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Thursday, June 20, 2024
The Observer

A Belle welcome

Welcome new Belles!

I am excited to finally have you all on campus. I hope you all had safe travels and a pleasant arrival. I imagine you are in a total frenzy. Probably still trying to get organized, find your way around and meet new people all at the same time. It is an overwhelming and exciting time but try to remember to pause every once in a while and really take it all in. You will never have these moments again. Trust me, as a senior, I can honestly say it is important to slow down, don’t rush anything and enjoy all of it.

I hope you find that Saint Mary’s is going to be a great home for you. Even if it doesn’t feel like home right away — which it won’t — give it time and before you know it you will be calling your mom and referring to school as home.

But in order for Saint Mary’s to become your home, you must really invest yourselves here. Remember to put yourself out there this year. Join clubs you have always wanted to be a part of, try out for the musical even if you’ve never been on stage, and introduce yourself to that girl whose planner you think is really cute (future best friends? I think yes!).

College is a time to discover who you are, and Saint Mary’s is the perfect community to do just that. One thing I love about my fellow Belles is how different and unique we all are and yet how united we are in our sisterhood here at Saint Mary’s. In our community we support each other, have fun together and are truly bonded as Belles forever.

I promise you Saint Mary’s will not disappoint you. Here you will thrive, whether it is academically, socially, athletically or artistically. You will learn so much about yourself, your desires and your capabilities. I am so excited to be part of your first year of self-discovery, and I wish you all the best in the years to follow.

The Avenue will always lead you home.

Kaitlyn Baker student body president Saint Mary's College

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