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Saturday, April 20, 2024
The Observer

Baraka Bouts get underway with quarterfinal fights

A participant in the 14th Annual Baraka Bouts successfully lands a punch on her opponent at the Joyce Athletic and Convocation Center on Thursday. Baraka Bouts raised a total of $120,000 for the Holy Cross Missions in East Africa as a result of the 2015 tournament. This marks the first year that there will be three rounds of Baraka Bouts.
Bridget Usher | The Observer
A participant in the 14th Annual Baraka Bouts successfully lands a punch on her opponent at the Joyce Athletic and Convocation Center on Thursday. Baraka Bouts raised a total of $120,000 for the Holy Cross Missions in East Africa as a result of the 2015 tournament. This marks the first year that there will be three rounds of Baraka Bouts.

By Darcy Dehais

Kyra “She Got The” Powers def. Sofia “La Bestia” Carozza

Junior Kyra “She Got The” Powers of McGlinn bested sophomore Sofia “La Bestia” Carozza of Cavanaugh by unanimous decision. The match began with both competitors coming out strong, matching each other closely. Toward the end of the first round, Powers forced Carozza into the corner of the ring, dominating the match up to that point. Carozza came out ready to fight in the second round, but the referee stopped the match to allow her to tend to a bloody nose. She had the upper hand after the break, throwing hooks to Powers’ body. The match closed with Powers landing several strong hits to Carozza’s head, sealing the victory.

Nikki “Not Kelly” Micelotta def. Elizabeth “The Striker” Stoeckl

In a battle of seniors, off-campus resident Nikki “Not Kelly” Micelotta dominated Elizabeth “The Striker” Stoeckl of Cavanaugh, winning by unanimous decision. Stoeckl, who was at a height disadvantage, struggled against Micelotta’s tireless offensive aggression. Micelotta chased Stoeckl around the ring until she was backed into a corner to close the first round. In the second round, Micelotta felt the exhaustion from the previous round, letting her hands drop on defense and allowing for Stoical to take advantage. Although appearing tired in the final round, Micelotta remained strong to finish the fight with several strong jabs to the head to close the match, earning the victory.

Sharon “Ending Climate” Chiang def. Sophie “The Killer” Tiller

In a very close match, senior Sharon “Ending Climate” Chiang of Welsh Family pulled out a split-decision victory against sophomore Sophie “The Killer” Tiller of Breen-Phillips. The match was close throughout between these fierce competitors, with each boxer demonstrating quick footwork. Chiang managed to land several shots to the head early on, causing Tiller to fall to her knees. Recovering quickly in the second round, Tiller then landed a few hooks to Chiang's body. However, Chiang managed to dodge the majority of Tiller’s swings. The neck-and-neck contest was decided in the last round when Chiang placed strong hits to Tiller’s head, securing the narrow victory via split decision.

Delany “Sharkface” Bolton def. Grace “The Grim Reacher” Weissend

Relying heavily on punches to the head, freshman Delany “Sharkface” Bolton of Farley overpowered junior Grace “The Grim Reacher” Weissend of Ryan to win by unanimous decision. Bolton came out looking to gain a quick advantage, as she quickly backed Weissend into a corner. Weissend tried to respond with mostly jabs to the body, but Bolton placed a punishing number of hooks to the head on Weissend. The second round was more evenly matched, as Weissend tried to get back into it, but Bolton continued to have the upper hand in the fight. By the third round, both boxers were clearly tiring, as they circled around each other in the ring, looking for an opening. Bolton finished stronger, as she closed the match with several strong blows to Weissend’s head to continue the trend and earn herself the victory.

Caroline “Stringbean” Skulski def. Nicole “The Nuke” Moore

Off-campus senior Caroline “Stringbean” Skulski fought off-campus graduate student Nicole “The Nuke” Moore by unanimous decision. Skulski utilized her size advantage to gain an edge right away, as she looked to land hooks to Moore’s head. Moore also tried to go for the head, but did not fare as well in landing the blows as Skulski did. In the second round, Skulski had a chance to end it when she managed to back Moore into a corner, but the doctoral candidate used her speed to escape quickly and continued to circle the ring, looking for an opening. Moore also used strong defense to block many of Skulski’s blows, but in the last round, she was ultimately overpowered by Skulski’s size and strength, and was declared the unanimous winner when the bell sounded.

