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Monday, Feb. 26, 2024
The Observer

86th Bengal Bouts underway at Notre Dame

137 pounds

James “Don’t Try to” Argue def. Zach “Yagerbomb” Jaeger
Argue, a junior representing Sorin Hall, went on the offensive at the sound of the opening bell, causing Duncan freshman Jaeger to lose his balance and almost trip. Argue was able to defend himself successfully and go back on the offensive. Argue was able to corner Jaeger, but Jaeger recovered well and was able to escape. The two became increasingly aggressive as the fight went on, and both fighters began to aim for their opponent’s head. Jaeger was cornered again, but was able to escape with a jab to Argue’s gut. Jaeger recovered well in the third round, attacking Argue’s head, but Argue returned those jabs to the head, almost knocking Jaeger over. Argue won the fight with a unanimous decision.
John “Goose” Hunter def. Lorenzo “Locab” Cabrera
Hunter, a sophomore from Fisher Hall, took control of the fight immediately with big hits to Sorin junior Carbrera’s head. Carbrera was able to recover by attacking Hunter in the gut, but Hunter’s mobility allowed him to evade Cabrera. Hunter forced Cabrera to move around the ring. To start the second round, Cabrera was able to go on the offensive, and trapped Hunter against the ropes. As the round went on, Hunter became much more aggressive and got into close contact with Cabrera, making his jabs to the face much more impactful. Cabrera recovered with a strong right hook to Hunter’s head but was mainly kept in a defensive stance throughout the match. The judges awarded Hunter the victory by unanimous decision.
Jonah “Clown Baby” Poczobutt def. Andres “The Gavel” Martinez
Off-campus law student Poczobutt opened the match on the offensive with a series of body jabs and hooks to the head of his opponent, Martinez. The Morrissey sophomore countered by staying defensive, not taking many hits after the initial barrage. As the first round came to an end, Martinez landed a few head jabs while Poczobutt swung for the fences. The second round opened with Martinez continuing his head jabs while Poczobutt left it all in the ring, connecting with body to head combinations. Towards the end of the round Martinez went for a potential match-changing uppercut but did not connect. This opened the door for Poczobutt to land his biggest hit of the match, knocking Martinez to the ground. After the match resumed Pozcobutt attacked with a relentless barrage of punches to end the round. In the third round Martinez tried his hardest to close the gap, but Poczobutt stayed conservative and on the defensive, securing a victory by unanimous decision.
Cameron MacGregor def. Lan “Not a Boxer” Nguyen
Alumni senior MacGregor started the match with a strong first round. His opponent, Nguyen, a senior from Duncan, attempted to keep the fighting in close quarters throughout the round, but MacGregor stayed aggressive, controlling the battle with hard hits to Nguyen’s head. The round closed with Nguyen on the ropes taking a barrage of hits from MacGregor. The physicality continued into the second round with punches flying left and right. MacGregor, maintaining control, knocked Nguyen into the ropes and down to force a short break. After Nguyen’s bloodied nose and cut arm were cleaned, the close battle resumed and the round ended. The third round opened with MacGregor fighting defensively to maintain his lead. Nguyen fought hard and gained some ground, but it was not enough as MacGregor exited the ring with a victory by unanimous decision.

