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Tuesday, March 5, 2024
The Observer

Baraka Bouts conclude semifinals

Shannon “Shaka To Ya" Hennessey def. Lauren “Lolo” HillShannon “Shaka To Ya” Hennessey, the junior from Breen-Phillips Hall, started off very strong, landing almost every punch in the first round and remaining on offense the entire way against her opponent, Breen-Phillips senior Lauren “Lolo” Hill. The first round ended decidedly in Hennessey’s favor. Hill recovered nicely in the second round, stopping her opponent’s offense and landing quite a few punches of her own. It was more of the same in the third round, as neither fighter could gain the decisive upper hand. It was a valiant effort by both fighters, but the hot start by Hennessey gave her the victory, as she was declared the winner by unanimous decision. Anne Marie “Go Ham” Hamon def. Elizabeth SummersAnne Marie “Go Ham” Hamon, a sophomore from Pasquerilla East Hall, battled Elizabeth Summers, a sophomore from Flaherty Hall, in the next semifinal bout. Hamon was on offense for the entire match, coming out firing in the first round. Summers countered nicely on defense, though, and after one round, it was anyone’s match. The second round was an unmitigated beatdown by Hamon. She came after Summers the entire round and landed huge blow after huge blow. It was a lopsided round, and Summers simply could not counter the flurry of punches. After two rounds, the fight was stopped by the referee, and Hamon was declared the winner. 

Stephanie “Smack Attack” Mackley def. Gwen “Mary Lou” McCainStephanie “Smack Attack” Mackley, a graduate student living off campus, defeated Gwen “Mary Lou” McCain, a sophomore from Lewis Hall, by unanimous decision. The first round was a near deadlock, with both fighters landing a similar number of punches. Neither fighter seemed to be wearing down the other, despite both bringing aggressive styles. In the second round, Mackley looked like the better boxer, staying poised and landing more punches. McCain stayed persistent, though, leading to an exciting third round. The last round did not disappoint, as Mackley rallied nicely to mount a furious offensive against McCain to seal the victory. Mackley was the winner by unanimous decision, and she was visibly excited about winning one of the most entertaining matches of the night.Julie “All I Do Is” Nguyen def. Christine “Femme Fatale” FimognariJulie “All I Do Is” Nguyen, a sophomore from Pasquerilla West Hall, defeated Christine “Femme Fatale” Fimognari, an off-campus law student, by unanimous decision. The first round was a close contest. Nguyen was the faster fighter, landing body blows, but Fimognari did not take it lightly, countering with great defense and just enough punches. Both fighters landed haymakers to begin the second round, and Fimognari found herself trapped in the corner twice. Nguyen had the upper hand in this round and did not appear tired. In the final round, Nguyen did not let up, maintaining her attack to convincingly win the match. Nguyen was declared the winner by unanimous decision in a dominant effort.Meg “Moneyhands” Hunt def. Jenna “Scooter” Ivan Meg “Moneyhands” Hunt, a senior living off campus, captured a win over Jenna “Scooter” Ivan, a graduate student living off campus, by unanimous decision. In the first round, Hunt landed several powerful blows on Ivan, but Ivan defended nicely and countered by landing some punches of her own. The second round was more of the same, as Hunt — the quicker fighter — moved quickly to land punches and dodge Ivan’s attacks. In the third round, Ivan landed a few hooks, but Hunt remained technically sound, fighting just as fiercely to preserve the victory. Hunt’s fast hands overwhelmed Ivan’s defense, lifting her to a unanimous-decision victory.Alex Lloyd def. Mary Kate O’Leary Alex Lloyd, a sophomore from Walsh Hall, punched her ticket to the final round by defeating Mary Kate O’Leary, a sophomore from Flaherty Hall, by unanimous decision. Neither O’Leary nor Lloyd played much defense in the first round, each landing dozens of punches to the other’s head. There was no clear leader, though O’Leary seemed to have the slight edge. The second round was a good rebound by Lloyd, who stood tall and fought with more poise in this round to give her the round victory. In the third, it was about a dead-even affair. Both fighters maintained their poise and aggression, and both looked just as spry as in round one. Lloyd was awarded the win by unanimous decision.Amelia “I’m not here to play school” Wittig def. Annie DooleyAmelia “I’m not here to play school” Wittig, a senior from Welsh Family Hall, defeated Annie Dooley, a senior hailing from McGlinn Hall, in a referee-stopped contest.The first round saw Wittig land many jabs to Dooley’s face, but Dooley was just as persistent, keeping the scoring close. Wittig came out with fury in the second round, landing punches on Dooley in a fist-flying frenzy. Dooley tried to counter, but Wittig’s relentless volley of blows won her the round. In the final round, Dooley looked ready to strike, but Wittig continued her onslaught, causing the referee to stop the fight. Wittig truly lived up to her nickname, as it seemed that she had devoted her time here exclusively to honing her craft in a decisive victory.Katherine “The Herila Gorilla” Herila def. Kyra “she’s got the” PowersKatherine “The Herila Gorilla” Herila, a senior from McGlinn Hall, defeated Kyra “she’s got the” Powers, also a senior from McGlinn, by split decision. Round one was all about defense, as both fighters used more conservative tactics to last through the round. The second round was highlighted by Herila’s propensity to land direct jabs to the face of Powers. Despite this, Powers actually won the round, thanks to a series of hard blows to the body and head. Herila convincingly out-battled Powers in round three, outlasting Powers with countless blows to the head. The judges gave Herila the victory by split decision, giving her not only an appearance in the championship, but also McGlinn bragging rights.