By Alex Bender

Joy Choe def. Caroline McAuliffe

In the match between Breen-Phillips junior Caroline McAuliffe and Ryan junior Joy Choe, things got off to a fast but controlled start, as each boxer spent some time on the attack, but neither seemed to be trying to land big punches. The first round saw a number of jabs from both fighters, and the juniors traded head shots at the end of the period. In the second round, things got more aggressive, as both fighters tried to land some stronger punches. Choe spent the majority of the time on the attack, but McAuliffe held her ground, and the fight was still open as the third round began. This period featured the most aggressive fighting yet, as each boxer tried to sway the judges in her favor. In the end, Choe managed to get in some strong punches late, which proved to be decisive as she won by unanimous decision.

Kelly Smith def. Stephanie Rearick

There was a flurry of punches to start the match between off-campus MBA student Stephanie Rearick and off-campus senior Kelly Smith. Rearick stayed low while Smith went high, and both fighters looked tired by the end of the first round. The second round saw even more aggression from the start, as both fighters sacrificed defense to try and land big blows. Rearick spent most of the time on the attack, but Smith did not go away easily, and managed to land a few hits. In the final round, Smith surged ahead, as she came away with some strong shots to the head of her opponent. In the end, both fighters were exhausted, but it was Smith who got the win by unanimous decision.

Mary Kate Munro def. Sara Ciavarella

In the matchup of off-campus seniors Mary Kate Munro and Sara Ciavarella, the first round started with some big swings from both sides. Munro landed a significant hit, forcing Ciavarella to be checked by the referee before the round would conclude. The second round was more of the same, as each girl tried to deliver big hits to gain the advantage. The strategy took its toll on both boxers by the end of the round, as both tired quickly. In the final round, neither fighter held back, but it was Munro who delivered another strong punch that forced the referee to check on Ciavarella. She would do it twice more before the end of the match, and Munro ultimately won in the third round by a referee-stopped contest.

Rebecca Hauserman def. Mary Brosnan

As the match between Cavanaugh senior Mary Brosnan and off-campus senior Rebecca Hauserman got underway, both fighters were aggressive right from the opening bell. Neither was able to get a clear lead, as both defended well to close the first round. In the second, Brosnan managed to score a knockdown, forcing a referee check on Hauserman. However, Hauserman responded in turn and got in some solid punches before the round was over, forcing the ref to check on Brosnan. The final round saw a barrage of punches on both ends, as each fighter tried to pull away with the victory. In the end, it was Hauserman who was able to land just a few more, and she picked up the victory by split decision as a result.

Cat Levy def. Margaret Collins

In the first round of the fight between off-campus senior Cat Levy and Ryan senior Margaret Collins, the two boxers got tangled up early after both came out aggressively. As the round developed, it was Levy who gained the edge by connecting on a few more shots than Collins. The second round saw an early start by Collins that Levy was able to deflect. Each fighter was persistent in trying to land some big punches while also protecting themselves. As the final round got underway, Levy landed back-to-back big punches early, and she would stay on the attack for the majority of the round. As such, Levy was able to walk away with the victory by unanimous decision.

Heather Schloss def. Abby Korn

In the fight between off-campus freshman Abby Korn and junior Heather Schloss, who hails from Welsh Family, the first round began with Schloss landing some accurate punches. Schloss rode the momentum gained from her strong start through to the end of the round, but she didn’t walk away completely unscathed, as Korn landed a few punches of her own. The second round saw a mix of aggressiveness on both sides, with each fighter landing some solid blows before the round concluded. In the third round, each fighter continued trying to gain the decisive edge. They each got in their shots, but it was Schloss who landed just a few more and received the victory by unanimous decision.

By Brenna Moxley

Emily DeRubertis def. Jessica “Full of Aloha” Kim

Sophomore Emily DeRubertis of Lewis wore blue in her fight against sophomore Jessica “Full of Aloha” Kim of Flaherty, who wore gold. DeRubertis came out swinging hard and threw a barrage of punches, forcing Kim onto the defensive. At the end of the first round, DeRubertis was leading, but Kim showed resilience. At the start of second round, DeRubertis opened with a series of jabs, but Kim responded by landing multiple combinations of strikes. Despite the strong series of punches, Kim found herself cornered at the end of the second. The next round, Kim came out strong, and DeRubertis was on defense for the first time in the match, appearing tired. Kim nailed some solid combinations and her punches remained hard, but it was too late. DeRubertis won the match by unanimous decision.

