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Monday, May 20, 2024
The Observer

Student government facilitates lower concession stand prices for students

In an effort to improve the football game day experience, student government over the summer took on a project to lower concession prices at Notre Dame Stadium for students.

Student body chief of staff Dan Sehlhorst said in an email that he and student body president Bryan Ricketts collaborated with Auxiliary Services and the concession stand vendor for Notre Dame Stadium to lower the prices.

“Many students viewed the old prices as designed for parents and fans. … Being on a college budget, [they] reacted by thinking, ‘These aren't for me,’” Sehlhorst said. “The new prices are designed to make eating a snack during games more of a possibility for students of all socioeconomic backgrounds.”

Sehlhorst said he and Ricketts submitted ideas for combos, which offer more food for less money, as well as ideas for seasonal snacks. Lowering the price of water in the stadium was their top concern, Selhorst said, as water prices are not only an affordability concern, but also a health concern.

“The separate menu includes combos and reduced prices for drinks and other small snacks. The student menu is accessible in select locations near the student section with a student ID card,” he said.

The student combo options included a popcorn box and souvenir soda for $5 (a savings of $5) hot dog, chips and souvenir soda for $7 (saving $5) candy, pretzel and souvenir soda for $9 (saving $3.50) and chicken tender basket and souvenir soda for $10 (saving $3.50), according to a stadium menu. Apple cider was available for $2 and trail mix and cookies were each sold for $1. The price of bottled water dropped from $2 to $1.

Student government helped make the lower prices available for the first home game this year against Texas, Sehlhorst said.

“Game day is a special experience for students, and it wouldn't be the same without students, so we want to ensure everything about the game day experience welcomes all of our students,” he said.

As the home game football season has come to a close, Sehlhorst said student government is submitting snack and drink price recommendations to Auxiliary Services and the concession stand vendor in order to continue improving the game day experience for students next year and in the future.