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Thursday, June 13, 2024
The Observer

Bengal Bouts: Preliminaries, 173 pounds

Alex Kissinger def. Peter "Fists Don't Lie" Mitchell

In the first round, Kissinger immediately got law student Mitchell against the ropes, showing him the menacing threat of his power punching ability. The second round looked like a repeat of the first as the senior chased Mitchell against the ropes again. Mitchell began to lose his poise and almost his balance towards the end of the second round. A right uppercut throw from Kissinger to start the third round clinched the victory, but Mitchell continued to fight despite his inability to keep up with his opponent. Kissinger won by unanimous decision.

Jose Aguirre def. Andrew "This Isn't Where I Parked My Car" Mitsch

All it took was one round for Aguirre to acquire a victory. After dominating the beginning of the short first round, Aguirre ended it halfway through by knocking Mitsch completely out of the ring.

Kevin "The Night Man" Kray def. Tyler "Everyday I'm Husslin'" DeBoer

Kray held his ground against an extremely aggressive DeBoer to win a split decision in this battle of juniors. DeBoer came out throwing an array of punches, which Kray deftly dodged as few punches were landed. Kray kept his cool and landed a number of headshots that momentarily stopped the fight in the 3rd round, which propelled him to victory.

John Bollman def. Alexander "McGoats" Lewis

Bollman dominated all three rounds of the match, cornering Lewis multiple times. Despite ending the final round with a shot to the face from Lewis, Bollman easily took the match in a split vote.

Michael "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner" Urciouli def. Paul "Iceman" Amiri

Urciouli's energy from the opening bell enabled him to prevail over the younger Amiri in a unanimous decision. The junior Urciouli took control of the fight with a flurry of body shots in the first round and was able to slip away from the sophomore Amiri's counter-attacks for most of the bout. By the third round, Amiri was too tired to mount a comeback and Urciouli coasted to the victory.

Jake Joe def. Zachary "The Southern Sledgehammer" Overbey

Joe and Overbey were full of energy as they began the first round, with both sides throwing a series of fast punches. The second round began with Joe coming out strong, proving his domination. The final round included plenty of action from both sides, and the match ended with a split decision in favor of Joe.

Connor "The Skellator" Skelly def. Andrew "Glass City" Roman

The very physical fight ended with the sophomore Skelly prevailing over the law student Roman in a split decision. Though Roman who was buoyed by one of the biggest cheering sections of the day, Skelly used his height advantage to keep him at bay. Skelly's punches eventually took too much of a toll on Roman.

Matthew "Cool and Tough" Paletta def. Joseph "Colonel Klinker" Klinker

Both fighters held their own throughout the match. Nonetheless, Paletta dominated all three rounds, cornering Klinker on several occasions. Despite a series of strong punches from Klinker, Paletta won in a unanimous decision.