alumnae engagement, as well as prepare some plans for the reunion this June.

"The various committees will be communicating with the Board their strategies to work more effectively with club leadership, provide programming to foster alumnae engagement, and ways to educate students about alumnae involvement," O'Leary said.

The group also has plans to choose recipients of the Alumnae Association awards, which include Distinguished Alumna, Alumna Achievement, Humanitas and Outstanding Young Alumna, O'Leary said.

Each time the Board visits, student groups are allowed to participate with them. "Students serve on the Clubs and Resources, Student-Alumnae and Alumnae Engagement committees. At each meeting the Board meets with two to three student groups the evening they arrive," O'Leary said. "At this meeting they will be meeting with members of the Student Academic Council (SAC) and several RA's."

Out of 19 members, 17 will be attending this visit. Some members of the Board will be staying at the College at Riedinger House, LeMans Hall and The Inn at Saint Mary's, O'Leary said.

They will arrive March 19, and will remain on campus through March 21.