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Monday, May 20, 2024
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Baraka Bouts open with quarterfinal fights

Baraka Bouts Ring A 

Olivia “The Barnyard” Barnard def. Alexis “Big Lex” Driscoll

Starting off the 2018 Baraka Bouts, Breen-Phillips sophomore Olivia Barnard faced off against Lewis sophomore Alexis Driscoll. The first round saw a pretty even match, with both parties landing some powerful hits and keeping their competitor on their toes. In round 2, Barnard started off strong with repetitive shots to the head, but Driscoll was quick to catch up and match Barnard’s moves despite a significant height difference. In the final round, both fighters exchanged strong punches, but ultimately Barnard took the most offensive stance. By split decision, Barnard brought home the win.

Connie Chen def. Sara “Mighty Mouse” Braynard

Pasquerilla East sophomore Sara Braynard squared off against Cavanaugh sophomore Connie Chen. Chen went on the offensive from the first bell and took a strong lead in the first round. Braynard maintained a fierce defensive stance despite Chen’s incoming moves. Round 2 brought the same offensive fervor from Chen, with Braynard stepping up to match it. The referee stopped the fight a few times in order to check on the respective boxers, cutting round 2 short. In round 3, Chen landed a headshot that led to another break in order to check on Braynard’s head and a resulting bloody nose. Chen was named the winner by unanimous decision.

Sydney Carlino def. Emily “Em Mac Attack” McAuliffe

The third match in Ring A featured Cavanaugh sophomore Sydney Carlino and Flaherty senior Emily McAuliffe. The fight was evenly matched from the beginning, with Carlino taking a only slight lead in round 1. Both Carlino and McAuliffe took an offensive stance and mirrored each other’s energy. Round 2 began with matched aggression from both fighters, as they each landed headshots and kept the match tightly fought. However, Carlino stepped up her aggressive offensive momentum with some powerful shots to the head in the final round, leading the ref to call a break in order to check on McAuliffe. By unanimous decision, the winner of this match was Carlino.

Senior Molly “Sugar” LaFave, left, and senior Nicole “The Not-So-Nice-Canadian” Waddick tap gloves before a round during the Baraka Bouts quarterfinals Tuesday evening in the Dahnke Ballroom.
Senior Molly “Sugar” LaFave, left, and senior Nicole “The Not-So-Nice-Canadian” Waddick tap gloves before a round during the Baraka Bouts quarterfinals Tuesday evening in the Dahnke Ballroom.

Nicole “The Not-So-Nice Canadian” Waddick def. Molly “Sugar” LaFave

McGlinn senior Nicole Waddick and Welsh Family senior Molly LaFave took over Ring A in the fourth match of the night. Waddick came out punching from the first bell, but it wasn’t long before LaFave landed some dynamic hits of her own. However, Waddick continued to conquer the round with both head and body shots. In round 2, Waddick initially stepped out without a mouthguard in as the fight began, but this didn’t deter her confidence in the ring. LaFave appeared increasingly tired as the round wrapped, resulting in a decline in blocking. Waddick was once again the aggressor early on in the final round. While LaFave still got in a few headshots, Waddick was the winner by unanimous decision.

Meghan Guilfoile def. Emily “Something Sick” Aberle

Breen-Phillips sophomore Meghan Guilfoile faced off against Flaherty senior Emily Aberle. Guilfoile took the offensive from the beginning of round 1, cornering Aberle repeatedly and quickly gaining control. After a quick break, Guilfoile maintained her aggressive confidence in round 2. Guilfoile targeted Aberle with shots to the abdomen and head consecutively and frequently. In the final round, Guilfoile cornered Aberle once again, while Aberle fought to maintain a defensive stance. Having consistently orchestrated the movement in the ring throughout the match, Guilfoile came out as the winner of this match by unanimous decision.

Claire “GG” Kelsey def. Francesca “The Quarter Pounder” Patti

In the first round, Lyons senior Claire Kelsey came out on the offensive and landed a hard cross to the face of Cavanaugh senior Francesca Patti, setting the tone for an aggressive fight early on. However, Patti bounced back quickly, landing a combination of her own to level the playing field. Both fighters continued fighting aggressively, but eventually Kelsey landed a hard hook that sent Patti to the floor before the round ended. In the second round, Patti remained surprisingly aggressive considering the end of round 1. As both fighters continued to throw a steady stream of jabs and straights, it was clear that fatigue was a factor for each one by the end of the round. In the third round, Patti came out with some bounce once again, and she landed a few combinations to make a statement at the beginning of the round. Kelsey came back a few seconds later, however, and regained control of the fight. She was named the winner by unanimous decision.