Ann “Clown Baby” Zeleniak prepares to throw a punch at Jennifer “MV” Lies at the quarterfinal round of Baraka Bouts on Nov. 6.
Ann “Clown Baby” Zeleniak prepares to throw a punch at Jennifer “MV” Lies at the quarterfinal round of Baraka Bouts on Nov. 6.

Joy “Choe No Mercy” def. Ann “Clown Baby” ZeleniakJoy “Choe No Mercy,” a senior from Ryan Hall, defeated Ann “Clown Baby” Zeleniak, an off-campus graduate student, by unanimous decision. Both boxers came out hot, but they settled into defense by the middle of the first round. Choe looked better and faster, though, landing a few more big blows than Zeleniak. Zeleniak fought better technically in the second round, deftly blocking Choe and landing punches of her own. As the round progressed, however, Choe still looked unfazed and went on the offensive. The pivotal final round was almost identical to the previous round, with Choe simply looking better and faster. Though Zeleniak fought well, Choe came away with a victory by unanimous decision courtesy of her quick hands and stout defense.Elinor McCarthy def. Kathryn “Big Red” D’AlessandroElinor McCarthy, a freshman from Ryan Hall, defeated Kathryn “Big Red” D’Alessandro, a senior from Lewis Hall, by unanimous decision. It was a defensive struggle for most of the first round, but the upstart freshman McCarthy got D’Alessandro into the corner and landed a few solid punches. McCarthy nearly knocked down D’Alessandro at the beginning of the second round, and she continued to wear D’Alessandro down throughout. In the final round of the fight, McCarthy sealed her victory with great defense and a few key blows. McCarthy walked away as the clear winner and was the only freshman to advance from Ring A on the night.

Grace Weis“send It” def. Hanna Zook

Off-campus junior Hanna Zook came out into the ring with more energy and delivered the first hit. After settling in, Ryan Hall senior Grace Weis“send It” took over the momentum with a solid hook to Zook’s head. Entering the second round, Weissend squeezed in a quick uppercut to push Zook to the outside of the ring. For the rest of the round, Zook attempted to land some jabs of her own, but Weissend blocked most of the hits. During the last round, Zook was only able to get in one solid jab before Weissend made her block and move to the outside of the ring while receiving jabs to the abdomen. In the end, Weissend was awarded the victory by unanimous decision.

Emma “Prada” Hussey def. Laura “Red Dad” Hernandez

Freshman Laura “Red Dad” Hernandez came out into the ring to deliver a hook to sophomore Emma “Prada” Hussey early in the first round. After the initial strike, Hernandez and Hussey went back and forth aggressively. Hussey took a jab to the head, and the fight had to momentarily stop for Hernandez. In the second round, Hussey swung a few times before delivering an uppercut. Then, both Hussey and Hernandez got tangled in each other’s punches. In the final round, Hernandez jabbed and pushed Hussey around the ring until Hussey had a nice rally of jabs to end the match. Hussey won by split decision.

Emily “The Miniature Menace” DeRubertis def. Joey Tsang

Senior Joey Tsang from Farley Hall delivered a hook to junior Emily “The Miniature Menace” DeRubertis from Lewis Hall immediately after stepping out of the corner to begin their semifinal bout. DeRubertis retaliated and dodged some hits, and then she threw in some combinations, forcing Tsang to block. During the second round, DeRubertis pushed Tsang into the ropes to throw in some combinations. Tsang tried to get back into the game, but DeRubertis controlled the rest of the round. In the last round, both Tsang and DeRubertis were worn down, and both were throwing in long reaches. Ultimately, DeRubertis won by unanimous decision.

