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Thursday, June 13, 2024
The Observer

Bengal Bouts: Preliminaries, 205 pounds

Francis "The Tank" Conway def. Rob "Jolly Green" Ray

In this battle of sophomores, Conway overcame a size disadvantage by simply overpowering the larger Ray. Ray maintained his poise and stayed in the fight the whole time but his wiry, tall frame had a tough time with "The Tank," who punched him into submission en route to a unanimous decision.

Chistopher Orenchuk def. Matthew "The Heathen Hunter" Stolze

The fighters traded series of punches in the first round, but neither was able to grab control of the match. Orenchuk came out ready to fight in the second round, and despite the returned competition from Stolze, it became clear that Orenchuk was not going to leave without a win. Things slowed down in the third round, but Orenchuk's intensity lasted long enough to give him the victory in a unanimous decision.

Jason Healy def. Joseph Tingey

The junior Healy physically dominated the overmatched MBA student Tingey en route to a technical knockout. Healy's punches were so powerful and relentless that Tingey spent most of the fight in a defensive stance and could not mount much of an offensive attack. Ultimately, the fight became too one-sided and the referee decided to stop it early.

Brian "Caesar" Salat def. JP Foley

Freshman Salat came out instantly swinging relentlessly, using his height to overpower law student Foley the entire first and second round. Foley began the final round full of life, but Salat quickly regained control, taking the match in a unanimous vote.

Luke Scullion def. Pat "In the Hat" Behrens

In a bout that lasted just 30 seconds, Scullion, the gigantic MBA student from Britain, pounded the sophomore Behrens into oblivion. The audience could practically feel Scullion's punches as he pummeled Behrens' face, causing the referee to stop the fight quickly. Scullion used his enormous frame and long reach to protect his body as he mounted a one-sided offensive.

Jeff "Devil Dog" Hsu def. Alexander "Zero Fun Sir" Toombs

Within seconds of the bell, Hsu took control and maintained it throughout the match, swinging constantly as freshman Toombs tried to hold off the punches. The second round began just as the first had, as Hsu cornered Toombs time and time again. Toombs came into the final round stronger than the previous two, but his efforts fell short of the raw strength of Hsu. After three rounds of almost complete domination, Hsu was awarded a unanimous victory.

John "Papi" Tchoula def. "Mighty" Michael Diaz

The freshman Diaz had no answer for the technically impressive Tchoula, who held his ground and pounded Diaz with numerous headshots in what appeared to be an easy victory for the junior. Tchoula physically overpowered his inexperienced opponent in all three rounds and by round two he was content to defend himself and strategically land jarring headshots to Diaz as he coasted to the unanimous decision.