Madalyn “Trash Human” Schulte def. Meghan McClain

In the first round, both fighters started slow, but Madalyn Schulte, a McGlinn senior, eventually assumed the offensive, as Howard senior Meghan McClain was hesitant to throw any punches. Schulte continued to pick her spots on McClain, throwing jabs and straights to McClain’s body and face to gain points. Schulte held command throughout round 1. In the second round, Schulte continued to control the fight, dictating the pace and picking her spots with precision. McClain managed to throw a few shots of her own, but Schulte continued to fend them off and respond with accuracy. Heading into the third round, Schulte held control of the fight, and she continued to dictate the pace throughout the round. Schulte finished the final round by landing a few combinations — not with much force, but certainly significant — and was crowned the victor by unanimous decision.

Erin Doyle def. Allison “Young Money” Young

In the first round, Erin Doyle, a Pasquerilla East junior, came out with force, landing a series of combinations and taking control of the fight early on. However, Allison Young — a senior from Lewis — managed to launch a counter-attack of her own, landing one significant straight to the face and a few other jabs throughout the round. Doyle maintained the offensive but looked a bit fatigued after the first round. The second round went much like the first, as Doyle came out strong, but Young responded with a few straight to Doyle’s head in the middle of the round. The round ended with both fighters landing a few significant punches to the head, but both also seemed fatigued heading into the final round. Doyle attempted to start round 3 with the same pace, but Young met her with a strong hook and went on to land a combination. After a short stoppage because of Young’s headgear, Young landed a few jabs, and as Doyle appeared more fatigued, Young — although noticeably tired — pushed through and landed two straights and a jab to Doyle’s face. However, after the final bell sounded, Doyle claimed the victory by split decision.

Audrey “Slim Shady” Immonen def. Joy “The Killjoy” Qian

In the first round, Farley senior Audrey Immonen came out strong, landing a series of combinations to set the tone for the fight. Joy Qian, a Flaherty senior, responded swiftly with some shots of her own, but Immonen forced Qian to remain on the defensive for the remainder of the round, as she moved her around the ring landing jabs and straights with accuracy. Immonen remained on the offensive in the second round, maintaining control of the fight and landing several combinations throughout the round. Qian responded from time to time, but it was clear that Immonen’s aggressive style was paying off, and she showed little signs of fatigue by the end of the round. Qian managed to make things a bit closer in the final round, landing a combination and a few jabs, but it was Immonen who held the upper hand, and finished the fight looking like the victor. After the sound of the final bell, Immonen was named the winner by unanimous decision.

Shannon “Hawaiian Punch” Hennessey def. Mary “Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit” Stoutenburgh

Both fighters came out strong in the first round, each landing significant combinations to the opponent’s head. Shannon Hennessey, a Breen-Phillips senior, held control of the fight in the first half, but Mary Stoutenburgh — a junior from Badin — bounced back in the second half of the round, landing two combinations of her own to level the playing field. The round ended with both fighters landing shots of their own and no clear advantage. In the second round, both fighters came out strong, but Hennessey landed a shot to Stoutenburgh’s face, which gave her a bloody nose and prompted a short stoppage in the fight. After the stoppage, Hennessey came out swinging and landed a few serious straights, but Stoutenburgh launched a response of her own before the round ended. In the final round, Hennessey continued to land strong combinations, and although Stoutenburgh managed to respond here and there, it was Hennessey who held command of the fight. After the final bell sounded, Hennessey was crowned the victor by unanimous decision.

Grace “In Yo’ Face” Carroll def. Sophie “The Amazing Grace” Johnson

Grace Carroll, a graduate student in Walsh, came out strong during the first round, landing significant hits to Sophie Johnson’s head. Johnson, a junior from Badin, appeared winded after the first bell, but she caught a second wind as the bell to start the second round rang. Johnson increased her intensity and started to swing at a faster rate, but her nose opened up in the final round, and Carroll was able to capitalize and finish her fight strong. Carroll was declared winner by unanimous decision.

