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Thursday, June 13, 2024
The Observer

Bengal Bouts: Preliminaries, 151 pounds

Tim "The Slayer" Thayer def. Matthew "The 7-1-7" Anthony

Senior captain Thayer established dominance in the ring early, lunging fiercely at the Anthony and pushing him around the ring. A crucial uppercut from the senior caused Anthony to lose his footing as he struggled to fend off the vicious attack. In the second round, the sophomore appeared winded and was again knocked off balance after catching a glove to the head in the second round. Thayer continued to chase Anthony around ring before delivering one last clean shot to the skull as the referee decided to stop the fight early.

Ethan "Chomp Chomp" Hatch def. Steven "Shakey Hands" Echenique

Both boxers came out with strong, aggressive punches in the first round. Hatch's jab to Echenique's face in the second round knocked the Fisher sophomore to the ground and established Hatch as the favorite in the match. The third round saw fatigue and sloppiness on the part of both fighters. Hatch's second round effort was enough to give him the victory by split decision.

Michael "Face for the Radio" Magill def. Stephen "Here Comes Trouble" Mattingly

Magill outlasted Mattingly in this hard-fought battle. The sophomore Magill deflected and countered several early attempts by Mattingly and the two exchanged numerous jabs before the round was over. The junior was still in the match as the second round began, but gradually his energy waned as Magill kept him on the ropes while parrying and deflecting most of the shots thrown his way. Magill was the winner by unanimous decision.

Tommy "The Hebrew Hammer" Schanzer def. Christopher Bell

The senior Schanzer was dominant in the first round of the match. He landed many forceful punches to the sophomore's face and the referee had to stop the match multiple times. Thirty-nine seconds into the second round, the referee stopped the match for the final time and named Schanzer the winner.

Andrew Kristensen def. Phillip "Shoes" Lettieri

Kristensen and Lettieri traded the momentum throughout the fight. Kristensen, a sophomore, took the early lead by landing a right hook to Lettieri's head. Lettieri, a freshman, recovered and kept Kristensen against the ropes for the rest of the round. In the next round, Kristensen's punches came up empty as Lettieri maneuvered about the ring before getting struck with an uppercut with his head down. Lettieri rebounded again in the third round lunging aggressively at Kristensen, but Kristensen avoided the desperate attempts long enough to come away with the victory.

Andrew "Fess the Mess" Fessler def. Timothy "G-Money" Gannatti

The two sophomores traded blows in the first round. The second round continued the trend as both competitors fought aggressively and focused on jabs to the head and body. In the third round, with the help of an enthusiastic cheering section, Fessler put forth a strong final effort and planted punches to Gianatti's head. Fessler won in a split decision.

Matt "Manimal" Roesch def. Kevin "Get off my Lawn" Plude

Roesch used his speed to his advantage in this match, driving Plude to the ropes as the sophomore tried to keep his face protected from the storm of fists directed at him. Intent on gaining the upper hand, Plude battled back in the second round unleashing a barrage of punches at the freshman Roesch, including a wicked hook that briefly caused him to lose his footing. In the third round, Roesch pinned Plude to the ropes once again, struggling to subdue his opponent as shot after shot bounced off the gloves of the tenacious defender. Roesch won by split decision.

Bobby Powers def. Ryan Carey

Powers had the upper hand in this match of juniors and established himself as the stronger boxer by using many powerful left-right combinations. While Carey was able to land a few jabs to Powers' head, Powers' counter-attack was too much for Carey. Powers won by unanimous decision.