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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
The Observer

Favorite Study Spots

LUCY DU | The Observer
LUCY DU | The Observer

Finals week is here and all too real. The worst part about finals (aside from actually taking the things) has got to be finding the optimal study spot to maximize productivity. Let the Scene staff help you out, and good luck on finals.


Miko Malabute

Go off campus. Honestly, free Wi-Fi is essentially a necessity at most civilized coffee shops, so it’s not like you can’t access all your study materials away from campus. Plus, you get the added benefits of not seeing people around, which means two things. First, there are no added distractions — you can just zone in and get stuff done. Secondly (and most importantly), you are essentially guaranteed power outlets to charge your computer. You’re welcome.


Kelly McGarry

When you’re an upperclassman and you feel like you’ve exhausted all the study spots, chances are you’re neglecting 29 buildings when you go through this list. Just like workout rooms and chapels, there’s nothing stopping you from exploring the study facilities at other dorms. They offer all the comfort of a living space, without the distracting familiar faces and proximity to your bedroom that deter you in your own dorm. For late-night studying, a dorm is less depressing than the library, and you can even take advantage of the dorm kitchens that sell food.


Adam Ramos

Geddes Hall is always a good look come finals, but get there early. If you are lucky enough to get one of the private rooms, you’re in for some prime study action. However, even if you miss the private rooms, ending up in the lounge is still a great option. Between the free coffee and comfortable booths, the lounge is a sweet deal. Yet, one of my favorite qualities about Geddes is the social awareness aspect. Something about being surrounded by reminders of the struggles and plights of people around the world makes studying for my finals seem a lot less menacing.


Matthew Munhall

It’s always tortuous that fall semester finals coincide with year-end list season. Each December, approximately half of my intellectual energy is expended on formulating my rankings of the year’s best albums, films and TV shows, as well as comparing my lists with those of other critics. Inevitably, I end up wanting to catch up on all the pop culture I missed — and unfortunately the library isn’t really the ideal venue for doing so. If you’re going to spend all of study days catching up on season two of “Fargo,” you may as well do it from the comfort of your own room.