Tori “T-Bone” Llorens def. Erin “Cocky” Roche

Tori Llorens, a senior residing in Lewis, came right out of the gate swinging hard in round 1. Cavanaugh junior Erin Roche was able to avoid some of Llorens’ blows at the beginning of the round, but as time progressed, Llorens began to connect on her swings. Despite her size and reach disadvantage, Llorens continued to land a good percentage of her shots. Llorens persisted through the bout, absorbing punches and rolling with the flow of the match, successfully securing her victory by unanimous decision.   

Francie “Dr. Cool” Gradel def. Quincey “Q-Chainz” Hogue

Lewis senior Francie Gradel and Farley senior Quincey Hogue both got off to a good start, staying active and reading each other’s cues well. However, Gradel stayed active throughout the bout, while Hogue appeared to fade as the match progressed. The referee broke the two fighters apart in the second round, after Gradel landed a strong punch with her right hand on Hogue. The ref split them once more in the third and final round, and Gradel was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Jennifer “Kinetic Energy” Lies def. Stephanie “Stinger” Stenger

Jennifer Stenger, a sophomore in Farley, and Stephanie Lies, a junior living in Lewis, both ladies got off to a solid start in the first round, but Lies began to pick up the speed throughout the bout and connected on several right hooks. Stenger relied heavily on straight jabs, but Lies defended herself well and was able to avoid contact on a majority of them. At the end of the match, Lies was declared winner by unanimous decision.

Gwen “Mary Lou” McCain def. Janey “Okurrrrt” Almaraz

Janey Almaraz, a senior living in Ryan, faced off against Gwen McCain, a junior living in Lewis. McCain got off to a quick start, setting the tone of the match right away and landing several good shots to the body and head of Almaraz. Almaraz caught a second wind at the start of round 2, however, and increasing her quantity of punches, she connected on several significant shots to the head, but McCain refused to fade. McCain was declared winner by unanimous decision.

Molly “The Silent G” Giglia def. Meghan Coggins

Junior Molly Giglia came out swinging hard and dipping and weaving, avoiding almost all of the swings Meghan Coggins, a sophomore from a Pasquerilla West, took at her. The referee broke the two for a moment during the second round after Giglia connected with a huge shot to Coggins head, but the match quickly resumed. Giglia’s experience in the ring eventually proved too much for Coggins to overcome in the final round, and Giglia was declared winner by unanimous decision.

Caroline “Spicy Bicey” Bice def. Courtney Koch

Caroline Bice, a freshman residing in Walsh, landed huge shots early in the bout against graduate-student Courtney Koch — representing Breen-Phillips — and did not let up. In fact, Bice’s intensity only increased as the bout continued to progress. Bice eventually landed a massive blow to Koch’s head in the first round, at which point the referee called the fight, declaring Bice the winner long before the final bell rang.

T.C. “Totally Cool” Burrows def. Isabel “Goose” Gese

Burrows, a junior in Lewis, and Gese, a sophomore living in Badin, both got off to a good start in round 1, and they continued to trade big blows throughout the entire first round. Burrows started to pick up steam in the second round, and stuck on to Gese, not letting her get out of her reach. Burrows continued to pursue Gese throughout the match and was declared winner by unanimous decision after the final bell.

Rachel Belans def. Colleen Cahill

In an aggressive West Quad battle, McGlinn senior Rachel Belans fiercely defeated Welsh Family sophomore Colleen Cahill. Round 1 started out fast, with Belans forcing Cahill to the outside of the ring, and both throwing some hard, high hits. Taking advantage of her wide reach, Belans was able to remain aggressive. Belans came out strong again in the second round, bringing some blows to Cahill’s head and upper body, amid Cahill’s strong blocks. In an aggressive and very physical final round, both opponents gave hard strikes to the upper and lower body, but Belans managed nice dodges late in the round and ultimately came out on top in a unanimous decision.

