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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
The Observer

Fashion Dos and Dont's

On any given game day in Notre Dame Stadium, an onlooker can immediately spot the bustling student section. The sea of energetic students proudly wearing "The Shirt," gives the impression that everyone has a uniform sense of style.

Up close, however, it's obvious that each and every student has his or her own idea about what a game day uniform should be. In fact, students often exercise much creativity in putting together ensembles. From a "Shirt" that has been carefully ripped and torn, to glitter and green eye shadow, we all have a very distinct way of expressing our game day spirit.
As a senior, I've been able to gather ideas about what tends to work on game day. Over the years, those things that one simply shouldn't do fashion-wise have been burned into my memory as well. So take them or leave them: my fashion "dos" and "don'ts" for the football season.
Lots and lots of Notre Dame gear - You really can't go wrong with anything that shows off love for your school. Whether it's a Notre Dame hat, shorts, jacket and pants or just a cute fall sweater, being Irish is always in style.

Fun hair accessories - Bring on the ribbons, bows and sparkly headbands! These accessories undoubtedly add spunk to your pretty 'do! 

Jerseys/Lax Pinnies - Take advantage of the warm weather while it lasts, show off your sun-kissed skin, and go sleeveless in a pinnie.

Small purse or wallet -Skip the long line and hassle of getting your bag checked, and opt for a small purse instead.  

Sunglasses - An absolute must for these first few games. A green-rimmed pair would be ideal, but just make sure you look chic!

Necklaces - Just about every Notre Dame girl loves her green, blue and gold beads. Throw just a couple of them on, and you are good to go.

Raingear- Per usual, South Bend will show its true colors and amidst sheets of rain, visitors will try to wear garbage bags. But, let's try to be just a tad classier. Come prepared with rain boats and a raincoat!

Prior "Shirts" - There is a reason Notre Dame comes out with a new one each year. So let's not try and repeat the past - especially with the "2009" flesh-colored shirt. Did anyone even keep that one?

Too Many Face Tattoos - Whoa there, Mike Tyson. Use face tattoos sparingly, and try not to apply after too much tailgating.

Heels/Wedges - Don't! You will most definitely fall trying to stand on a small wooden plank. And then you'll take everyone down with you.

Skirts - Remember girls, you'll be bobbing up and down in the air for crowd push-ups.

Don't go overboard with the green eye shadow and glitter -We all love the spunky makeup, but be forewarned: excessive glitter + all-day tailgating = you as a Ke$ha lookalike.