144 pounds

Alex “El Cadejo” Alcantara def. Liam “Neeson” Gallagher
Off-campus junior Alcantara started the match off with an up-tempo attack. The law student Gallagher had a significant height advantage, but Alcantara kept his attacks low from the start. His incessant attacks to Gallagher’s torso forced Gallagher to be purely defensive throughout the fight and Alcantara was able to trap Gallagher in the corner on multiple occasions. Gallagher lost his balance almost immediately in the second round, nearly falling. Most of the attempts Gallagher made on Alcantara missed completely. The fast-paced match culminated with Alcantara beginning to aim for Gallagher’s head, as opposed to just the torso. Alcantara won by unanimous decision.
Chase “Birdlike Frame” Hundman def. Dom “Nic-Nack” Angelotti
The match got off to a fast start as law student Hundman’s height advantage allowed him to go for Carroll sophomore Angelotti’s head immediately. An especially strong hit to the head knocked Angelotti off balance, but he was able to recover. Angelotti ended the round with an impactful flurry of punches, trapping Hundman in the corner. In the second round Hundman defended himself well, rendering Angelotti’s jabs meaningless. Angelotti was able to trap Hundman in the corner, but Hundman escaped, trapping Angelotti in a headlock. In the final round, the two seemed evenly matched. However, after trapping Hundman in corner, Angelotti fell over. Hundman’s punches began to grow more effective as Angelotti tired, leading to Hundman’s victory by unanimous decision.
Conor “Baby Face” Ward def. Arun “Bollywood Basher” Nadar
Nadar controlled the first round by attacking immediately. He was able to trap Ward against the ropes and in the corner on multiple occasions. Nadar’s strategy was to attack Ward’s body and keep him on defense, however, Ward was able to defend himself against Nadar’s attacks. In the second round, Ward turned the momentum around. His long reach allowed him to attack and rendered Nadar’s attempts to make contact ineffective. Ward trapped Nadar against the ropes and was able to attack by being in close contact with Nadar. In the final round, the match evened out slightly more, but Ward was able to knock Nadar over into the ropes and force him off balance multiple times, leading to his victory by unanimous decision.
Matthew “Mr. January” Yoder def. “Action” Jackson Lawlor
Yoder, a sophomore from O’Neill Hall, and Lawlor, a junior from Zahm, began the first round trading blows. Lawlor tied Yoder up thanks to his height advantage midway through the first round, but Yoder went on the offensive late in the round.  Yoder started the second round aggressively, but Lawlor matched him blow for blow. In the third, Lawlor went on the attack early, running Yoder around the ring and forcing him into the ropes.  The high-energy round ended once again with the two contestants matching one another blow for blow, but Yoder claimed the victory by split decision.
Thomas Manno def. Henry “HD3” Davis III
Zahm sophomore Manno began the match with fierce aggression, pushing his opponent all around the ring. Freshman Davis traded punches with Manno but was forced to retreat throughout the round. The round ended after Manno landed a punishing blow to the stomach of Davis. The second round was an even contest, with Davis getting around Manno’s punches and trading blows back and forth. The round ended after a combination of misses from Davis and successful connection from Manno. The third and final round began with a strong hit from Davis, but Manno took control from there. Manno connected multiple times to the head and secured a victory by unanimous decision.
Steven Ramos def. Alex “Roth of God” Roth
The match began with Zahm sophomore Ramos coming out strong, ducking and dodging Roth’s punches while landing his own. The graduate student Roth retreated throughout the round, trying to avoid the barrage of punches from Ramos. Ramos had Roth on the ropes for the majority of the time until Roth countered and put Ramos into the corner right before the bell rang to end the round. In the second round Ramos found an opening and connected. Roth used his reach and kept his distance but could not get through Ramos’s strong defensive technique. The third round opened with Roth trying to catch up. He landed a few blows and dodged most of Ramos’s punches. The third round was highlighted by an impressive dodge by Roth that knocked Ramos off balance and to the ground. The strong third round by Roth was unable to make up for the dominance by Ramos in the beginning though, and Ramos left the ring as the victor by split decision.
Danny “Nacho Tigre” Espinoza def. Eric “Bee” Lee
In the battle of two St. Edward’s fighters, senior Danny Espinoza landed the first punches of the match on the sophomore Lee. Lee fought back and the two traded punches for the rest of the first round, but Espinoza landed more powerful blows. In the second round, Espinoza wasted no time as he quickly went on the attack, landing many strong punches. Espinoza and Lee began the third round with a heated exchange, but late in the round, the two seemed content to dance around the ring, and this pattern was only broken by Espinoza occasionally tying Lee up. Espinoza claimed the victory by unanimous victory.
Jeffrey “J-Weezy” Wang def. Miguel “Miggie Smalls” Naguit
The first round began with Wang, a senior living off-campus, and Naguit, an off-campus law student, trading blows. Both fighters were looking for an early knockout, and they landed some big jabs, but many punches came up empty as well. Wang started the second round well and landed blow after blow on Naguit. Towards the end of the round, Naguit started to find his footing and was able to land some punches of his own. The third round saw the two fighters play a game of cat and mouse, but Wang landed a big right jab at the end of the bout that shook up Naguit, and before the law student was able to recover the final bell sounded. Wang was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