Marissa “The Minnesota Monster” Kivi def. Natalia “The Mexican Jumping Bean” Yepez-Frias

Baraka Bouts Captain Marissa Kivi of Lewis fiercely fought off Natalia Yepez-Frias of Breen-Phillips in a senior-on-senior battle. Kivi came out confident and strong, throwing some fast punches against Yepez-Frias’s firm blocks.  Yepez-Frias had a few returning hits, but Kivi remained strong with her blocks and high hits. In the second round, Yepez-Frias came out quick, but Kivi blocked well and hit hard on both the upper and lower body. Moving her opponent around the ring and throwing firm, fast, punches, Kivi dodged well and finished strong in the final round to earn a win by unanimous decision.

Andrea Peecher def. Kate “Wack” Zawacki

Junior Kate Zawacki of McGlinn went glove-to-glove with off-campus graduate student Andrea Peecher in a fast-paced match, with Peecher coming out on top. In a very physical first round, both opponents danced around the ring, hitting hard and fast, as Peecher gave some fierce shots to Zawacki’s head. With the second round, Zawacki came out strong, with strikes to the upper body amidst Peecher’s firm blocks. With both opponents facing fatigue, the final round consisted of Peecher fighting hard, further tiring out Zawacki. Both sides kept the fight strong until the end, when Peecher took the unanimous-decision victory.

Bailey Baumbick def. Kate “Tyrannosaurus” Morris

Cavanaugh sophomore Bailey Baumbick aggressively defeated off-campus graduate student, Kate Morris, in an energetic matchup. Baumbick sprung out strong, forcing Morris into the corner of the ring early, hitting hard while Morris blocked and used her wide reach to fight back. Baumbick was able to regain control of the match, leading Morris around the ring and catching her off-balance. With the second round, Baumbick again took control, dodging strikes from Morris and controlling her around the ring. Morris remained tough and blocked well. Amid loud cheers for both components coming into the final round, Morris found a burst of energy, but Baumbick exploded in the final round, earning her a unanimous-decision victory.

Megan “Mashed Potatoes and” Davey def. Dania “Thunderpaw” Abdul Rahman

A senior from Walsh, Megan Davey faced off against sophomore Dania Abdul Rahman from Badin. Davey took control early, throwing hard hits to Abdul Rahman’s head, and leading her around the ring. Her wide step allowed her to strike hard but protect herself from Rahman’s returning hits. As round 2 started, Davey came out strong again, protecting herself in a very physical back and forth as Rahman threw fast hits. With new energy in the final round, Rahman fought back against Davey, but Davey remained strong, forcing Rahman to lose footing and hit the floor, earning her a victory by unanimous decision.


Baraka Bouts Ring B

Junior Emma Speiss, left, and senior Camila Carballo trade jabs during the quarterfinal round of Baraka Bouts on Tuesday at the Dahnke Ballroom. Carballo was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Camilia “Camelot” Carballo def. Emma Spiess

Opening the evening in Ring B, Camila Carballo, a senior from Cavanaugh, faced off against Emma Spiess, a junior from Welsh Family. Spiess came out attacking, landing several solid headshots in the first round of competition. Carballo, however, responded in the second round after landing a shot to Speiss’s nose and improving her technical approach. Carballo managed to carry that momentum into the final round as she came out of the corner with a strong offensive attack to earn the win by unanimous decision.

Gina “the machine-a” Guzzardo def. Iliana “The Brawling Bean” Almada

Representing the graduate students, MBA-candidate Gina Guzzardo entered the ring with a loud cheering section in her corner as she took on Cavanaugh senior Iliana Almada. Both came out with fire, landing hits while maintaining their protective bases. For Almada, however, the strong fan base of Guzzardo proved too much in the final rounds as she elevated her fight and connected several technical headshots to secure the unanimous victory over the undergraduate fighter.

Ellie “The Deli” McCarthy def. Megan Irving

Sophomore Ellie McCarthy from Ryan squared off against senior Megan Irving from Lewis in a closely fought match. Irving and McCarthy exchanged blows in the opening round, with neither able to gain a decisive advantage. The second round featured both fighters shifting their strategy from defense toward more body shots. Neither seemed to show signs of fatigue as they both came out on fire in the third round. McCarthy laid the first round of hits, but Irving built a counterattack as she released her own barrage of hits on the sophomore. McCarthy was awarded the win by unanimous decision for her consistent fighting.