Casey “Remind you of my Love” Gelchion def. Alyssa “Lights Out” Loffredo

Senior Casey “Remind you of my Love” Gelchion of Badin represented the blue corner in her fight with junior Alyssa “Lights Out” Loffredo of Lewis, who stood in the gold corner. Gelchion started the match off by landing multiple strong right hooks. Her powerful right continued in the first round until the referee stopped the match to check on Loffredo. Loffredo continued the round with her arms up in response to Gelchion’s nasty combinations. In the second round, both girls come out with energy, but the match was ultimately called by the referee in the middle of the round, and Gelchion was awarded the victory.

Jessica “Jess Don’t Mess” Wilson def. Francesca Mancuso

Off-campus senior Francesca Mancuso in the blue corner faced off against off-campus junior Jessica “Jess Don’t Mess” Wilson in the gold corner. Wilson started off strong, but Mancuso stayed on the attack as well. Mancuso connected a couple of strong combinations, and both fighters showed patience in the ring in the first round. The second round began with both women coming out aggressively. Wilson had two strong right hooks to end the round. The third round opened like the previous two, with energy on both sides. Wilson displayed good footwork and followed with a right hook. Wilson finished strongly with some solid jabs, and Mancuso responded with a few counters, but in the end, Wilson won by unanimous decision.

Courtney “Watch the Right Hook” Wright def. Evelyn “Heavy Evy” Stein

Freshman Evelyn “Heavy Evy” Stein from Welsh Family wore gold against off-campus senior Courtney “Watch the Right Hook” Wright, who donned blue. Wright set the tone for the match with a strong series of jabs to start. Wright followed Stein around the ring and controlled the first round, which finished with Wright backing Stein into the corner. In the second round, Wright continued to dominate with her strong combinations. Both women seemed stayed determined despite exhaustion in the third round, but Stein did not back down. Wright, however, was awarded the win by unanimous decision.

Meg “Moneyhands” Hunt def. Maura “Flamingo” Walsh

Freshman Maura “Flamingo” Walsh represented Walsh against junior Meg “Moneyhands” Hunt of Pasquerilla East. Hunt came out of the gates throwing furious jabs, but Walsh was quick on her feet and showed strong defensive skills. Both competitors had strong moments in the first round, but Hunt had the edge. To start the second round, Hunt threw a few right hooks — even though her dominant hand was her left — followed by a three punch combination. Walsh continued the aggression in the second round. The third round opened with a barrage of punches from Walsh, but Hunt responded with two right hooks. At the conclusion of the match, Hunt delivered a body shot followed by a big right hook to the head of Walsh. As a result, Hunt won the match in the end by unanimous decision.

By Elizabeth Greason

Shannon “KaPow” Chiao def. Grace “Ace” Maxwell

Grace “Ace” Maxwell, a Cavanaugh senior, came out strong in the first round, as she landed some solid punches to Shannon “KaPow” Chiao’s torso. She forced Chiao, a fellow Cavanaugh senior, onto the defensive quickly, knocking her slightly off balance. However, Chiao came into the second round with a much more aggressive attitude, aiming for Maxwell’s head. While Maxwell was able to get Chiao trapped in a corner, Chiao escaped and went back on the offensive. In the final round, Chiao dominated, attacking Maxwell’s gut and torso relentlessly. Chiao was able to trap Maxwell against the ropes and score some good hits, sealing her win. Chiao defeated Maxwell by split decision.

Samantha “Sam I Am” Davies def. Caro “End of the Line” Chiaromonte

Samantha “Sam I Am” Davies, an off-campus senior, got out to a strong and fast start and never looked back. Her opponent, Caro “End of the Line” Chiaromonte, also an off-campus senior, was forced onto the defensive early in the matchup. Davies attacked with series of rapid-fire jabs to the head, but Chiaromonte was able to recover quickly. In the second round, Davies became increasingly aggressive. Chiaromonte began to tire and struggle to defend herself. Davies trapped Chiaromonte in a corner, and although Chiaromonte escaped, she struggled to recover. In the final round, both fighters appeared to tire, but Davies’ punches continued to be much more significant than Chiaromonte’s. As a result, Davies was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Ariel Navotas def. Ellen “DeDangerous” McCourt

Welsh Family senior Ariel Navotas dominated her fight against off-campus senior Ellen “DeDangerous” McCourt. Navotas’ fast and powerful jabs gave her an advantage over McCourt, who attempted to keep Navotas at bay but was unable to match Navotas’ speed. While the two appeared evenly-matched at first, in the second round, Navotas began to get lower and pick up momentum, attacking McCourt’s torso and not letting her bigger opponent use her height. Toward the end of the second round, McCourt went on the offensive. However, Navotas responded and came out strong in the final round. Navotas’ technique remained sound throughout the match, and she was awarded the victory by unanimous decision.