152 pounds

Shawn “El Chino” Lee def. Justin “Bedrock” Grocock
Grocock, a freshman from Sorin, and Lee, an off-campus senior, matched each other blow for blow early in a high-intensity first round. Lee brought movement and energy to the ring, but Grocock’s long reach allowed him to land several shots to the head. Lee went on the attack in the second round, landing several punches early, dodging Grocock’s punches and moving around the ring. In the third round, Lee landed several powerful punches early, forcing a brief stoppage. Lee continued to land shots to both Grocock’s face and body after the break and was declared victorious by unanimous decision.
Austin “The Sleeper” Cartier def. Luke “Mickey” McCormack
The fight between McCormack, an off-campus senior, and Cartier, an off-campus junior, began with plenty of movement but little punching. However, Cartier went on the attack late in the first round, landing a powerful punch to the head of McCormack. In the second round, both fighters demonstrated their dodging ability, as a plethora of powerful punches were thrown but few connected. Both fighters landed punches more successfully early in the third round with McCormack landing more to the body and Cartier landing more to the face. Thanks to his early hit and late flurries, Cartier was declared the victor by split decision.
Patrick “Payday” Yerkes def. Robert “R. Kelly” Devine
Devine, an off-campus graduate student, began the fight by trying to go low and landing punches to the body of Patrick Yerkes, a junior from St. Edward’s. Yerkes began to have some success when he forced Devine to stand upright and capitalized by landing punches to his face. In the second round, Devine continued to stay low and attempted to move Yerkes around the ring. However, Yerkes landed several quality punches as Devine began to tire. In the third round, both fighters swung freely at the head as a fatigued Devine abandoned his defensive strategy. Yerkes was declared victorious by unanimous decision.
Andrew Jena def. Kieran Carroll
The next bout of the night featured Jena, a junior from Siegfried, against Carroll, an off-campus senior. The first round was an even affair, with both fighters staying light on their feet and trading quick punches. But Carroll came out in the second round with a new intensity, landing several punches in the early stages. As the round wore on, however, Jena became more and more aggressive, and the bell sounded with the Siegfried junior pushing his opponent back into the ropes. Jena came back in the third round before a right jab from Carroll caught him off balance and dropped him to the canvas, and Carroll was declared the winner by unanimous decision.
Liam “Trooper” Chan def. Qinfeng Wu
Chan, a senior from Alumni, quickly seized the advantage in the first moments of the fight, and Wu, an off-campus graduate student, had his hands up protecting his head for most of the round. Towards the end of the round, the fight started to open up, and both fighters traded blows as the bell sounded. The second stanza began and once again, Chan started off strong, landing several blows to his opponent’s head. Wu also landed several punches but was on his back foot for most of the round, and Chan chased him around the ring until the bell rang. Chan asserted his dominance over the smaller Wu in the third round and landed numerous blows. Wu did his best to hang on, but he had few chances for a counterattack, and Chan was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Senior Liam “Trooper” Chan, gold, lands a shot to the head of graduate student Qinfeng Wu during Bengal Bouts action Sunday at the JACC.
Senior Liam “Trooper” Chan, left, lands a shot to the head of graduate student Qinfeng Wu during Bengal Bouts action Sunday at the JACC.
Jack “Hi my name is Liam” McDermott def. Zach “Scooter” Mastrovich
The first round was an even affair, as both fighters danced around the ring and traded blows, probing each other for weaknesses. Mastrovich, a junior from Duncan, came out swinging in the second round and kept freshman O’Neill resident McDermott on his back foot. McDermott worked his way back into the contest, and the bell sounded as the freshman landed several punches on Mastrovich. The final round began with McDermott using his longer reach to attack Mastrovich from a distance. As the round drew on, the junior attempted to rally, but McDermott stood tall and kept landing blows. McDermott was awarded the fight by unanimous decision.
Alex “La Forte” Jones def. Matt “Mamba” Evans
The first round began with both fighters attempting to land shots to the head. They fought in close quarters and had to be broken apart by the referee after clinching. Jones, an off-campus graduate student, was able to keep Evans, an off-campus sophomore, off-balance and pursued him around the ring. The round ended with Evans steadily blocking Jones’s punches. Both fighters had a strong performance in the second round, as Jones advanced on Evans, who dodged his punches. They traded punches with throughout the round and across the entire ring. In the third round, Jones began by peppering Evans with punches. Evans then launched a counterattack and pursued Jones around the ring until the end of the round, but the judges awarded Jones the victory by unanimous decision.
Philip “Gunz” Park def. Johnny “Juicy” Malin
The first round between two Morrissey residents was a quick affair, as both fighters came out aggressively. The freshman Park managed to land several strong hooks, but Malin, a junior, also connected on a few punches as the bell sounded. Both fighters started the second round by trading punches as neither competitor backed down. Malin and Park both landed solid blows, and the decision was still up for grabs at the end of the round. Both fighters went all out for the win in the third round. Malin was able to land several good hits to keep Park on his back foot, but Park was able to land several blows of his own as the round drew to a close, doing enough to earn himself the win by split decision.