Emily “The Miniature Menace” Derubertis def. Bridget “Smidge” Naylor-Komyatte.

The faceoff between Lewis senior Emily Derubertis and Breen-Phillips senior Bridget Naylor-Komyatte had a slow start, after Derubertis forced a timeout seconds into the fight due to complications with gear. The break in fighting didn’t stop the seniors, though, as they returned to the ring with energy. Naylor-Komyatte struggled to stay with Derubertis in the second round as both settled into a rhythm. Derubertis demonstrated her conditioning in the third round as she continued to bounce around Naylor-Komyatte and stay composed. In the end, Derubertis prevailed with a unanimous-decision victory.

Molly O’Connor def. Bridget “Wait for It” McClain

Lyons resident Bridget McClain, a senior, met Cavanaugh’s Molly O’Connor, a sophomore, in the quarterfinals. Both competitors focused on headshots in the opening rounds, with O’Connor having the considerably longer wingspan. The sophomore maintained the offensive attack through all three rounds as McClain built a strong defensive effort, aiming for more body shots as the fight reached the halfway point. McClain tried to make up for her size in the third round by responding with a slew of hits herself, but was unable to get a step on O’Connor, who walked away with the unanimous-decision victory.

Emma “Lil’ J” Jennings def. Julia “All I Do Is” Nguyen

Pasquerilla West junior Julia Nguyen came out swinging against Welsh Family junior Emma Jennings. The aggression by both competitors continued in the second round as Nguyen continued to land well-timed hits over Jennings. However, Jennings responded with an attack of her own, closing out round 2 with a strong attack. The third round looked to be more of the same, with Nguyen coming out of her corner with a vengeance. However, Jennings mounted a response, landing two headshots against Nguyen as she turned her back, earning her the unexpected win by split decision.

Jenna “No Beef” Whelan def. Christina “Lil Lac” Lacamu

The seventh bout of the night in Ring B featured another graduate student, as ESTEEM student Christina Lacamu faced off against sophomore Jenna Whelan of Lewis. Whelan set the pace for the match, as neither fighter took particularly aggressive stances, both preferring a protective strategy. Whelan started to break through in the second round with several headshots but was unable to separate definitively from Lacamu in the final round, who continued to connect on a series of strong hits. Ultimately, Whelan’s late-round performance allowed her to pull away with a win by unanimous decision to advance to the semifinals.

Alexa “Play Despacito” Stachowski def. Sophie Kressler

From the first bell, Ryan senior Alexa Stachowski took a commanding stance over Walsh resident Sophie Kressler, a freshman, landing a barrage of headshots on the shorter fighter. That trend continued into the second round as Stachowski kept up the energy. Kressler tried to mount a comeback heading into the third round but was unable to overcome the height difference to gain much momentum. Despite coming out of the corner strong, Stachowski started to fade in the final round and Kressler managed to tie her up against the ring on multiple occasions. Unfortunately for the freshman, that effort would prove too little, too late, as Stachowski was awarded the victory by unanimous decision.

Stephanie “Smack Attack” Mackley def. Erin “Rodgers is better than Brady” Fennessy

Graduate student Stephanie Mackley gained the early advantage over Walsh freshman Erin Fennessy, landing strong hits against the undergraduate. Mackley stayed composed in the second round, despite a counterattack by Fennessy to even the score. The final round saw Mackley land timely hits as Fennessy seemed to fade, overcome with fatigue. However, Fennessy wouldn’t go quietly, and the two proceeded to square off until the final bell. Mackley prevailed with the win by unanimous decision.

Jiale Hu def. Emily Wilborn

Cavanaugh senior Jiale Hu and Howard freshman Emily Wilborn squared off in the quarterfinals, exchanging hits in the first two rounds as both looked to empty the tank. Hu stayed composed as both competitors picked up their speed and looked to separate from the competition. She came out with a vengeance in the final round while aiming several strong body shots. Meanwhile, Wilborn managed to disrupt her momentum, even knocking her cap loose at one point. However, the senior would prove more successful, being named the winner by unanimous decision.

