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Tuesday, March 5, 2024
The Observer

Fall Down the Rabbit Hole: An autumnal playlist

Janice Chung | The Observer
Janice Chung | The Observer

It is only right to enter a new season with a new playlist. “And as the seasons change so do my musical desires” — probably someone has said this. As soon as you’re walking to class in the crisp South Bend air, scarf dangling over the vest that's over the wool sweater that's over your on-trend turtleneck (this is South Bend we’re talking about), the inclination to blast sunny tunes fades along with the fleeting glimpse of the sun you’ve relished in the past few months.

This playlist features a lot of circuitous melodies meant to evoke introspection as you prepare for hibernation. It could be entitled “Chill2k15” or “Relax,” but I think it is important to listen to music while moving. I sometimes find it hard to repress a smile while weaving through crowds at the beat of my selection or as I embark on a lone journey, accompanied by only the voices in my ears. So please, break out your earphones and join me on this musical excursion.

“Pretty Pimpin” — Kurt Vile

Get up, brush your teeth and don’t comb your hair. The lyrics might have you wondering what day it is, who you are and what you look like (Note: You’re pretty and you’re pimpin), these are things to ponder on your romantic walk. Notice Vile’s fitting autumnal simile “quivering like some leaf come in the window of a restroom.”

“Monday Afternoon” — Marika Hackman

After you’ve had your coffee (pls no PSL) and finally come out of your morning confusion, you realize that it is in fact Monday afternoon — thanks, Marika. At that realization, you might rather use the forest floor as your bed or the fallen leaves as your blanket, per Marika’s suggestion, than take a walk; however, this excursion will do you well.

“Shame” — Young Fathers

This upbeat ditty will have you wanting to snap like you’re a member of The Sharks as you start out the door.

“Harvard” — Diet Cig

If summer inclines towards pop, fall is inherently more punk. Admittedly, my own tastes walk a thin line between “I like this, it’s gritty,” and “This is too much.” The mentions of Ivy League sweaters and cold Boston weather will warm you right up to a happy medium of seasonal punk.

“Buses Splash With Rain” — Frankie Cosmos

Frankie’s melancholic, detached crooning proves all too relevant as it turns out you are “the kind of girl buses splash with rain.”

“No No No” — Beirut

“If we don’t go now, we won’t get far,” you think as you prepare to dash into the woods away from the sodden consequences of awry public transportation.

“Runaway” — AURORA

The opening ethereal loops and AURORA’s ringing sing-song vocals evoke visions of Alice falling down the rabbit hole as you run away further into the woods on your adventure.

“Trick or Treat Dancefloor” — Cherry Glazerr

It’s October, you’re on an adventure and there’s a magical four-piece band of high schoolers named Cherry Glazerr, so it only makes sense that you find yourself on a “Trick or Treat Dance Floor” in the woods.

“Oh Let’s Dance” — Esmé Patterson

You meet a friend on the dance floor and dance to the lulling maracas and Esme’s serene resonance.

“PPP” — Beach House

Beach House’s meandering celestial melodies are of course to be played on the Trick or Treat Dance Floor.

“Gone” — Jr. Jr.

Alas, the Trick or Treat Dance Floor can’t last forever, and as you can “see the light through the leaves,” it is “all gone.” Relish in the snaps and bird calls found in this catchy track and get back on track.

“Two Of Us on the Run” — Lucius

Your new friend joins you on the run as your footsteps match with the ebb and flow of this powerful melody.

“Carry Me” — Family of the Year

Good thing you have a new friend for when your feet tire and even the uplifting repetition and falsettos in this song prove not enough to sustain your energy.

“Cherry Picking” — Girlpool

Why not take a break and pick some cherries with our friends Cleo and Harmony and their entrancing guitar-plucked girl punk?

“The Bells” — Lowell

The bells beckon you back to town as echoey vocals and slurred lyrics bounce and hop you back to the rabbit hole.

“Ones Who Love You” — Alvvays

You return home after your adventurous afternoon to the ones who love you. Relish in the nostalgic lyrics and spectral reverberating vocals.

“Big Sis” — Sales

The choppy, simple lyrics and their tranquil delivery reflect the simplified version of the afternoon that you recall to your “above it all” big sis.

“Chess” — Petite Noir

Again in the confines of four walls, you settle down for a game of chess with your sister and “pretend that nothing went on” as you sway to the fluid electric beats and enticing dialogue.