157 pounds

Matthew “Yeoman” Schaefer def. Jeff Graziano
Schaefer, an off-campus senior, defeated Keough sophomore Graziano, as both boxers started fast in the first round with lots of movement around the ring, though Schaefer got in a series of punches to close the round. In the second round, the fighters had to be separated multiple times, and the two showed signs of fatigue as the round wore on. Graziano turned to his defense at the end of the second round, then fought back in the final round as both appeared exhausted, but Schaefer emerged with the victory by unanimous decision.

Senior Matthew “Yeoman” Schaefer, left, sizes up sophomore Jeff Graziano during Bengal Bouts action Sunday at the JACC. Schaefer defeated Graziano by unanimous decision in the 157 pound weight class.
Senior Matthew “Yeoman” Schaefer, left, sizes up sophomore Jeff Graziano during Bengal Bouts action Sunday at the JACC. Schaefer defeated Graziano by unanimous decision in the 157 pound weight class.
Ryan “Attila the” Dunn def. Adam “Pasquatch” Pasquinelly
The first round started with Pasquinelly, a Duncan junior, fighting very aggressively. However, Dunn, a senior from Knott, responded with several big blows to Pasquinelly, and the referee demanded a stoppage to check on Pasquinelly, but the fight resumed shortly. In the second round, the referee halted the bout once more after Dunn connected on another hard punch. Still, Pasquinelly kept fighting and cornered Dunn. The final round featured a third stoppage for Pasquinelly, and the judges awarded Dunn the win by unanimous decision.
Dean “The Undertaker” Swan def. Chris “Crispy” Coles
Neither Dillon sophomore Swan and Morrissey sophomore Coles made a strong impression in the first round. However, Swan took charge in the second round and never looked back, landing a series of hits to Coles. The fighters slowed down entering the final round, as Swan began to lose some of his initial explosiveness. Towards the end of the final round, Coles appeared to find a second wind fueled by a rowdy Morrissey fan section, but he could not make up the difference, as Swan won by unanimous decision.
Sean Himel def. Kevin “Tough Love” McCarthy
The first round started with Himel, a senior from Duncan, on the offensive probing for a weakness. But McCarthy, a sophomore from St. Edward’s, held his ground. As the round continued, Himel started to land blow after blow, and the bell was a welcome reprieve for McCarthy. The second round started much the same way, and Himel continued to pound McCarthy with little respite. McCarthy tried to get back into it towards the end of the round, but the bell sounded to end his comeback attempt. McCarthy tried to rally in the final round and land a few punches, but Himel yet again dominated from start to finish, and when the bell sounded, he was named the victor by unanimous decision.
Michael “The KO” Feijoo def. Phil “The Thriller” Stenger
At the beginning of the fight, Feijoo, a freshman from Morrissey, pursued Stenger, a junior from Siegfried, with quick attacks before retreating to defend. Stenger landed several hits to the body, and Feijoo followed up with quick jabs that Stenger blocked. Again Feijoo attacked quickly at the beginning of the second round, aiming for Stenger’s head, while the latter countered with multiple blows to Feijoo’s body. The final round started like the others, as Feijoo came out with a succession of punches that denied Stenger any room with which to work. Stenger managed to land a few hits to Feijoo’s body and head to end the bout, but Feijoo won by unanimous decision.
Chip Blood def. Sam “The Brawling Barrister” O’Brien
The next bout pitted Blood, a Sorin junior, against O’Brien, a law student. The men fought at close quarters, with Blood going for the head while O’Brien returned with punches towards Blood’s body. With agile movements, Blood managed to block many of O’Brien’s advances, as he was forced to a corner of the ring in the second round. The third round started with Blood fiercely punching at his opponent’s head but not managing to get past O’Brien’s blocks. O’Brien lunged to land some final punches and came out of the ring with his nose bleeding. Blood was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Junior Chip Blood, right, throws a punch during his bout with graduate student Sam O'Brien during Sunday’s Bengal Bouts action at the JACC.
Junior Chip Blood, right, throws a left straight punch during his bout with graduate student Sam O'Brien during Sunday’s Bengal Bouts action at the JACC.
Patrick “Starsky” Lawler def. Henry “Clarence” Orlowski
Lawler, a sophomore from Fisher, began the bout with multiple jabs directed at Orlowski’s head. Lawler then launched another attack against the Keough sophomore, but this time he went for Orlowski’s body. In the second round, Orlowski reversed the momentum and used quick footwork to land several punches to Lawler’s body. However, Lawler was able to once again land several shots to Orlowski’s head to counter his attack. In the third round, Lawler regained control of the contest’s momentum by landing uppercuts and blows to Orlowski’s head, which forced the latter to the ropes and into a defensive position. The competitors finished the fight in close quarters, with each trying to land a final combination. In the end, Lawler won by unanimous decision.
Mike “Greasy” Grasso def. Luke “I am Your Father” Rafferty
Grasso, a Stanford senior, attacked Rafferty’s head to start and knocked the freshman off his feet early. Rafferty fought back and attempted to land punches to Grasso’s body, but Grasso blocked and countered with a jab to Rafferty’s head. In the second round, Grasso again went immediately toward Rafferty’s head and left him unsteady on his feet. Rafferty took to the offensive but was quickly countered by a combination of punches by Grasso. Grasso continued pounding Rafferty with blows, and the official ended the match in the second round, giving Grasso the referee stopped contest victory.

