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Thursday, April 18, 2024
The Observer

Solution to Chant problem

Problem: Celtic Chant is not loud.

Solution: CHANT the Celtic Chant.

Every Notre Dame student and fan knows how to multi-task.

Do two small little things for the Celtic "CHANT" defense cheer.

1. Leprechaun Fist Pumps per usual.

2. ***This is a new one*** Actually chant/yell/scream the melody that the band plays on an open "Ohh" vowel.

The Band of the Fighting Irish is not allowed to play when the ball is under center (for risk of getting a penalty), so you can continue CHANTING the Celtic CHANT when the band has to stop playing.

This is a signature defense cheer that will continue to be played every game; do your part to make it count and make it loud.

CHANT the Celtic Chant. It looks and sounds silly not to.

Ryan Belock


Alumni Hall

Sept. 13

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