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Thursday, June 13, 2024
The Observer

Bengal Bouts: Preliminaries, 140 pounds

Michael Johnston def. Bradley Sena

The senior Johnston established the early lead in this fight against the freshman Sena. After breaking free from a flurry of punches from the hands of Sena, Johnston fell against the ropes and, regaining his composure, propelled himself forward to land a right hook to Sena's head. Johnston caught some shots to the head in the second round as he measured up his opponent and came up big in the third round, causing Sena to lose his footing. Johnston won by unanimous decision.

Kareem "Stunna" Salem def. Nicholas "The Arab Express" Rowek

Salem dominated the first round, as his quickness on his feet prevented Rowek from landing many punches. Rowek utilized a second round interruption due to equipment problems to his advantage, as he came out of the break rested and aggressive. The Keough freshman could not beat the technical and practiced Salem, but Rowek's final efforts did lead to a split decision, albeit in favor of Salem.

Andrew "The A-train" Ziccarelli def. Bobby Sullivan

Seconds after the match began, Sullivan used his long reach to his advantage and struck Ziccarelli in the face hard enough to dislodge the junior's mouth guard. The sophomore Sullivan remained on the offensive following the short break, raining down an aerial assault on his opponent. Ziccarelli picked up steam in the two subsequent rounds, pummeling Sullivan's face. Ziccarelli went on to win by split decision.

Brian "The Good Thief" Heath def. Ryan "Hammer Flurry" Schwab

Heath dominated the first round, landing many punches to Schwab's face. The senior used his smaller stature to his advantage by dodging many of Schwab's punches. In the third round, both boxers showed their fatigue, but Heath's dominance in the first round earned him a unanimous victory.

Nick "Bronco" Bortolotti def. Kary "Sweet Feet" Yergler

These two fighters tested each other with only a few quick jabs exchanged in the first round as they danced about the ring. The tension boiled over in the second round as the sophomore Bortolotti pounded Yergler in the mouth as the junior took to the defense, backing away in retreat until the round ended. Yergler seemed to regain his composure in the third round, deflecting Bortolotti's attacks and firing an uppercut to his jaw before Bortolotti overtook the tired Yergler once again. Bortolotti was victorious by unanimous decision.

Michael "In n' Out" Burdell def. Alessandro "The Silencer" Cardenas

The boxers fought evenly in the first two rounds and traded punches. In the third round, medical personnel could not stop the freshman Cardenas' nose from bleeding, and the referee stopped the fight in the third round, naming the senior Burdell the winner.

Matthew Dobleman def. Michael "I'm not" French

Dobleman wasted no time in establishing his presence in this match, forcing the freshman French to constantly dodge the lightning fast jabs dished out to him by the senior. Dobleman used his tall stature to his advantage, firing headshots from above. French was quick to respond with swift jabs to the body. French was visibly tired by the third round and struggled to keep his head up. Dobleman seized the opportunity to land two thudding uppercuts to his face causing the referee to stop the contest early.

Albert Toscano def. Timothy "Timbo Slice" Kissling

The two sophomores traded punches in an even first round. Kissling began to tire in the second round and Toscano lined up multiple body shots, finishing the match strong. The judges awarded Toscano the victory by unanimous decision.