163 pounds

Pat Shea def. John “Chilly” Hatfield
Shea, a senior from Keough, jumped out to a quick advantage from the opening bell, forcing the referee to stop the bout twice in the first round to check on the Keenan sophomore Hatfield. Both fighters danced around the ring towards the start, but Shea got in several quality punches to the head, forcing the brief stoppages. Shea kept up the quick pace in the second round, and a hard hit necessitated a third stoppage. Shea again knocked Hatfield down, and the referee stopped the bout, giving the win to Shea in a referee-stopped contest.
Peter Loughran def. Eoghan Flanagan
Loughran, an O’Neill freshman, got in some big hits on Zahm junior Flanagan in the first round, but there was no clear advantage in the fight early on. In the second round, Loughran continued to be aggressive, pushing Flanagan into the ropes and setting himself above Flanagan. Flanagan showed fight in the final round, but Loughran was able to knock him off balance to seal the deal. The judges granted Loughran the win by split decision.
Ryan Chestnut def. Ezra Kim
The first round began with fast punching by both the O’Neill sophomore Chestnut and off-campus senior Kim, but neither boxer appeared to establish an early advantage. Chestnut landed a big blow on Kim early in the second round, resulting in a referee stoppage. Kim never was able to get much traction for a comeback attempt following the stoppage, and Chestnut took over the fight. Using his momentum and boosted by a raucous cheering section, he cornered Kim, and the referee stopped the contest, declaring Chestnut the winner by referee-stopped contest.
Alex “The Aztec” Cervantez def. David “Mata Leão” Galvao-Guerra
The fighters began the bout with a few wary punches on each side, as they tentatively felt out each other’s fighting styles. Suddenly, a Cervantez right hook knocked Galvao-Guerra to his knees. The sophomore pushed Galvao-Guerra against the ropes several times in the first round, but Galvao-Guerra came back with energy and landed three combos to the head in the second. Cervantez went right and left with a series of controlled hits to send Galvao-Guerra back on the defensive. Galvao-Guerra had Cervantez around the shoulders for an uppercut twice, which stopped the match. In the end, Cervantez was declared the winner by split decision.
Joe Quinones def. Franco “Little Caesar” Cesareo
Quinones, a Keough sophomore, came out with some hard swings and several uppercuts. He had St. Edward’s freshman Cesareo against the ropes in his own corner by the end of the round. Cesareo landed a few well-timed blows to start the round but missed a few key punches, which left him on the defensive. The sophomore’s right jabs sent Cesareo reeling during the last period, and Quinones was declared the winner by unanimous decision.
Edwin Onattu def. Jim “Boiler Room” Boyle
In the first round, Onattu and Boyle, both off-campus seniors, traded punches, as Onattu came out of the gate with a flurry, while Boyle countered with several uppercuts. Onattu came out with renewed energy in the second round and made it difficult for Boyle to land any of his body blows. Onattu finished the round by landing a series of punches to Boyle. Both fighters were visibly exhausted at the beginning of the third round, but Boyle knocked down Onattu, which provided him with renewed energy and excited the crowd. The two traded weak blows for the remainder of the third round, and the bout ended with Onattu being declared the winner by unanimous decision.
Mark Egan def. Andrew Mikes by unanimous decision
Rudy Bernard def. Matthew Green by unanimous decision