Francie “Dr. Cool” Gradel def. Alexandra “Lights Out” Lesnik

Junior Francie “Dr. Cool” Gradel from Lewis Hall closed in on her opponent, junior Alexandra “Lights Out” Lesnik from Walsh Hall, and started throwing hooks immediately as the fight began. While Gradel was jabbing, Lesnik tried to sneak in a few jabs herself. Gradel initiated the second round as well, forcing Lesnik to block while getting hit in the abdomen. While Lesnik was forced to block her face and chest, Gradel delivered a solid uppercut to close out the round. Although Gradel tripped in the last round, the amount of hits in the period were even, and both got tangled due to fatigue. At the end of the match, the judges award Gradel the win by unanimous decision.

Marissa “The Minnesota Monster” Kivi def. Meg Guilfoile

The semifinal round featured a bout between Lewis Hall junior Marissa “The Minnesota Monster” Kivi and Breen-Phillips Hall freshman Meg Guilfoile. Kivi started off strong in the first round, sending strong punches. Guilfoile returned to the second round with renewed confidence, driving Kivi around the ring. Kivi and Guilfoile continued in the third round with movement around the ring and nearly equal amounts of dodging and landing blows to each other. But in the end, it was Kivi who won the match by unanimous decision.

Albertina “Bertle Squirtle” Arce def. Carolyn “Stitches” Etienne  

Senior Carolyn “Stitches” Etienne from Cavanaugh battled junior Albertina “Bertle Squirtle” Arce from Walsh Hall. Etienne and Arce were fairly evenly matched throughout the first round, each delivering a number of strong blows, although Arce pulled ahead at the end. During the second round, Arce delivered a number of strong blows, while Etienne at times seemed to struggle to make contact. In the third round, both put up a good fight, but ultimately Arce took home the victory.

Morgan “Great Scott” Williams def. Jackie “Jack Attack” Weinrich

Junior Morgan “Great Scott” Williams from McGlinn Hall faced off against sophomore Jackie “Jack Attack” Weinrich from Pasquerilla East Hall in another semifinal bout. Williams hit Weinrich with rapid-fire blows throughout the first round, overpowering Weinrich by sheer volume. Weinrich came back with rapid-fire blows of her own, prompting a fierce response by Williams and leading to a fairly even second round. Williams began the third round with powerful shots, which were closely matched by Weinrich and had the two forcing each other all over the ring. A strong finish by Williams, however, led the judges to give her the win by split decision.

Ande “Full Throttle” Gradel def. Anna “Money in the Burbank”

Sophomore Ande “Full Throttle” Gradel from Cavanaugh Hall squared off against senior Anna “Money in the Burbank” from Farley Hall. Burbank began strong in the first round, consistently delivering shots, but she was mostly matched by Gradel. Gradel came back strong, driving Burbank around the ring with rapid-fire lower body shots. Burbank and Gradel matched each other well in the third round, but Gradel was still able to push Burbank around the ring despite the height difference. Ultimately, Gradel’s strong second and third rounds delivered her the win by unanimous decision.

Delany “Sharkface” Bolton def. Kate Bailey

Sophomore Delany “Sharkface” Bolton from Welsh Family Hall fought freshman Kate Bailey from Breen-Phillips Hall in their semifinal bout. Bolton commanded the first round by landing quick, strong hits on Bailey, although Bailey stood her ground and landed a number of shots of her own. Bailey continued to take hits throughout the second round, but she remained strong and fought back consistently. Bailey finished strong in the third round, but she was still unable to surpass Bolton, as the judges awarded Bolton the win by unanimous decision.

Madeline “Hammer” Hagan def. Kathryn “WACK” Zawacki

Senior Madeline “Hammer” Hagan from Walsh Hall took on sophomore Kathryn “WACK” Zawacki from McGlinn Hall. The first round began with both Zawacki and Hagan giving strong showings and matching each other nearly blow for blow. The second round continued similarly, as both Zawacki and Hagan consistently threw and landed strong hits. Hagan pulled ahead in the third round, only for Zawacki to come back again with vigor towards the end. It was too little, too late for Zawacki, however, as the fight went to Hagan by a unanimous decision.

Anneli “Shake n’ Bake” Brown def. Megan “Hittin’ Hard Lookin’” Sharp

Senior Megan “Hittin’ Hard Lookin’” Sharp from Cavanaugh Hall faced off against junior Anneli “Shake n Bake” Brown from Lyons Hall. Both Brown and Sharp had a strong first round with consistent hits and lots of movement around the ring. In the second round, both landed numerous blows to the head and face of her opponent and continued the even match with high energy throughout the round. Brown, however, finished the round with a series of rapid-fire blows. Sharp and Brown returned to the third round with vigor and continued the strong and well-matched fight to the end of the round. The end of the second round proved significant, however, because Brown brought home the win by unanimous decision.

