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Thursday, May 23, 2024
The Observer

Gorgeous at the Golden Globes

Anne Hathaway

The devil in Prada did Anne Hathaway well. Since her role as an aspiring journalist working for a high-end fashion magazine, Hathaway has owned every red carpet, looking fresh, fantastic and fashionably fit. This Golden Globes, Hathaway literally shined and shimmered in a unique Giorgio Armani Prive gown, complete with bold shoulders, long sleeves and a barely there back. Her upcoming duty as co-host of the Academy Awards guarantees she will be dressed in something fabulous, but it is hard to imagine Hathaway topping this trendsetting Armani masterpiece.


January Jones

Ryan Seacrest couldn't lift his jaw long enough to say what we were all thinking: whoa. Jones left little to the imagination with a daring and plunging red Versace gown and literally drove men mad as they stumbled past her on the red carpet. Her polished coif and flapper fringe were a throwback to a more retro style but there's no way her sassy gown would have passed Prohibition-era laws. The vibrant color was beautiful as was the woman wearing it, but a little more coverage would have kept the vibe alive while maintaining Jones's status as drop-dead gorgeous.


Natalie Portman

The bony body of a ballerina was nowhere to be found as Natalie Portman twirled down the red carpet with a newly full figure. Portman traded in her role as the black swan for something a little more maternal and chose a gown to match the transformation. Her dazzling pale pink Viktor & Rolf dress was accented beautifully with a sparkly red rose blooming at the bust. The effect delicately complimented Portman's pregnant glow and looked particularly brilliant with the charming blush of her award-winning face. It's hard to imagine her one-upping this outfit, but if her determination to nail her role as a perfectionist ballerina proves anything, it's that we won't be disappointed come Oscar season.


Jennifer Lopez

Just call her Jenny from the (ice) Block. At Sunday's Golden Globes Award show, Jennifer Lopez looked more like Candyland's Queen Frostine than a diva American Idol judge. Her awkward shawl creation draped over what appeared to be a Zuhair Murad wedding gown ill fit the mood of the red carpet, where pink, green, black and beige adorned Hollywood's finest. Known as someone willing to take the plunge — i.e. her extremely revealing green Grammy's gown circa 2000 — J. Lo dove into the wrong pool this time and came out with nothing but an Arctic chill. Hopefully her iciness will thaw for the sake of the auditioning American Idols. If not, Fox will be guaranteed one entertaining season.


Emma Stone

The only thing easy about Emma Stone at the Golden Globes was her effortless elegance in a peach Calvin Klein Collection number. Stone, nominated as Best Actress for her role in "Easy A," seemed so natural in her simple backless dress that it was hard to believe it was her first time up for the award. With her newly bleached hair and radiant smile, Stone looked sleek and chic and extraordinarily mature for a 22 year old. Let's hope other actresses take note: It's easy to get a red carpet "A" if you mix a pinch of sass with a whole lot of class.


Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie continues to be an enigma. These days, stars go to every length to look young, youthful and vibrant, so why Jolie would choose a grandma gown that showed off none of her toned features is beyond me. The shiny emerald hue was beautiful and the long sleeves of her Versace gown added a modern touch, but overall Jolie looked more ready to hit the sack than to accept a Golden Globe. Maybe she knew she wouldn't win and was planning an early night in. Hopefully she'll wake up in time for the Oscars.