Kathryn “Oh No” Kehoe def. Natalie “NattyChappo” Treadwell

Kathryn “Oh No” Kehoe, a junior from Lewis, and Natalie “NattyChappo” Treadwell, a Ryan sophomore, appeared evenly matched throughout the fight. Both fighters had long wingspans, and both were effective at keeping the other at bay while protecting themselves. Kehoe came out more aggressively than Treadwell, but neither fighter gained much of an advantage until the second round. Both fighters had similar approaches to the fight, as each would back away from her opponent to collect herself before attacking in a short spurt. In the end, it was Kehoe who took control in the third and final round with some powerful punches. Treadwell was able to defend against Kehoe with her speed, as she kept Kehoe moving around the ring, but Kehoe ended the fight with a solid hook to the side of Treadwell’s face, sealing her win by unanimous decision.

Marissa “The Minnesota Monster” Kivi def. Victoria “British InvAZN” Johnston

Marissa “The Minnesota Monster” Kivi, a sophomore in Lewis, took control early in the first round as she knocked over her opponent, off-campus senior Victoria “British InvAZN” Johnston. Johnston sought for a way back into the contest, but after escaping the ropes, Kivi again went on the offensive. She trapped Johnston, forcing the referee to pause the fight momentarily. Once the bout resumed, Kivi was quickly able to trap Johnston once again. In the second round, Kivi continued her fast pace. While Johnston was able to put her entire body weight behind each jab for some good hits, Kivi’s hooks to the side of the face overpowered her. In the final round, both fighters appeared tired, and the match effectively came to an end when Kivi trapped Johnston in a corner before laying down a series of strong punches. Kivi won by unanimous decision.

Sophia “Hoops” Hooper def. Mary “Had a Little Lamb” Lessard

Off-campus senior Sophia “Hoops” Hooper, formerly of Breen-Phillips, came out with a vengeance. She knocked Mary “Had a Little Lamb” Lessard, a Pasquerilla West junior, off balance within seconds, causing Lessard to fall. The two appeared more evenly matched in the second round, however, but Hooper’s punches still made more of an impact than Lessard’s. While the match was slow paced, Lessard was forced completely onto the defensive in the final round, as Hooper attacked her torso. Hooper was awarded the victory by unanimous decision.

Madalyn “Mo Chuisle” Schulte def. Micaela “I Ain’t Sorry” Mitchell

McGlinn sophomore Madalyn “Mo Chuisle” Schulte’s technical prowess shone through in her matchup against Farley junior Micaela “I Ain’t Sorry” Mitchell. Schulte got off to a fast, powerful start, aiming for Mitchell’s head with her very first jabs. Mitchell responded, however, with jabs to the head as well. Schulte trapped Mitchell against the ropes early, but Mitchell was able to escape. Both fighters moved around the ring swiftly, staying alert on defense while simultaneously looking for an opening. This continued in the second round, as Schulte was able to move Mitchell around the ring and keep her on the defensive. On several occasions, Schulte managed to get close and land some strong hits on her opponent. In the final round, a quick series of jabs to the face from Schulte, combined with her strong, impactful hooks, caused the referee to stop the fight and award Schulte the victory.

By Rachel O'Grady

Kaley “Let’s Get” Cohen def. Kathryn “KO” O’Callaghan

Kaley “Let’s Get” Cohen, an off-campus senior, defeated Kathryn “KO” O’Callaghan, a senior from Badin, by unanimous decision after an evenly-matched fight. Cohen came out strong in the second round, with a number of jabs to her opponent’s head. O’Callaghan’s quick footwork tired Cohen out, however, which proved for a feisty third round, with both fighters throwing a flurry of quick jabs. Cohen excelled in the third round, and a number of quick ducks saved her from O’Callaghan’s punches directed at the head, allowing her to take home the victory by unanimous decision as O’Callaghan’s punches lacked the impact they had at the beginning of the match.