KJ “Kanjam” Jamsek def. Alison Blanchard

In the blue corner, sophomore Alison Blanchard of Pasquerilla East squared off against Flaherty sophomore KJ “Kanjam” Jamsek, who was decked in gold. The match started off quickly, as Jamsek and Blanchard both landed a number of solid punches. Jamsek got off to a good start in the second round and seemed to take the edge, landing several headshots. She extended her lead in the final round and dominated the pace, landing numerous punches and not allowing Blanchard to find a rhythm. Jamsek was pronounced the winner by unanimous decision.Delaney “Sharkface” Bolton def. Amanda Cortez

Off-campus graduate student Amanda Cortez faced off against junior Delaney Bolton of Welsh Family. The first round began with several body shots from both opponents, and Bolton briefly brought Cortez to her knee with a punch, stopping play. In the second round, Bolton landed a larger volume of punches with a quicker intensity, taking advantage of her speed. The final round was slower-paced, with Bolton continuing to appear in control, and the match resulted In a unanimous-decision victory for her.

“Captain” Morgan Williams def. Julia Corr

In blue was senior Morgan Williams of McGlinn, while fellow senior Julia Corr of Ryan wore gold. In the first round, both opponents kept at an even pace, both primarily throwing check shots at each other. The second round followed the same trend, though Williams slightly gained an edge. Both Williams and Corr came out aggressively and threw punches at a fast clip in the final round, each absorbing and giving several hard knocks. Williams won the fight by unanimous decision. Jess “You Know What I Mean?” Zlaket def. Kailey Cavanaugh

Senior Kailey Cavanaugh of Ryan was in the blue corner, while senior Jess Zlaket of Flaherty was in the gold. The two seniors battled it out in the first round, but Zlaket landed several hard punches in the second and continued an aggressive attack on a tired Cavanaugh in the final round. Zlaket gained a significant advantage in the later rounds due to her endurance, as she was able to maintain her form and continue to act aggressively. Zlaket was named winner by unanimous decision.Tori Clinton def. Hannah “Left Hook” Zook

The blue corner was represented by freshman Tori Clinton of Ryan, who faced off against off-campus senior Hannah Zook in the gold. Both opponents took it slowly in the first and second rounds, landing only a couple of punches in each. However, both became more aggressive in the final round, where Clinton appeared to slowly gain an edge over Zook, controlling the space of the fight and leading as the aggressor, backing Zook up into the rails. Clinton was declared the winner by unanimous decision.Kaitlyn “Branda-No-No-No” Brandano def. Sophia “Soph the Slammer” Costanzo

Junior Kaitlyn Brandano of Farley faced off against senior Sophia Costanzo, also from Farley. Both came out aggressively and spent a lot of energy, as Costanzo began to get Brandano off-balance while the junior responded with a counterattack. The pace diminished heavily in the second round as both Brandano and Costanzo lost energy. Both continued to become more tired in the final round, resorting to hugging and barely able to throw punches, but Brandano appeared to maintain a little bit more of her form and delivered some solid blows, earning her the win by unanimous decision.

Emily “No Sweat” Nett def. Bailey Jaeger “Bomb”

In the blue corner, off-campus graduate student Emily Nett faced Walsh senior Bailey Jaeger in the gold corner. The fight remained mostly even through the first round, and both sides picked up the intensity in the second. Jaeger initially flew out of the gates in the final round, but Nett fought off the attacks and did a good job of blocking Jaeger’s blows. Nett was able to briefly back Jaeger into a corner, turning on an offensive flurry. The overall fight, however, remained quite close, and Nett was announced as the winner by split decision.

Alexandra “Lights Out” Lesnik def. Charlene Funai

The height difference in this match was apparent from the beginning of the fight, with the taller Alexandra Lesnik using her reach to her advantage, hitting Charlene Funai in the head with vicious 1-2 combos in the first round. Funai, a senior from Lyons, found herself struggling to get anything going on offense as Walsh senior Lesnik kept her distance. Later in the round, Lesnik would land a headshot that knocked Funai down to the ground, prompting the referee to pause action. In the second round, both fighters slowed down, with Lesnik being less aggressive, but maintaining a strong defensive game. In the final round, Funai would match Lesnik’s intensity in the early moments of the round, but Lesnik would regain control of the fight. Exhausted, Funai remained on the defensive for the final moments of the round. Dominating the match from start to finish, Lesnik would go on to win by unanimous decision.

