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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
The Observer

An open letter to Colin Cowherd

Normally, I write about politics. However, I figured it would be refreshing to instead write about something the entire Notre Dame community could agree upon. Therefore, below is a letter addressed to irrational Notre Dame–hater, Colin Cowherd.

Dear Colin,

Following Notre Dame’s win over USC, you said “Saturday’s win does not prove Notre Dame belongs.” In what became all too obviously an attempt to bring attention to your irrelevant show, you went on to say that Notre Dame has “topped out.” You asserted that Notre Dame is a one-dimensional team, being carried solely by an old, and already peaked, offensive line. Comparing Notre Dame to a plateaued 12-year-old, you posited that Notre Dame’s football team would only go downhill from their victory over USC.

This is not the first time you have spent an inordinate amount of time bashing Notre Dame football. For years, you have argued that Notre Dame is entirely irrelevant, and that winning championships at Notre Dame is no longer possible.

I could spend the remainder of this letter roasting you and your show. However, I do not believe ad hominem attacks are of any value. In fact, I do not even feel like taking the time to tell you why you are wrong. (I think simply observing the result of Saturday’s win over North Carolina State could suffice in doing such). Rather, I would just like to say, “thank you.”

Seriously. Thank you, Colin. In ranting about Notre Dame’s irrelevance and inferiority, you provided the greatest motivational clip our football team, student body and fan base at large could ever ask for. Your comments represented the reality that most of the nation still doubts Notre Dame. Many people do not believe this team belongs in the upper echelon of contemporary college football.

What matters, however, is that the Notre Dame–faithful believe in our team. This team is special, and those close to this University realize that. There is no need to attempt to convince others that such is the case. The only thing that can provide such convincing is winning on the football field.

Win four more football games and a spot in the College Football Playoff is all but a sure thing. Obviously, it is a tall task. However, nothing helps accomplish such lofty goals like the motivation to prove people wrong. And for providing large quantities of such motivation, we thank you, Colin. Whether you knew it or not, your bashing of Notre Dame may very well help the Irish do the very thing you claim we are incapable of: win a national championship.

With immense gratitude,

ND Nation




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