Emma “Gloves of Glory” Spiess def. Mary Driewer “Fever”

After a defensive match by both fighters, Emma “Gloves of Glory” Spiess defeated Mary Driewer “Fever” by split decision. Spiess, a freshman from Welsh Family, matched evenly with Driewer, a senior from Pasquerilla West, as they traded punches around the ring. Spiess came out with a burst of energy in the second round, giving her an advantage, despite a large blow from Driewer as the round came to an end. Going into the final round, both fighters exploded into the ring for an aggressive end to the round as Spiess narrowly claimed the win via split decision.

Shannon “Ginger Snap” Hodges def. Caroline O’Grady

Despite a tough fight from both fighters, off-campus senior and captain Shannon “Ginger Snap” Hodges defeated Flaherty freshman Caroline O’Grady by split decision. O’Grady came out with a burst of energy in the first round, dodging Hodges initial jabs to the head and making her way quickly around the ring. However, Hodges was able to land effective punches on O’Grady. The fighters did not move much around the ring in the second round, as O’Grady was able to execute a number of successful hooks and jabs to Hodges’ head. Both fighters came into the final round dealing with exhaustion and their punches started landing with less impact. Hodges came out on top in the close fight, winning by split decision.

[Editor’s note: Caroline O’Grady is the sister of sports writer Rachel O’Grady.]

Ashley “Big Berd” Berding def. Madeline “Maddog” Hagan

Madeline “Maddog” Hagan, a junior in Walsh, started out strong and aggressive in her fight against off-campus law student Ashley “Big Berd” Berding, landing key punches in the first round. However, as the first round came to a close, Berding landed a key hit, giving her the momentum to take control of the fight. Berding used the corner to her advantage, trapping Hagan there a number of times to execute several powerful hits. Footwork also came in handy for Berding, as she maneuvered her way around the ring effectively throughout the match. Hagan saw a brief resurgence in the final round, utilizing the ropes to her advantage, but she ultimately fell to Berding by unanimous decision.

Caroline “Vanilla Killa” Haley def. Jessica Zlacket

In a match attended by fanatic supporters for both fighters, Caroline “Vanilla Killa” Haley defeated Jessica Zlacket by unanimous decision. Zlacket, a sophomore in Flaherty, started the round with a number of powerful hits, but Haley, a sophomore in McGlinn, fought back with equally decisive punches. As the match wore on, Haley began to surge, landing a succession of wild punches and keeping the fight moving around the ring. The fight looked even going into the third round, but Zlacket’s punches began to lose impact as the fight drew to a close, and Haley was declared the victor by unanimous decision.

Christa “Boo Boo” Zubic def. Katelyn “From Chicago” Berens

In an aggressive showing by both of the fighters, the referee stopped the fight between Flaherty sophomore Christa “Boo Boo” Zubic and off-campus senior Katelyn “From Chicago” Berens, giving Zubic the victory. The first round proved challenging for Berens, as she was unable to stop a flurry of punches from Zubic. Both fighters moved around the ring, and Berens was able to stay alive with quick footwork and agility throughout the round. Berens came out with a vengeance in the second round, landing several key hits on Zubic, despite some displays of exhaustion. Both Berens and Zubic appeared to lose steam in the second round, but the fight was stopped midway through the round by the referee after Zubic seized the advantage and was awarded the victory.

By Kyle Barry

Anne Marie “Jamón” Hamon def. MK “Mary Kathleen” Andersen

Freshman Anne Marie “Jamón” Hamon of Pasquerilla East defeated off-campus senior Mary Kathleen “MK” Andersen by unanimous decision. Hamon was strong from the beginning and  attacked from every area of the ring, while Andersen struggled to get going. The second round was different, however, as both landed some good hits, and the contest was much more balanced. Although Andersen was active in the last two rounds and attempted to make a comeback, Hamon was consistently strong, landing multiple shots. Hamon clinched the victory to move onto the semifinals.

