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Thursday, Feb. 22, 2024
The Observer

Farmer's market comes to campus

Seven vendors from the South Bend Farmer's Market came to campus for the first time Tuesday afternoon to sell a variety of goods, which included produce, baked goods and handmade jewelry.

"We want students to understand the Farmer's Market exists, and then we want students to support local businesses and be aware of sustainable food," student government social concerns committee chair Rachel Roseberry said.

Roseberry organized the event along with outgoing senators and social concerns committee members Julie Zorb and Kaitlyn Maloney.

The South Bend Farmer's Market is open year round in downtown South Bend, and offers goods from more than 50 vendors, Maloney said.

"It's really well known in the community," Roseberry said.

Zorb said last fall they had the idea to bring the market to campus, and it finally became a reality this spring.

"The three of us went to the market practically every Saturday this semester, just talking to vendors," Maloney said.

In choosing which vendors to invite to campus, Zorb said they sought out a wide variety in order to show students that the Farmer's Market offers much more than just vegetables.

Among the vendors present was Sweet Street, which offered students free samples of cheese and caramel popcorn as well as homemade peanut and almond butter.

Sparrow Farm sold handcrafted cards and bookmarks. Another booth, One of a Kind Jewelry, sold handmade bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings.

Roseberry said the vendors were happy to educate students about the South Bend Farmer's Market.

"I think they're definitely excited to see a younger crowd too," Maloney said.

Roseberry said she was excited with the number of students who visited the market in Lafortune Student Center Tuesday afternoon.

"We've had a steady stream of people come through," she said. "We've had a great response so far."

The social concerns committee also hopes to hold future events with the South Bend Farmer's Market.

Roseberry said she plans to organize a larger market on campus next fall, when there will be more local produce available.

"Eventually we're hoping to have shuttles going from campus to the Farmer's Market," Zorb said.

The three organizers said they hope that these efforts will encourage more students to visit the market in downtown South Bend.