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Thursday, June 13, 2024
The Observer

Bengal Bouts: Preliminaries, 133 pounds

Michael "Boricua" Perez def. George Warner

The 80th Bengal Bouts got off to an energetic start as these two fighters sparred through three intense rounds. Footwork was key in the first two rounds as the junior Warner parried the punches of the senior. Perez eventually connected on a devastating cross to Warner's face. At the start of the third round, Warner came out swinging, trying to make up for lost ground from the previous rounds, though he was backed into a corner and had to remain on the defensive. Perez won by unanimous decision.

Brian "Ghost Hands" Robillard def. Thomas "Tucker" Corr

Although the fight began evenly, sophomore Robillard outlasted freshman Corr. Robillard's experience was evident, as he fought hard throughout the entire match and utilized his powerful combos and quick footwork. Although Corr made a strong effort in the final round, the judges award Robillard the victory by unanimous decision.

Jonathan "Nightman" Lagoy def. Collin "A Reading from the Book of the Prophet" Feduska

Lagoy and Feduska traded blows back and forth throughout the first round of the match. The sophomore Feduska, fighting with his left arm in a sling, landed a shot to Lagoy's mouth just prior to the bell. The senior's attacks came up empty as the quick Feduska managed to evade his opponent for most of the second round. Leduska's energy had clearly waned by the third round, though, as Lagoy mercilessly fired shots at his face. The "Nightman" won by split decision.

Joseph "Sweet Cheeks" Decker def. Kyle Blanco

Both boxers began the fight with a flurry of punches, but as time went on Decker established himself as the dominant boxer in the fight. The O'Neill freshman bloodied up Blanco's nose and the fight was interrupted multiple times for medical attention for the Fisher sophomore. Decker dominated the third round and earned the unanimous victory.

Nicholas "The Guillotine" Goode def. Josh Sandler

The fight got off to an exciting start, as the two featherweights bludgeoned each other in the head relentlessly throughout the first round. By the second round, the sophomore Sandler was still going strong, firing a barrage of repeated body shots in between furious lunges at Goode, forcing him to the ropes. The junior fought back with a couple of clutch headshots against his opponent before the round was over. The tide turned in the final round as Sandler flailed his gloves high and low but neglected to protect his face from Goode, who struck several decisive blows during the round. Goode won by split decision.

Anthony "El Gigante" Lucisano def. Nicholas Bock

Neither fighter emerged with an advantage after the first round, as both boxers took advantage of their slim physique and swiftly danced around the ring. Lucisano emerged as the top boxer of the pair in the second round, which was stopped so that Bock could receive medical attention. It was Lucisano's efforts in the third round that ultimately won him the match by a split decision.