Jessica “The Ripper” Wilson def. Stephanie “Stinger” Stenger

Off-campus senior Jessica “The Ripper” Wilson came out with a bang in the first round of the fight, not letting up on Farley freshman Stephanie “Stinger” Stenger, who could barely get a punch in. The first round clearly went to Wilson. Wilson came out very aggressive heading into the second round of the fight, but in some time, Stenger seemed to be getting a little bit more settled. Stenger looked quite exhausted after the second round and somewhat out of sorts, and Wilson seemed to be wearing on Stenger early in the third round. As a result, the referee stopped the fight midway through the round and declared Wilson the winner.

Sam Sherman def. Abby “Jabby” Korn.

Off-campus graduate student Sam Sherman defeated Lewis sophomore Abby “Jabby” Korn by unanimous decision. Both came out aggressively in the first round. Sherman got off some sufficient punches and tried to set the tone early, doing some good damage. Korn didn’t let up, however, employing a few good blocks and a lot of rebuttals to try and counter Sherman’s offense. As the second round approached, both came out doing some heavy swinging. For some time, Korn had Sherman up against the ropes. Eventually, Sherman got her chance to do the same, however. Korn took some head shots from Sherman late in the third round, as Sherman had Korn against the ropes once again. Both fighters threw some strong combinations to close the final round, but Sherman’s effort earned her the unanimous-decision victory.

Sierra Avery def. Faith “The Monkeywrench” Taylor

Sierra Avery, a junior from McGlinn Hall, defeated Faith “Monkeywrench” Taylor, a sophomore from Cavanaugh Hall. Avery owned the fight from the very beginning. She backed Taylor into a corner early, but Taylor managed to make it hard for the punches to penetrate in the first round. Taylor came out attacking early in the second round, and Avery had a hard time finishing her combinations because Taylor had her up against the ropes early. Avery began throwing a lot of 1-2 combos and landed a powerful headshot at the end of the fight that scored her some major points at the judges table, however. As a result, Avery was awarded the victory by unanimous decision.

Kyle Casey def. Emma “Wham Bam” Tam

Flaherty senior Kyle Casey defeated Flaherty sophomore Emma “Wham Bam” Tam in their semifinal bout. Both came out ready to attack from the first moment. Both fighters were not letting up, and it was very close competition the entire fight. The first round came to a close with a very even matchup. Tam seemed to be taking over control of the fight, landing some strong punches early in the second round. The final round came down to who could defend the best — that being Casey. Tam relied on her slips in the final round to try and leave her mark on this fight, and both boxers landed some head shots. But in the end, it was Casey who was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Marisa “One Punch” Perino def. Lily Yu

In the first round, Pasquerilla West sophomore Marisa “One Punch” Perino used a strong left hook to land several hits to the head of Pasquerilla West senior Lily Yu. Perino dominated the first round overall, as Yu was unable to generate any strong punches against her opponent and largely remained on the defensive. In the second round, Yu kept her hands up for most the round, which largely led to periods of stalemate, but when the senior ventured to swing at Perino, the sophomore unleashed her left hook to the head of Yu once again. Having established dominance heading into the third round, Perino landed one final punch to the head of her opponent, prompting the referee to stop the contest and award Perino the victory.

Molly “The Notorious MMG” Giglia def. Brooke “The Blitz” Mumma

The first round was largely a draw, as both fighters were able to land small punches to the arms and head of her opponent but unable to land anything significant. Molly “The Notorious MMG” Giglia, a Cavanaugh sophomore, opened up the second round strongly, however, and was able to land a combination of right and left hooks to the head of Holy Cross College freshman Brooke “The Blitz” Mumma, who was the more defensive of the two fighters. In the final round, both fighters came out aggressively and were able to land roughly an equal amount of punches. But in the end, Giglia was awarded the unanimous victory.

Madalyn “Mo Cuishle” Schulte def. “Laying Down the Law”ren Ferrara

In the first round, McGlinn junior Madalyn “Mo Cuishle” Schulte was the more compact and controlled of the two fighters, successfully landing quality punches to the head of Lewis senior “Laying Down the Law”ren Ferrara and largely controlling the flow of the opening period, although Ferrara landed enough punches of her own. Schulte continued to utilize her right jab and left hook throughout the second round to great effect, while Ferrara found some success drawing the fight to close quarters. In the final period, Schulte eventually tired out Ferrara with her punches and began to push her around the ring, leading the judges to award Schulte a unanimous victory.