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Thursday, Feb. 29, 2024
The Observer

Fall in love with Michael Buble

A jazz man who is said to be from another musical era is taking today's music industry by storm. After two and a half years, Michael Bublé has done it again, releasing his newest album, "Crazy Love."

With inspirations like Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles and Louis Armstrong, Bublé makes sure that their spirits shine through in his remastered melodies. The young Canadian crooner is best known for his all-American classics and for a warm voice that has earned him the reputation of a modern-day Sinatra. His wicked charm and charisma on stage are breathtaking, and his versatility is incredible as he intertwines himself in the jazz, rock, blues and pop genres that have taken custody of so many young and old souls.

"Crazy Love" focuses on Bublé's renditions of famous American tunes like "Georgia on My Mind" by Ray Charles and "Cry Me a River" by Julie London. One of the album's highlights is Bublé's hit single "Crazy Love," an adaptation of the song originally preformed by Van Morrison. Morrison was a master of soul music, and his passion for his art inspired Bublé to try out his own modified version, adding his signature smooth tone and flowing energy. If you purchase the album, you might also want to consider the deluxe edition that includes a bonus video track of Bublé singing "Haven't Met You Yet" with his utter quirkiness against a white backdrop.

The album showcases contemporary elements with the busting sounds of brass and guitar. Vocal ensemble Naturally 7 lend their voices to the oldie "Stardust," and fellow Canadian songwriter Ron Sexsmith contributed a ballad in the track "Whatever It Takes." For years Bublé has worked with the big boys of blues, but on this album he has transformed into a cool, controlled and hearty singer who is coming into his own not only as an artist, but also as an assured performer.

With its fun ballads and over-the-top lyrical performances, anyone can easily become infatuated with "Crazy Love." Bublé is constantly influenced by the jazz aesthetic, and in "Cry Me a River" we get a jazz club feel with a smooth beat all the way through. Bublé's music is easy on the ears and perfect for those long drives home or long nights in the library studying. He keeps it old school with swinging beats and an attitude that will hypnotize listeners. When concentrating on these upbeat songs, it is hard not to picture Bublé and all the collaborators having a blast in the recording studio. Bublé has progressed and matured very much as an artist, and releasing "Crazy Love" with a more relaxed, positive and upbeat sound was a smart move on his part.

With a voice that sounds effortless and a passion that comes through on each cut, it is impossible to think this guy doesn't have talent. Bublé's vocal skills are top-notch, and whether he is strutting his stuff in a Starbucks commercial, singing the favorite "Come Fly with Me" or dropping memorable classics in the record studio, Bublé has captured the older generation and the younger one as well ... one Frank Sinatra remake at a time.