Hannah “The Fire ‘Fighter’” Martin def. Marisa “Riss Ross the Boss” Ross

Marisa Ross got on the offensive early, attempting several 1-2 combos on Hannah Martin. Martin, a junior in Welsh Family, would defend well for the most part. Ross, a senior also in Welsh Family, would take advantage of a reaching Martin several times, countering with hits to the head and body. In the second round, both women went straight on the attack in the opening moments, as both landed big hits on each other, each fighter taking advantage of openings caused by the other’s nonstop offense. However, neither fighter could take a clear-cut advantage in the second round after a rather defenseless round. In the final frame, Ross landed several head-body combos. Ross would force Martin to block her face and then land body shots on the junior. The round would end with both fighters giving it one last push, going full charge at each other with several successive flurries of punches. The judges awarded Ross with the win via a unanimous decision.

Nyambe “Kema-nator” Tuchsherer def. Montana “Monty Balboa” Crowell

Nyambe Tuchsherer, the taller of the two fighters, found a great weapon in her reach, finding success early in the fight and forcing Montana Crowell to stay on the defensive. Tuchsherer, a senior from Welsh Family, stayed low while trying to avoid receiving too much damage, but Tuchsherer used her speed and reach to dominate the opening round. The trend continued in the second round, as Lewis senior Crowell had to get checked by the referee after receiving a hard hit to the head. Crowell would get checked out once more before the round ended, after getting hit in the face with a powerful shot from Tuchsherer. In the final round, Tuchsherer continued to be too much to handle for Crowell, using quick jabs to inflict relentless damage. The referee would check up on Crowell one more time before the final bell rang, and Tuchsherer went on to win by unanimous decision.

Erin Guilfoile def. Makayla Vasquez  

Erin Guilfoile got off to a blistering start in the first round, using her quick feet to find openings and land several head and body shots on Makayla Vasquez. Vasquez, a senior from Pasquerilla West, would fight off some of Guilfoile’s attacks, countering with power shots, but Guilfoile kept using her footwork to effectively counter Vasquez’s defense. In the second round, the referee had to check up on Vasquez after she took several successive hits to the face. Guilfoile, a senior from Breen-Philips, would keep following her playbook and continue an aggressive offense, forcing Vasquez to remain on defense. In the final round, Guilfoile would fire up the crowd after quickly going on the attack, once again forcing the referee to check on Vasquez. As Vasquez struggled to keep up, Guilfoile continued her onslaught, and the match resulted in a unanimous-decision win for Guilfoile.

Nora “Lost Her Wraps and Mouthguard a Week Before Tournament” Tucker def. Teaghan “Eh?” StackFrom the start of the match, senior Teaghan Stack and freshman Nora Tucker came out quick and exchanged punches in a fairly even first round, but it was the Welsh Family freshman who was landing the majority of her shots. Tucker continued to land her punches in the second round, despite a well-timed counter effort from Stack. Round 3 started with an aggressive approach from the off-campus senior. Both traded punches towards the end of the round but it was Tucker that had the slight advantage throughout the fight, winning by unanimous decision over Stack.Laura “Rad Dad” Hernandez def. Julia HughesSophomore Laura Hernandez from Cavanaugh came out fast and hard in the first round against Pasquerilla East junior Julia Hughes. Hernandez landed several punches to the face and body in the first few seconds, sending Hughes on the defensive. With quick movements and dodges, Hernandez was able to continue landing more body blows. While Hughes managed to stick around, Hernandez controlled the fight. The sophomore landed a big punch at the end of round 2 and added two huge hooks during round 3 to seal the deal and earn her a victory by unanimous decision.

Anne Marie “Go HAM” Hamon def. Annie “She’ll Steal Your Lunch Money” McCarter

Annie McCarter, a senior in Ryan, faced off against Pasquerilla East junior Anne Marie Hamon. The first round saw early and quick exchanges, as Hamon displayed a flurry of jabs and hooks. Both fighters landed blows to the body for a largely even round 1. Hamon got off to a fast start in round 2, increasingly attacking and landing more punches. McCarter countered, however, and drove Hamon into the corner. The junior recovered, though, and still landed the majority of the punches. Both tired out in round 3, and took more time in between exchanges. Due to her performance in round 2, Hamon won by unanimous decision.