Hannah “The Mean Slovene” Skrbis def. Susanne “The Slugger” Seiler

Off-campus senior Hannah “The Mean Slovene” Skrbis soundly defeated off-campus freshman Susanne “The Slugger” Seiler by unanimous decision in their fight. Throughout the bout, Skrbis was all over Seiler, as Skrbis was firing on all cylinders, pounding past Seiler’s defense. Seiler tried to hang on and defend herself, and made it to the end, despite multiple checks from the referee. But Skrbis was too much to handle, and she advanced to the semifinals following her unanimous decision victory.

Taryn “El Gato” Gutierrez def. Mary “Hulk” Hogan

In a close contest, off-campus fifth year Taryn “El Gato” Gutierrez won by split decision over freshman Mary “Hulk” Hogan of Welsh Family. In the first round, both boxers came out swinging and landed solid shots. The fight went back and forth until fatigue started to set in at the end of the round. In the second round, Hogan was able to catch Gutierrez by surprise. She went into full attack mode at the start of the round, which was difficult for Gutierrez to combat, but as the round went on, Gutierrez fought back and was able to finish the round on a strong note. In the third and final round, both fighters exchanged jabs immediately after the bell rang. Although it was a nail-biting battle to the very end, and both fighters finished strong, Gutierrez came up on top in the split-decision victory.

Marisa Perino def. Katie “...” O’Sullivan

Renee "Rage Cage" Griffin def. Courtney Thompson

[Editor's note: Renee Griffin is a sports writer for The Observer.]

Molly Giglia def. Caitlyn Booms

By Patrick Skrine

“C’Mon” Eileen McTigue def. Abby Shirey

Off-campus senior “C’mon” Eileen McTigue defeated sophomore Abby Shirey from Welsh Family Hall by unanimous decision in their fight. McTigue came out ready to fight and was in attack mode early and often. She was able to land plenty of punches early on Shirey, who had to find ways to alleviate the pressure from McTigue. Shirey held her ground throughout the match but couldn’t bounce back completely from McTigue’s early strikes, and while she landed some solid punches on McTigue, it wasn’t enough to get her the victory. Both fighters battled hard, but McTigue was able to leave the ring with a win.

Maura “McSavage” McHugh def. Emily “You Can’t Handle the Truth” Mankowski

Junior Maura “McSavage” McHugh from Flaherty Hall faced off against off-campus law student Emily “You Can’t Handle The Truth” Mankowski. Neither fighter wasted any time getting the match started. The match was a continuous battle of who could get the upper hand in punches thrown. In the first round, there was minimal defense by each fighter, and they were both on their toes looking to make a statement. The pattern of this fight stayed consistent throughout, and fatigue became a factor by the end. It was a close one to call, as the fighters appeared evenly matched, but McHugh escaped with the win, defeating Mankowski via split decision.

Erin Guilfoile def. Alexandra “Lights Out” Lesnik

Breen-Phillips sophomore Erin Guilfoile squared off against Walsh sophomore Alexandra “Lights Out” Lesnik. Guilfoile and Lesnik both had energy right out of the gate, and as the fight went on, Guilfoile was able to gain an edge on Lesnik. Lesnik did everything she could to reverse the momentum, but Guilfoile kept the pressure on throughout the match. By the end of the fight, both Guilfoile and Lesnik were worn out and not aggressively attacking, but the result was still clear. Guilfoile defeated Lesnik by unanimous decision.

Albertina “Bertle Squirtle” Arce def. Gweneth “Mary Lou” McCain

The crowd surrounding Ring A got into the matchup between Lewis freshman Gweneth “Mary Lou” McCain and Walsh sophomore Albertina “Bertle Squirtle” Arce. Arce came out with some heat, delivering some serious strikes on McCain early in the first round. As the match continued, Arce remained aggressive and had McCain back-peddling around the ring. Although McCain had some solid hits, she spent the majority of the match protecting herself from Arce’s pressure. Arce was able to sustain the energy she brought in the first round throughout the fight, and she ended up defeating McCain by unanimous decision.

Amelia “I’m Not Here to Play School” Wittig def. Erin “Ern” O’Malley

Flaherty junior Erin “Ern” O’Malley went up against Welsh Family junior Amelia “I’m Not Here To Play School” Wittig. Both fighters came into the bout ready to fight, as there were plenty of strikes thrown in the first round. Wittig was able land more punches than O’Malley throughout the match. Although both girls tired out towards the end, the initial high-intensity level was maintained throughout most of the fight. Wittig connected on some substantial shots to O’Malley’s head in the middle of the bout. Wittig was able to increase her lead on O’Malley as the match progressed and ended up defeating O’Malley by unanimous decision.

