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Thursday, Feb. 29, 2024
The Observer

True Notre Dame

Dear Editor,
I wanted to share with you and all of Notre Dame a story about Brian Kelly.
My co-worker's 5-year-old daughter had to do a school report on the 100 Year Flood that happened here in Louisville back in 1937. In her attempt to find someone to interview, she found a 92-year-old Ursuline nun. Having lived through the flood, she welcomed the little Catholic girl in for her questioning and interview.  
When they were all done, she and her mother were getting up to leave and the discussion of football came up. Turns out the sister is a huge Notre Dame fan. She told them to hold on a second, and went to her study and pulled out a media guide.  Stuffed inside was a letter, and a signed picture, made out to her, signed by Brian Kelly. Coach Kelly also included a Beat Miami pin.
According to the nun, before the Miami game, she had written a letter to Coach Kelly, not asking for an autograph, but instead, to tell him to "run the ball, stop throwing it."  She said she watches every game and paces the floor with her walker. She has a kelly green rosary - a Notre Dame one - that she prays with every game.
I thought the story was touching in a couple ways. This is true Notre Dame, first in the fact that a 92-year-old woman paces with her walker and rosary in hand. I can relate to this, since my grandmother is 96 years old, and still watches Notre Dame football (and basketball) every weekend. If she could pace the room, I am sure she would.
The second touching part of this story, is that Brian Kelly took the time to respond to her. Maybe there is more to the story, and maybe she is a booster, or something. But for Kelly, in the throes of the season, to take the few minutes to write her a response letter and send her some Notre Dame gear defines the man.  I don't see Nick Saban, Lane Kiffin or Urban Meyer doing something like that.
This is Notre Dame. Go Irish! Let's go boys, finish what you started. Beat USC!
Michael Driscoll  
Class of 1999
Louisville, KY
Nov. 19

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