175 pounds

John “Big Wet” Wetzel def. Thomas “Huge Taste” Doran
Both Wetzel, a senior from St. Edwards, and Doran, an O’Neill freshman, came out with strong punches. Energy was high as the fighters traded powerful blows. Wetzel led off with an uppercut, but Doran took him to the center of the ring, matched him blow for blow and had him cornered at the bell. Wetzel and Doran fought hard through the third round, but Doran began to show fatigue by the finish. Senior experience came out on top as Wetzel was declared the winner by a split decision.
Wes Chamblee def. Connor “Thor” Parker
Chamblee, a law student living off campus, caught Parker off balance to start the bout and had the junior on the ropes more than once. Parker could not keep Chamblee in reach for his counterpunches. Parker regrouped and came out with controlled energy in the second round, but a right uppercut by Chamblee left him reeling and on the ropes once again. Chamblee’s experience proved too much to overcome as Parker struggled to maintain a defensive stance until the finish. The judges declared Chamblee the winner by unanimous decision.
Michael “Muscle Hamster” Krecek def. Vince “Beaver” Saladino
Both fighters began with a flurry of punches, and Krecek, a Morrissey freshman, proved surprisingly strong against the senior fighter out of O’Neill, Saladino. In the second round, several consecutive right hooks by Krecek left Saladino pinned in his own corner. The referee stopped the fight after the second round and declared Krecek the winner by referee-stopped contest.
Zach Flint def. Mark Mazzucco
The bout started off with a frenzied flurry from both fighters, as they traded uppercuts and punches to the stomach. As the two off-campus seniors settled into the fight, both danced around the ring before Flint suddenly landed several hard punches to Mazzuco’s face, leading to a stoppage. In the second round, Flint continued where he left off, landing several blows to Mazzucco’s head, which led to another stoppage. When the second round restarted, Flint overmatched Mazzucco with a flurry of quick punches and even quicker feet. Mazzucco underwent heavy treatment for his bloody nose during the break. Mazzucco came out well early in the third, driving Flint into the corner. However, Flint landed a pair of powerful uppercuts to the face and body of Mazzucco just before the bell, drawing blood on the shoulder of his opponent and forcing the referee to end the third round early and award Flint the win by referee-stopped contest.
Tai Verbrugge def. Kevin Frost
Verbrugge, a freshman in Knott, started off the fight by using his long reach to strike the off-campus senior Frost. Frost swung aggressively in response but struggled to land any of his punches. Midway through the first round, Verbrugge cornered Frost and landed several blows to his face. Both fighters maneuvered and danced around until the end of the first round. Both fighters began the second round aggressively, and Verbrugge was forced off-balance, leading to a tie-up and a stoppage. Both fighters shifted to defense for the rest of the round, not trading many big blows. In the third round, the fighters were unwilling to trade heavy blows, as both seemed exhausted. However, Verbrugge was able to land a few solid punches near the end of the match, and he was awarded the fight by split decision.
Nick “Stud” Walter def. Thomas Hellios
Hellios, an Alumni sophomore, landed a flurry of early punches to the stomach of the senior Siegfried resident Walter to start the first round. Walter rallied, however, using his longer arms to land a few punches to end the round. Hellios used his shorter but powerful frame to connect on punches to the stomach of Walter, driving him into the corner. However, Walter rallied by again to keep Hellios away, targeting and landing a few of his punches to the head of Hellios. In the third round, Hellios again used his bull-rush tactic to land many punches to the body of Walter while pushing him into the ropes, but Walter again rallied by landing several hard punches to Hellios’s head, including one right before the bell that helped him secure the win by split decision.
Jack “Not The Guy From Lost” Shepard def. Kelly “JR” Burgess
Shepard, a senior in Knott, come out aggressively, landing several hard punches and eventually knocking down Burgess, a sophomore resident of Duncan. Shepard continued his early domination by landing several more combinations to the head of Burgess before the two traded inconsequential blows for the remainder of the first period. Shepard continued where he left off in the second round by landing more combinations to the head of Burgess, eventually driving him to the canvas and prompting the official to call the match early, awarding the victory by referee-stopped contest to Shepard.

