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Thursday, May 23, 2024
The Observer

Yell during Chant

Matthew Keenan is bothered that no students make noise during the Celtic Chant. Whose fault is that? Celtic Chant is a wall of noise and the arm swings are not stopping the non-band students from screaming while it is played. Everyone: YELL DURING CELTIC CHANT! If we all do our part to make noise, Notre Dame will be a tougher place for teams to play.

Also, vuvuzelas would surely be prohibited by NCAA Rule Rule 9-2-1-b-6: "Persons subject to the rules, including bands, shall not create any noise that prohibits a team from hearing its signals." While this is no longer enforced for simple screaming (see: Michigan 1988), vuvuzelas would very likely cost the team 15 yards. This rule is why the band stops playing when the opposing quarterback is ready to take his snap.

Brian Wysocki


off campus

Sept. 13

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