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Thursday, April 18, 2024
The Observer

Bengal Bouts: Punched Out

134 pounds

Niels Seim def. Joe "Sweet Cheeks" Decker

Seim got off to a great start against his fellow sophomore Decker, landing a series of punches early. As the first round continued, however, Decker knocked Seim against the ropes with a flurry of combinations. Decker began the second round strong, utilizing a strong jab followed by a right hook multiple times. Later in the round, Seim responded, unleashing a series of punches. The third round was another even round. Both Seim and Decker had moments of strong punches landed. In the end, the judges ruled that Seim just edged Decker, giving him the split decision victory.

Jack "Rico Suave" Lally def. Daniel Rodriguez

Neither fighter attempted to do much early in the first round, with each fighter taking a defensive strategy. Toward the end of the round, both fighters landed a series of punches, with the sophomore Lally using agile footwork to evade the freshman Rodriguez and landing a strong punch. The second round began with neither fighter attempting to attack too much. That cautious phase didn't last long, however, as Rodriguez unleashed a series of punches. Lally responded strongly, utilizing both jabs and uppercuts towards the end of the round. Unlike the first two rounds, the third round began with Lally and Rodriguez coming out aggressively. Lally landed a heavy uppercut early and Rodriguez responded with a series of hard jabs. Toward the end of the round, however, Lally gained the upper hand, knocking Rodriguez to the ropes with a series of punches as Rodriguez fatigued. The late push was enough to give Lally the split decision.