182 pounds

Jack “Hammer” Corrigan def. Charles “Tigger” Puntillo
An off-campus junior, Corrigan began the bout with a few wary punches, but Puntillo, a freshman from O’Neill, came back with a few well-timed counterpunches of his own. The two danced around the ring until one right hook by Corrigan sent Puntillo to the canvas. With a slight height advantage, Puntillo kept out of reach for most of the second round. Corrigan skillfully cornered Puntillo the next round though, and the two fighters had each other in a hold in the ensuing finish. Corrigan was declared the winner by unanimous decision.
Dan “Thunder Road” Andree def. Sean “The Wild Colonial Boy” Clarkin
In a bout featuring two residents of Alumni, the sophomore Clarkin sent the junior Andree stumbling between two corners and the ropes to start. Andree retaliated with a few powerful combinations that left Clarkin with a bloody nose as they finished the first round. Andree left Clarkin spinning in the middle of the ring in the second round, though he ducked below the junior’s wild right hook. After only two rounds, the referee declared Andree the winner by referee-stopped contest.
Eamon “Gravy” McOsker def. Max Ducey
The fight between two seniors, Ducey, from Duncan, and McOsker, from Fisher, began with an elaborate dance in the middle of the ring. McOsker found an edge to send Ducey on the defensive in the second round, as Ducey was forced to backpedal from corner to corner. Ducey’s corner called a timeout after McOsker caught him in the corner of the ring again. Dealing with a bloody nose, Ducey came out with renewed vigor following the break as he dodged McOsker’s more aggressive hits and landed a few of his own, but it ultimately was not enough to sway the judges. McOsker was named the winner by unanimous decision.
Rodrigo “El Tigre” Benavides def. James “Haymaker” Holland
Benavides, a Dillon sophomore, started the fight with a series of strong combinations, which forced Holland, a Morrissey freshman, into a defensive stance for most of the first round. Holland showed considerable spirit in the second round, however, and cornered Benavides with a series of blows, but Benavides countered with two right hooks and an upper cut. The blows led to a bloody nose for Holland, and the resulting medical break slowed the action. Benavides’s combination of hits left Holland reeling throughout the third round. In a close finish, Benavides won the match by split decision.
Brian “Cheese” Willis def Brennan “The Ding-A-Ling” Dingler
Brian Willis, a senior from Duncan, started the first round with a flurry of punches to the face and body of Dingler, a sophomore from Alumni. Dingler responded with a few punches but had trouble tightening up his defensive technique. In the second round, Dingler’s performance picked up, and although he took more blows from Willis than he landed, his punches struck hard, taking home the best blows of the round. In the final round, both boxers fought hard and landed an equal number of punches, but Willis finished the round strong by completing a combo punch to the face of Dingler just before the bell rang, and the judges awarded Willis the victory by unanimous decision.
Adam “Bear” Rainey def. James O’Toole
Both fighters began the first round feeling each other’s styles out, but the action picked up with several punches to the head by both fighters, as Rainey, an off-campus senior, appeared to have the edge at the end of the round. In the second round, the fight ranged all over the ring, with Rainey on the attack early in the round, and O’Toole, a sophomore from Alumni, counterattacking in the second half. Rainey landed several huge punches to the side of his opponent’s head, as O’Toole’s ability to protect his face deteriorated in the third round. Rainey spent the remainder of the third round on the attack and was eventually awarded the fight by split decision.
Patrick Rahill def. William Kocak
In a bout that featured a strong contrast of styles between two off-campus seniors, Rahill used his height and length to land some quick punches to the head of Kocak early on. However, Kocak fought by bull-rushing Rahill and shifting the bout to close-quarters action, landing several punches to Rahill’s midsection. Kocak continued his physical fighting in close proximity into the second round, but Rahill was able to capitalize by counterattacking against Kocak’s wild punches, landing several hard blows to the body of Kocak and sending him reeling. This trend continued in the third round, with Kocak’s wind-up punches failing to find their mark while Rahill’s short, powerful and accurate ones proved more effective. Rahill eventually landed a hard punch to the head of Kocak, prompting a stoppage by the referee, who called the match in the middle of the third round, awarding the victory to Rahill by referee-stopped contest.
Derek “Duane the Rock” Meyer def. Brian “The Hispanic Causing Panic” Brown
The first round was a solid technical fight, with both fighters unwilling to completely go on the offensive but still managing to land well-timed punches on their opponents. Sophomore Duncan resident Meyer was on the offensive from the start of the second round, landing several strong punches and chasing Brown around the ring. However, Meyer became predictable with his punches, and Brown took advantage with a hard counterblow to the face, causing Meyer a bloody nose that temporarily stopped the fight. After the timeout, both fighters held steady until the end of the second round. The match picked up in physicality and energy in the third round, as Meyer initiated contact and both fighters fought in close proximity, each landing several quality punches to the other. However, Meyer was quicker and more precise with his punches. Meyer’s face was covered with blood by the end of the match, but he was able to pull out the victory by unanimous decision.