By Meagan Bens

Amanda “Bad News” Brady def. Lydia Teka

Before going in for the first hit, senior Lydia Teka of Breen-Phillips and off-campus senior Amanda “Bad News” Brady carefully circled around the ring. Teka went in with some quick jabs, but Brady retaliated with equally strong hits. Brady fought more defensively, strategically alternating between blocking and delivering a string of punches. Both fighters settled in during round two and were evenly matched. Although Teka threw more hits, Brady had stronger, more effective strikes that gave her an edge into the final round. The fight was re-energized when both fighters came out alternating between jabs to the face and the abdomen, but Brady’s quick feet and defensive skills allowed her to win by unanimous decision.

Maddie “Monogram” McGovern def. Claire “Claire Bear” Doyle

Sophomore Farley resident Claire “Claire Bear” Doyle came out bouncing on her feet throwing jabs and uppercuts. Off-campus senior Maddie “Monogram” McGovern showed off her footwork and drew quick, short jabs, dictating the pace of the fight. McGovern delivered a powerful hook to Doyle’s head, giving her the advantage at the end of the first round. Gaining momentum, McGovern was composed yet quick, landing several flurries of hits to dominate the second round. She came into the final round with even more energy, pushing Doyle towards the outside and forcing her to fight defensively for the rest of the match. Showing off her endurance and skill, McGovern secured a victory by unanimous decision.

Alexandra “Al Pal” Smith def. Madeline “Anything but Gentle” Gent

Alexandra “Al Pal” Smith and Madeline “Anything but Gentle” Gent, both senior Welsh Family residents, came out with a bounce in their steps. Smith happened to knock Gent off balance early in the round, resulting in Gent dropping back to defend. Shortly after, the tables were turned and Smith found herself off balance and on the floor before heading into round two. Smith came out during round two looking for revenge as Gent fell after coming in too close with a flurry of hits. Both Smith and Gent slowed the pace of the match as they grew tired during the final round. Despite being tired, Smith delivered powerful hooks, resulting in her unanimous-decision win.

Kathryn “Feral Kat” Cotter def. Anna “Goes Bananas” Bourbonnais

Although Ryan senior Anna “Goes Bananas” Bourbonnais threw the first few hits of the match, off-campus senior Kathryn “Feral Cat” Cotter had a successful streak of strong punches, giving her the upper hand in round one. Both fighters proved their experience and skill as they moved around the ring, effectively blocking each other’s hits. Before moving into the final round, Cotter drew hard hits to the head and eventually had Smith off balance, causing her to fall to the ground. Not backing down, Cotter came out in the final round attacking Smith and immediately throwing punches. As the final round came to a close, both fighters were slowing down, but Cotter remained upright and alert, allowing her to secure a victory by unanimous decision.

Rachel “Not Pope” Francis def. Kyle “Kelay” Casey

Off campus senior Rachel “Not Pope” Francis set the tone of the match, as she drew quick jabs and showed off skilled blocking and footwork. Junior Kyle “Kelay” Casey from Flaherty tried to sneak in some hits, but Francis’ quick delivery resulted in a short first round. The second round involved Francis dodging blows and delivering a series of hooks and jabs. Casey was thrown off by Francis’ speed and attempted to sneak in some hits before the final round. During the final round, Francis threw successive combinations with a consistently high level of energy, resulting in Casey’s retreat as she attempted to defend herself. Incorporating a few more hits and swiftly moving around the ring, Francis secured a unanimous-decision victory.

Mari “Make Them Sorry” Tumminello def. Annmarie “Steamroller” Soller

Off-campus senior Mari “Make Them Sorry” Tumminello demonstrated her speed and strength, as she came out with a storm of jabs, immediately putting Lyons junior Annmarie “Steamroller” Soller into a defensive position. Towards the end of the first round, Tumminello spread out her hits, and Soller tried to deliver a few herself in between blocking. The second round was similar to the first, as Tumminello constantly alternated between delivering blows to Soller’s head and abdomen. As the third round began, both Tumminello and Soller had a renewal of energy. Soller thew the most punches during the final round, but Tumminello dominated the match and lead their movement around the ring. After a tiring final round and backing off from throwing punches, Tumminello won via unanimous decision.