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Thursday, June 20, 2024
The Observer

The good can be the enemy of the best

As G.K. Chesterton was fond of saying, "The good can be the enemy of the best." I will put my trust in the sacred Tradition extending back to Christ Himself that men alone are called to the priesthood, but faith must be paired with reason. I think that there is an intrinsic, natural and beautiful difference between men and women. Just as a dance is made more beautiful when the two partners are in sync, so the roles of men and women in the Church are made more beautiful by their God-given complementarity. The role of priests is a sign pointing us toward God's relationship to the Chruch.

This role of the priesthood fulfills has a powerfully masculine aspect which is best exemplified in men. Complement to this is the relationship of the Church to Christ, which is best and naturally exemplified by women. However, it must be remembered that while not all Catholics are called to the priesthood, we are all are called to be one body in the Church; this means that the role of women is at least as important and possibly more important, because men and women alike must learn what it is to fulfill the role of the Church.

Priests, bishops, cardinals and the Pope are not the true power or glory of the Church. Granted, they fill a necessary and excellent role within it; but they are merely ministers, standing in for Christ as best they can until heaven, when the Church, the bride of Christ, will be united with its Bridegroom. This ancient characterization of the Church as bride is important - it reminds us again that woman, the final creation, the "Crown of Creation", is the

After all, who is the most revered of all humans? Notre Dame, our Mother! She is the image of the perfect union with God we will share in heaven. If anything, we should be more focused on being more like Mary, and imitating her perfect imitation of Christ, than worried about who will take on the temporary role of ministers in the Church. When understood in this light, why would any woman settle for the priesthood when her intrinsic, sacred call is so great?

Ryan Kreager

grad student


Sept. 24