191 pounds

Jack “Irish Lion” Ryan def. Joseph “The Armenian Hammer” Tekerian
The two fighters circled each other twice to start the first round, and Tekerian, an off-campus senior, stayed low to ground against Ryan’s three-step combinations. Ryan was able to stay out of reach of Tekerian’s hardest hits, but despite his significant height advantage, he found himself on the ropes after a few well-timed punches in the second round. All told, Tekerian had him cornered three times. Tekerian went low with a series of left and right jabs as they danced around the ring. Ryan finished the contest with a few strong combinations, and he was rewarded with the split-decision victory.
Diego “El Matador” Rayas defeats John “Huge” Hughes
Rayas, a senior from Keough, started out with multiple uppercut punches to the body of Hughes, a Morrissey freshman, which pushed the younger fighter into the ropes. In the second round, Hughes adjusted his strategy and stayed further away, using his longer arms to land punches Rayas could not. Both fighters expended a great deal of energy, landing a flurry of punches to each other. Rayas dominated in the third and final round, as Hughes was unable to land many blows and Rayas repeatedly went on the offensive, forcing Hughes to protect himself. The judges declared Rayas the victor by unanimous decision.
Cam “Crash Cadillac” Nolan def. Brian “Not Monk” Malloy
The bout was extremely physical from the beginning, with the two fighters tying each other up and falling to the floor. Both boxers traded many punches in close proximity, which caused the referee to step in and pull the two apart multiple times. Malloy, an off-campus graduate student, landed a few quick punches to start the round, but Nolan, a Duncan freshman, quickly countered and landed blow after blow to drive Malloy back into the ropes. Both fighters faced several counterattacks in the second round. In the third round, both fighters were visibly tired but still fought with a high level of intensity. Nolan was able to land a few powerful blows near the end of the fight to take control of the round, and in the end he captured the win by unanimous decision.

207 pounds

Connor “Next Round’s On Me” Futa defeats Mack Baten
In the first round, both fighters tentatively felt out each other’s styles. Baten, an Alumni sophomore, kept Futa, a Duncan freshman, off-balance for the majority of the first round but was unable to capitalize with many strong punches. The second round was much of the same, as neither fighter was willing to be the aggressor, although Futa and Baten each landed a single great punch that caused a brief stoppage as both fighters gathered themselves. The third round increased in physicality, with Baten landing a couple of good punches early but Futa picking it up at the end, including one punch that struck Baten squarely in the face, sending him stumbling backwards and sealing the deal for the judges, who gave Futa the unanimous victory.
Pat “Make a Mistake” O’Shea defeats Daniel “Dancing Death” Currie
O’Shea, a Keough freshman, came out swinging, instantly overpowering Currie, a Keenan sophomore, with a series of hard punches. Currie was checked by medical personnel two times in the first period alone due to the punches he sustained. However, Currie managed to salvage the round by landing a few good punches to the head of O’Shea right before the bell sounded. Currie came out aggressively to start the second round and landed several good punches, but he tired quickly, and the momentum began to swing towards O’Shea. Both fighters were noticeably tired at the end of the second round, but Currie began the third round with energy, landing hard punches and chasing O’Shea around the ring, eventually cornering him against the ropes and giving O’Shea a bloody nose, prompting a timeout by the referee. O’Shea was given the victory by unanimous decision.