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Saturday, June 22, 2024
The Observer

Students struggle to find on-campus jobs

Given the current state of the economy, Notre Dame students are facing more competition in the on-campus job market than they have in previous years.

Managers at popular on-campus locations have noted slight increases in the number of student applications for employment.

"Shifts were filled pretty quickly this year," general manager for the Huddle Jim LaBella said. "Normally, we have more openings at this time in the year."

While the Office of Student Financial Services cannot predict what the upswing in student employment will look like this year, on average, 40 percent of the student body is employed each year by the University in an on-campus position.

"It is difficult to know at this point whether or not there will be an increase in students seeking employment," senior student service representative Yolanda Teamor said.

However, Teamor said she is optimistic that students will still have the opportunity to find campus jobs, citing the large number of postings listed on the student job board.

The majority of on-campus jobs are updated frequently on the online job board provided by the Office of Student Financial Services. While the listings range from tutoring positions to building services jobs, the greatest number of available positions are in food services, specifically the dining halls and the LaFortune restaurants.

"There is still employment available if students are willing to work the late night shifts," LaBella said of the Huddle. "They are not the most desirable shifts but if they want to work, we have shifts available."

Beginning on Aug. 24, the hiring for student jobs at LaFortune was described as "first come, first serve," as students were encouraged to come early to sign up for shifts at the various locations in the student center, junior Karina Galvin said.

"When I signed up on [Aug. 24], the schedule was already pretty full," Galvin, who was hired at Starbucks, said. "I do not know if jobs at Starbucks are in greater demand this year than in other years, but it did seem like a lot of students were interested in applying there at the same time that I was applying."

In addition to the most popular and sought-out locations on campus, the student employment branch of the Office of Student Financial Services is encouraging students to be proactive and creative in their job search, exploring opportunities at various places on campus and within their particular colleges.

"Start early when searching for an on-campus job," Teamor advised. "Check the job board often as it is regularly updated."