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Sunday, June 16, 2024
The Observer

Saint Mary's Senate allocates club funds

The Saint Mary's senate met Wednesday to discuss this year’s objectives and budgets for the College's student organizations.

Senior student body president McKenna Schuster chairs the SMC senate, which is the only voting body on campus. The Senate’s main responsibility is to ensure each club and sports team receives adequate funding.

Senior vice president of finance Marissa Pie said each of the College's 54 recognized student groups begins with a budget of $100, and athletic clubs receive $1,000.

Student groups also have the chance to apply for travel grants and sponsorships, Schuster said.

The Council of Clubs, which is composed of presidents from each student club and group, approves all sponsorship funds, Pie said.

This year, Schuster said one of the Senate's main objectives is to keep the student body updated about its decisions and actions.

“In order to be transparent and keep the student body informed, we are emphasizing the importance of town-hall style meetings,” she said.

The Senate also aims to simplify the budget for recognized clubs and sports teams and make it more comprehensive and available to the student body, Schuster said. There were some concerns with the allocation of last year’s funds, she said.

“We formed this year’s budget after carefully analyzing last year’s budget," Shuster said. "A great amount of thought and research was put into this year’s allocations."

The senate also hopes to create incentives for students to participate in school events and spirit weeks, such as the Navy Dance and Love Your Body Week.

Schuster said she would like to see increased attendance at athletic competitions, social events and lectures.

“Students will receive a punch card to record their attendance at various events," she said. "When the punch card is filled out, prizes will be offered. It’s a fun incentive."